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Results found for "small"

  • Starting Fresh-What's Left Of Our Old Bathroom, Please don't rate yet. Just sharing my excitment for now!!The time has come to remodel our master-bathroom. It's about gutted except the frame on top of the floor which was the bathroom 2 steps up. It will be lowered (the same level as the bedroom). I'm very excided. Gone are the pink bath-tub toilet sink & tile from the 80's. We're enlarging the bathroom by adding 3 feet to either wall building a two person shower (tiled) new toilet  two sinks and new tile on the floor. , Bathrooms Design

    Starting Fresh-What'...

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  • My small gardening space, I have a small 22x12 patio.  I love to garden and build things.  Back in 2003 I built my first trellis and started adding potted plants to my patio, since then I have built two trellis, one is 4ft wide, 2ft deep and 8ft tall and the other in front of the glass sliding door is 8wide x2 deep x8ft tall.  I also built a potting bench and a square ft organic garden under one of the trellis.  I am constantly adding more whimsies to the yard, I love unique wind chimes and when I have the opportunity, I buy them.  Enjoy and hope you can make your small space as comfortable and inviting as mine., Patios & Decks Design

    My small gardening sp...

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  • Crawl Space Turned Studio!, Creative use of 4 foot tall crawl/storage space.  Formerly our storage -  area you have to climb up and in to get into. I needed a studio space.  Living in the city and abutted by other buildings...there was no where else to look for extra space!  So with 4 feet of unimpeded head room (5 feet between floor joists – I can stand up straight!) hobbit hole studio space was created!  It has a window, running water, electricity, lights, storage between heating ducts, my bench, work surfaces, anvil, kiln, tools....and all seats on wheels so you don't have to stand very often!  You can roll from station to station! Just remember to climb up and crawl in!  Believe it or not - it works really well!, Other Spaces Design

    Crawl Space Turned S...

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  • Smallest urban living space made comfi, A nearly 300 sq/ft home, made comfortable for an extended San Francisco visit., Living Rooms Design

    Smallest urban living ...

    8 photos, 2,401 Views, Flag

  • red sink , the space was remodeled 20 yrs ago by my grandfather for my and my husband bought the house from him and it needs work, , Kitchens Design

    red sink

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  • NO DEMO RENO KITCHEN TRANSFORMATION, I'm notorious for just switching up accessories to recreate a space. Well, a little more magic was need to transform our 2002 "builder white" kitchen. Not wanting to overdo expenses for our Florida market and wanting to try to stay green, we opted for a NO DEMO RENO. This space was transformed within 12 hours of one day: Graphite granite counter w/recycled glass dust, black granite bar-top with recycled glass flakes, a recycled glass mini-subway style tile full-height back splash, a 60/40 artisan sink, replaced drawer knobs for cup pulls, and added the splurge: the Kohler Simplice faucet. If Carter can do it - So can you. Our kitchen was transformed by using Granite Transformations and reusing our existing counters by covering with a new (no waste in a landfill). Read more about the process at, Kitchens Design


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  • DIY-small/narrow bathroom, not complete yet, Bathrooms Design

    DIY-small/narrow bat...

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  • Handsome Garden, Small space garden on a second floor roof top in the Williamsburg neighborhood of NYC. I started this project In May/2010. To create this garden , I had to built it  taking space in such a way as to maximized its surface area by creating a multi-layer garden by thinking in 3-D. In order to use the space as efficiently as I have; I had  to custom made and built everything . At 14' x 16' , this garden functions as a giant container garden which includes the more then forty different plants from annuals and perennials to trees, shrugs, succulents, etc. Note; how multi-layering has aloud me to plant so many different plants in such a small place. And; as a container garden with such a variety of plants on a rooftop , it needs a lot of care from twice a day watering to constant pruning but the reward is priceless. , Gardens Design

    Handsome Garden

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  • Under $200 Update, Even updated spaces can be refreshed with just the simple add of pattern & shift of accessories. This homeowner already loved her simple and clean hotel look I did a few years ago, but needed help to re-energize it - for under $200. Part of the "save" for the budget came from making the printed curtain panles & pillows from 4 Tommy Bahama Shower Curtains found on clearance for only $8 each. Other saves came from picking up a few new accessories at a discount and adding drama for free with fresh cut palm fronds. We're on the hunt for a round rug to add to the living room seating area. Read more about the space changes and where the budget went at:  Thanks!, Living Rooms Design

    Under $200 Update

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  • SHABBY CHIC PINK KITCHEN, My tiny pink kitchen may be lacking square footage, but definitely not personality!! Everything is either re~cycled, re~purposed, or re~painted., Kitchens Design


    36 photos, 2,603 Views, Flag

  • SMALL BATHROOM SOLUTIONS, So you're renting, and the bathrooms aren't quite the same size as what you use to have? Lack of storage space? Lack of wall space? Just lack of space - period? Here's a few small changes I made to one of our now small bathrooms. In our FL townhome before, we had 2 and a 1/2 bathrooms, offering both space + storage. Now we've gone to two, probably equally the size of our master bathroom before. A small space transformation like this can be done in a day. It's simple enough for a rental, or even a home staging if you need to sell. If you're looking for a simple weekend project for your home, this would be a great project to do, plus maybe add stencil or stripes to the walls for extra wow. Read more of the details & process at my Focal Point Styling blog:, Bathrooms Design


    11 photos, 14,578 Views, Flag

  • Our Lady of Relaxation: a Backyard Deck with Gothic-Arched Pergola, Our little eighth-of-an-acre plot in Los Angeles came with a very small, 20'x20' back yard.  It sat unused for years.  This Spring, I decided to re-do the whole thing as one big deck with a pergola cover.  I did all of the work myself -- fastening every board, setting every stone, sewing together the sections of shade fabric, bending and welding every piece of steel.  Everything.  

I think DIY-ers will enjoy the story -- especially when you get to the point where I had to find a way to 'levitate' the entire roof assembly of the pergola seven feet into the air with only my two hands, some spare lumber, a home-made pulley and a cordless drill.

There is more greenery in the deck's future -- and there are some parts that are still not finished.  But after three months of hard work, the thing is now up and running as a place for my family to -- finally -- spend some time together in what was once the back yard., Patios & Decks Design

    Our Lady of Relaxatio...

    30 photos, 2,221 Views, Flag

  • Small Yards, Our backyard getaway for relaxing and unwinding. 
Here in Staten Island, NY the houses are quite close together and have small backyards.  Our challenge was to have a 'zen'-like area, with a deck, BBQ, conversational seating, and at the same time, make the backyard look bigger than what it is., Yards Design

    Small Yards

    40 photos, 1,360 Views, Flag

  • 70's Darkroom to New Modern 2nd Kitchen, A 70's darkroom made a great 2nd galley style kitchen for our home., Kitchens Design

    70's Darkroom to New ...

    18 photos, 1,644 Views, Flag

  • Crocheting, Cute, beautiful pouches or mini bags for small children so handy to carry and put their small things they like to keep and bring with them wherever they like to go., Other Spaces Design


    6 photos, 168 Views, Flag

  • Living room Labyrinth, This is a picture of my living room.  I tried my best to decorate it given our limited living surface.  It lacks lighting and the fire place, we feel, is in an awkward space.  , Living Rooms Design

    Living room Labyrinth

    6 photos, 897 Views, Flag

  • Small Bathroom - Beautiful and blue from - 1970's ugly and worn out. , This bathroom desperately needed help.  The bathroom is in a 70's house and is very small.  The tile job is bad and the vanity is too large for the space.  The tile has plastic wood trim and lots of caulk around it which makes me think that the tile job may be much worse than it looks on the surface.  I am going to find out what lies beneath. 

I striped most of the walls down to the studs and started installing my new blue bathroom.  The mosaic tile took a while to put together.  After that everything went up fairly easy.  Replaced the vanity, counter, toilet, medicine cabinet adding trim around and to the ceiling.  I added storage shelves recessed in the wall with trim to the ceiling to match the medicine cabinet and vanity, which I had added decorative wood to the door and drawers. The only thing that was not replaced was the tub which we had refinished to match the toilet and sink.  The piece of granite for the counter was actually given to me as a 36 X36 at a granite fabricator.  The man thought I would not be able to do anything with it (He was so wrong) and I thank him very much for my granite counter top.  I cut it to fit the vanity, did the rock finish edging, and cut the hole for the sink in just over an hour.  I had a budget of $900.00 for the bathroom.  Doing all of the work myself with the exception of refinishing the tub I spent $846.98 to totally redo this hall bathroom.  Could not have done it at all if I had to pay for demo and all of the instillations of medicine cabinet, counter, tile floor and shower, mosaic, built-ins, vanity, sink, toilet, faucets,  Just the custom mosaic would have taken my budget.
, Bathrooms Design

    Small Bathroom - Bea...

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  • Objects in the Garden, My gardening style is quite relaxed.  I have objects of all sorts and sizes in my garden.  Some are meant for the garden and some have been repurposed.  Tasteful placement of various and interesting objects is an important element in my gardens.  Objects can be used as focal points or as semi-hidden surprises as you stroll around your yard. 

Visit my website at:    

Check out my blog:

, Gardens Design

    Objects in the Garden

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