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Results found for "unfinished basement"

  • Unfinished Basement - main space, Unfinished Basement decorated, Basements Design

    Unfinished Basement -...

    8 photos, 8,784 Views, Flag

  • Basement recording studio and game room, We are starting to set up a music rehearsal and recording studio area as well as a game/recreation area. We need help in further finishing out the areas (drop- in ceilings/interior walls, flooring, etc)! Our house was constructed in 1956 and the main living space was recently remodeled. We love retro/modern style and want a fun and inviting space for music and entertainment., Basements Design

    Basement recording st...

    4 photos, 2,828 Views, Flag

  • Unfinished Basement turned Office, Unfinished Basement turned Office, Living Rooms Design

    Unfinished Basement t...

    8 photos, 1,881 Views, Flag

  • Basement is stuck in the 80's, Our recently purchased home in Prescott, AZ  has a basement that needs a total re-do. This walkout basement was used as a media room, then the old homeowner decided to build an office by partitioning it and also used a swinging saloon door! With it's built in wet bar, it does have potential, though. We have a gorgeous pine-filled, mountain home lot with awesome views, but this room is so uninviting, we don't take advantage of it like we should. Please help! , Basements Design

    Basement is stuck in t...

    10 photos, 417 Views, Flag

  • Unfinished Basement, Can anybody tell me a cheap way to "finish"?  Like, carpet or something?  To make this a hangout for my kids' friends and them.  They're teens., Other Spaces Design

    Unfinished Basement

    3 photos, 1,029 Views, Flag

  • Log Haven unfinished basement, Welcome to our unfinished basement.  Lots of space and lots to do.  We built our house with the intentions of having a place for students from the local high school and college to watch movies, play Wii, shoot pool, etc. in a no-alcohol, positive peer-pressure environmnet.  We have a long way to go. I'd love to see others' basements that have game rooms, movie rooms, etc., Basements Design

    Log Haven unfinished b...

    5 photos, 634 Views, Flag

  • Makeover 911! Needs to be Usable Space... HELP! This is a HUGE emergency..., This is our basement in our new home... it is unfinished, and not a very good space! It needs to be turned into a usable space, and we need inexpensive ideas! I'm thinking Entertainment area... pool table, movie area w/ a futon, wet bar... and I'd like to close off the utility area for the washer & dryer with a closet type space... I'd like to go ahead and tear down the poor dry wall job that was partially finished... we're thinking wall paneling..., Basements Design

    Makeover 911! Needs t...

    1 photo, 621 Views, Flag

  • Unfinished Basement, This basement is only about 6' tall, and completely unfinished. , Basements Design

    Unfinished Basement

    5 photos, 267 Views, Flag

  • The Shelter, My father and his brother-in-laws fought over how this basement was going to be back in 1967.  Still not finished and no, I mean no contractor can fix it., Basements Design

    The Shelter

    7 photos, 196 Views, Flag

  • Clean Sweep!  Basement cleanup Before and After, My husband built these shelves for our unfinished storage area in our basement to help organize the space. We have been in our new home 1 1/2 years.  When we moved in there were many boxes that got stashed in the basement and forgotten about.  They began stacked up nice and neat but to get to one on the bottom you had to tear through them all and things got a bit messy!  , Garages Design

    Clean Sweep! Baseme...

    3 photos, 6,682 Views, Flag

  • Basement Disaster, Ok my space is not a garage but there seems to be no option for a selection of basement. In my unfinished basement there's constant leakage and a damp smell. Open walls and my washing machine and dryer are in dyer need of improvement. My washing machine is a pay washer with a front that has fallin off. My goal is to get my basement to a finished state and then to implement some style and improve it's funtionality.  , Garages Design

    Basement Disaster

    15 photos, 627 Views, Flag

  • Girls vs. Boys standoff in the basement!, My husband and I bought a duplex with my cousin and her husband. Our husbands are now best friends. The basement below the house is shared and it's where we do the laundry, but has a lot of leftover space. We are now having a battle for territory! The boys want to turn the basement into their man cave to play video games. We are hoping to smooth the walls and floor with new cement. The boys want grey floors, grey walls, two gaming computers, and a couple of folding chairs. The girls want to "beautify" the place and make it an awesome rec room. The girls think there is room for the boys to have their games, but also room for us girls to come down and have a good time too. So I need your votes on which picture is best. Any suggestions on how we can make this basement appealing for everyone?
, Basements Design

    Girls vs. Boys standof...

    5 photos, 1,283 Views, Flag

  • Unfinished basement, This is the space in the house that get absolutely no attention but we definitely have hi hopes for.  It's made up of two rooms one for the pool table and the to be shared for lounge area and enclosed space for boiler, oil tank etc., Basements Design

    Unfinished basement

    3 photos, 278 Views, Flag

  • Basement nightmare, Unfinished basement with messed up bathroom, Basements Design

    Basement nightmare

    10 photos, 276 Views, Flag

  • SCARY UNFINISHED BASEMENT!!!!!!!!, This is the UGLIEST basement ever!!!! It has cement floors and walls, piping and big metal things everwhere, the first thing you see coming down is the washer and dryer! O and if you throw dirty clothes down the shoot, they just fall in the middle of everything!!! This basement needs some serious help!!!! My mom is a single hard working mom and i want to give her a basment in which she will love!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!, Basements Design


    5 photos, 517 Views, Flag

  • Basement unfinished, Large, mostly open, unfinished basement, 1064 square feet., Basements Design

    Basement unfinished

    4 photos, 495 Views, Flag

  • Unfinished, Will someday (soon) be: and additional bedroom, full bath & and rec room with flat screen TV and pool table, Basements Design


    1 photo, 178 Views, Flag

  • Finished/Unfinished basement/game room, Open basement, with not much going on yet... looking to make a game room and bar, Basements Design

    Finished/Unfinished b...

    4 photos, 263 Views, Flag

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