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Results found for "veneer"

  • GIFT FOR LOVELY WIFE. NEW WINE CELLAR BASEMENT. Please rate and comment...THX, TO DO LIST... Renovate basement by the weekend.
-Monday- Order Norstone 100% natural stacked stone rock panels-CHECK; 
-Tuesday- Sweep dirty rotten nasty basement before wife beats me senseless.-CHECK;
-Wednesday- Rock Panels delivered to my door ...great concept-CHECK. -Thursday and Friday-Install 300 sq ft (easy install, no spacers or grout just a 1/2 inch trowel and thinset 1 sq ft at a time-CHECK.
-Saturday- buy some wine and a good cork screw-CHECK;
-Sunday-Pop a cork or two, Relaxxxx and pour my wife a few glasses of wine...She loves me again-CHECK...  Basement completed., Basements Design


    8 photos, 8,974 Views, Flag

  • Our outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and deck, The progress of our outdoor deck and kitchen that my husband (over three years) has been working on...there's still a little more left.  The first phase was the deck, which took over a year.  The second phase, was the outdoor fireplace and kitchen, which took about a year and a half - doing this in his free time and some weekends.  The last phase will eventually be a roof of some it is very hot on the deck in our Southern California climate!, Patios & Decks Design

    Our outdoor kitchen, f...

    27 photos, 2,475 Views, Flag

  • Fireplace, stone walls, Hallways, This space went from a Fireplace insert with green stone to a stone accent wall.  The Living Room became a 3rd bedroom.  The old front door became the back door and leads to a private patio for the 3 bedrooms. , Other Spaces Design

    Fireplace, stone wall...

    7 photos, 643 Views, Flag

  • Contemporary , The front of my house is plain I am thinking about adding some stone veneer about 2 ft from the bottom in the front and over the garage just to spruce up the curb appeal, Home Exterior Design


    4 photos, 67 Views, Flag

  • Rock Appeal, This fireplace project. Using Natural Stone Veneer , Dining Rooms Design

    Rock Appeal

    2 photos, 604 Views, Flag

  • NEED MORE CABINET SPACE?, Creating additional shelf space in existing cabinets without remodeling. Besides, I could be free., Kitchens Design


    10 photos, 439 Views, Flag

  • The Baleful Kitchen, 60% completed so far. Remaining work to be done: doors and drawer fronts, backsplash, hutch and island unit, floor. Everything is handbuilt so progress is slow., Kitchens Design

    The Baleful Kitchen

    40 photos, 765 Views, Flag

  • Texture and Color make Perfect, We opened up our 70's era galley kitchen  by blowing out a wall and wrapping an ugly brick corner hearth with stone veneer, creating a illusion that the house is built around a large stone chimney.  We still have to install a backsplash, and we'd appreciate input as to what you might do.  The counters are quartz, the cabinets are maple with a chocolate and nutmeg glaze.  , Kitchens Design

    Texture and Color mak...

    5 photos, 296 Views, Flag

  • Master Bathroom with a View, We recently (finally) renovated / remodeled our master bathroom that had been sitting gutted since the day we bought our house - over 3 1/2 years ago.  We finally were able to borrow the lump sum needed to do this massive makeover.  The issue with the original bathroom - other than the fact that it was super dated (green wallpaper) and yucky, was that the main drain was cracked and water was leaking to the floor below - into the walls and down to the floor.  This is a second story bathroom and below it is the kitchen and dining room.  Sadly the previous tenant was using the bathroom even with the broken drain pipes which had caused mold in the walls which we had to get professionally cleaned!  Anyway, all that's in the past now and we have a fabulous modern (but comfortable) master bathroom that feels like an expensive hotel / spa and it even has a view of the bay and golden gate bridge!

feel free to follow our blog for the rest of our adventures in home makeover here - - we even have a blog section about how we almost got onto HGTV's curb appeal - shot the reveal and everything before our project was cancelled., Bathrooms Design

    Master Bathroom with...

    15 photos, 8,994 Views, Flag

  • Bath in the Round, It was a standard 8x5 bath with stick down cheap laminate flooring. Now, the dimensions are the same but the vanity was created from a re-purposed art deco dresser, the floor replaced with porcelain tile and the disco ball lighting replaced by a simple pendant lamp, the wall to wall white paint, made mint  providing the warm glow so desperately needed., Bathrooms Design

    Bath in the Round

    11 photos, 603 Views, Flag

  • Customized Pre-Fab Outdoor Fireplace, I customized this Mirage Stone Fireplace with Sweetwater flagstone to tie in with the rest of my hardscape material. I made a cozy side yard patio from an area that was formerly an ivy-clad garbage access area. Much better real estate value!, Yards Design

    Customized Pre-Fab O...

    2 photos, 2,460 Views, Flag

  • New veneer stone, paint, and shutters, This 106 year old house gets an embellishing face lift. Lake Geneva Wisconsin, Home Exterior Design

    New veneer stone, pain...

    10 photos, 2,733 Views, Flag

  • Lake View, I live on a small lake in southern Wisconsin, and built a timber frame home, although you'd never know from the exterior which is pretty contemporary I guess. The lot is long and narrow and steep from the lake to the house, and the view is incredible. Thats why the front of the house has all the glass. Sides of the house only have windows up high for light, but I didn't want to look out a window at my neighbors house. In addition to all the glass, you can see the sky lights in the kitchen. Its sort of like living in a greenhouse. Since my style is pretty eclectic and industrial contemporary, I've also combined corrugated metal for siding (up high), a metal roof, stone veneer, cable railing and thick timber posts wich give you a hint of whats inside., Home Exterior Design

    Lake View

    3 photos, 679 Views, Flag

  • HELP! No covered porch or Foyer & Problems, We bought our house in 1990 & made the most important repairs at that time. The house is over 70 yrs. old & sits on a corner lot. Currently, everything is falling apart: siding has holes, veneer is loose, canvas awning is shredding, windows are wood & need refurbished, steps are crumbling & the brick slabs I put down on top of the old concrete stoop are now cracking also. When entering from the front door, I have almost 3 ft. of ceramic tile for people to enter & then the stairway almost hits them in the face. My overgrown plants are another issue & the white pine is going to be cut down hopefully in a few days. I need help "Big Time." Problem: very little money or the skills to do it myself. :(, Home Exterior Design

    HELP! No covered por...

    5 photos, 273 Views, Flag

  • Veneer/Laminated/Linoleum Hell!, Look at this Kitchen! Seems harmless right? WRONG! I'm in a world of Veneer, Laminated and Linoleum Hell! My cabinets are Laminate on the outside and are wood on the inside and it’s wearing out and peeling, cracking and the knobs are 70ish style. Not only did they laminate the cabinets but they did the walls too. And my FLOOR!...My floor is old 70ish Linoleum that is so stained that moping is useless I am tired of this look. We tried to update it by getting some new appliances but that didn’t’ help much. BUT it did look better then the brown stove and oven that was there before.  The tile on the sink is out dated not to mention is cracking too. I need help!  Believe me from far away my kitchen look good. But come a little closer.......I dare you! Oh and what’s Veneer? My teeth! LOL Just Kidding., Kitchens Design


    5 photos, 104 Views, Flag

  • Suburban-Cabin Great Room Living Room Remodel, This is the living room side of our great-room remodel project. We removed a wall in our dated 1979 split level home. The house is in a wooded area in the suburbs of Seattle. We wanted to go for a rustic "cabin" feel., Living Rooms Design

    Suburban-Cabin Great ...

    5 photos, 2,645 Views, Flag

  • Custom stone arches, Custom built stone arches, covered porch stone veneer, Home Exterior Design

    Custom stone arches

    5 photos, 565 Views, Flag

  • Outdoor Kitchen and Patio, I moved into a new construction house and have always wanted to have an outdoor kitchen.  Instead of hiring someone, I decided to tackle it myself.  It has been almost 3 months since I started the project and I can say I am about 2 weeks away from finishing it.  Every once in a while I think I bit off more than I could chew, but the project keeps moving forward., Patios & Decks Design

    Outdoor Kitchen and P...

    24 photos, 1,386 Views, Flag

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