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Results found for "rolling hills"

  • Reed's Nursery Rhyme Nursery, This mural includes children's songs, fables, nursery rhymes, and tons of tiny critters and animals to keep a baby entertained.  I created this nursery for my first born son Reed.  I was 8 months pregnant when I began painting it.  This was my favorite project because it was the first time I got to create a project for my own child.   , Nurseries Design

    Reed's Nursery Rhyme ...

    10 photos, 1,852 Views, Flag

  • To get the most of the "view", This is a great "great room" in need of warmth and color!, Living Rooms Design

    To get the most of the...

    3 photos, 78 Views, Flag

  • Cheerful But Boring, It;s a contemporary space that lacks a finshed look.  , Living Rooms Design

    Cheerful But Boring

    5 photos, 159 Views, Flag

  • From Dilapidated to Modern, An outdated, dilapidated, co-op kitchen is transformed to a modern functional space.  The design was done by the home owner. The renovation was done by Mullings Restoration & Development. We removed an ugly closet to make space for the fridge and we also relocated the sink, stove and dishwasher., Kitchens Design

    From Dilapidated to ...

    6 photos, 906 Views, Flag



    3 photos, 523 Views, Flag

  • Tub to Shower, This renovation involved a conversion from a cast-iron tub to a custom ceramic shower which features brushed nickel fixtures, a recessed ceramic shelf, rain shower head, and a fold-able shower seat. The walls feature 12 x 16 ceramic with a mosaic deco tile at the mid-section and upper-third of the wall. The renovation was performed by Mullings Restoration & Development., Bathrooms Design

    Tub to Shower

    6 photos, 3,493 Views, Flag

  • Connections Bookstore & Gifts, This remodel was done to take a boring beige builders finish to a warm and inviting, unique industrial/shabby chic design.  A great mix of old and new, thrift and 'picked', and all done within a very limited budget.  Check out this transformation!, Other Spaces Design

    Connections Bookstore...

    9 photos, 182 Views, Flag

  • Jace's Playroom, This is my 3 year old's playroom. I wanted a place where he could spend time close by and not have to pick up toys all over my living room at the end of each day. I am a teacher so I wanted the room to have a preschool feel to it. I have several spaces within the room where he can be creative while having fun. I also wanted everything to be organized so clean up time would be easy for him and for me. , Boys' Rooms Design

    Jace's Playroom

    9 photos, 2,017 Views, Flag

  • Sm Yard, 1 Person + 2 Seasons = High impact, low maint. oasis, Gecko approved!  From YAWN to private retreat in small yard.  Look through pictures, then read about the process below.  Proves yard doesn’t have to be large to make a style statement and create a mood!  (See BEFORE to appreciate changes and MORE in PATIO collection for related – context.)  

The process:
1.  Took out property line trees and chain link fence, also removed three small trees (including stump grinding) from my back yard to clear the slate.  Nurtured grass back to that part of  yard.  
2.  Dug many weeds to the roots (some seriously wicked weeds) and cleaned up a gnarly, neglected back property line space.  (This took a lot of sessions over 2007 summer.)
3.  Removed leaning pine from caddy-corner neighbor’s yard (with permission-by pros) leaning toward my new house.  4 properties benefitted from no more needles, particularly by Back Yard neighbor with a pool (filter routinely clogged).  These pines are not storm tolerant to say the least.

REBUILD / foundational PROGRESS work (2007) -
1.  Privacy Fence and irrigation system added, with bubblers for palm trees (hired pros). 
2.  Planted 5 SABAL Palm Trees (hired pros) in a stretched dice pattern across back.  (The FL and SC state tree – storm resistant.)  
3.  Added solar (but bright) uplighting to palms (tested several before finding some bright enough – they’re LED) – also in front. 

Bed Plantings (2008)
1.  White Oleander for additional green, natural fence, white blooms, around center palm.  (See how small they were when planted and watch them grow over one season!)
4.  Clematis varieties at each back corner with a trellis.  They are vines that pack a big punch of color when they bloom and come back every spring.  (Have 1 6” bloom at 1-2-09, even though most of the vine has browned out for winter.  It’s not dead.)
5.  Split leaf philodendron back left from a sad start (see before pic) that was given to me by a friend that moved away.  It was indoors in a pot and not looking hot.  In one year outside, it’s become incredible and thriving!  Plant lovers – DO take a look…
6.  Bird of paradise back right.  (Gave it room to grow, anticipating growth explosion next season!)

Hardscape (2008) - Added continuous concrete border in curvy pattern to offset the back bed (also did front beds).

1.  Forever (it seemed) dug out sod FOR the EVER – expanding & shaping landscape beds (front and back) throughout the process.  Trust me when I say this is harder than it sounds, particularly in Florida heat, in the short window between work and dark.  Result paid off!  I reused the sod in various spots around my yard and donated to other people’s yards to fill bad spots.  
2.  Built the beds RIGHT with landscape fabric and mulch for weed stop.
, Yards Design

    Sm Yard, 1 Person + 2...

    21 photos, 640 Views, Flag

  • Ocean Breeze Odd Entry, Before and After Pics of Odd Entry, Other Spaces Design

    Ocean Breeze Odd Entr...

    6 photos, 696 Views, Flag

  • Front Lawn, New sod., Gardens Design

    Front Lawn

    11 photos, 780 Views, Flag

  • hollywood hills retreat, my small bedroom, Bedrooms Design

    hollywood hills retrea...

    1 photo, 855 Views, Flag



    4 photos, 4,944 Views, Flag

  • living room Texas hills, Our living room with lots of windows looking out over the Hill County of San Antonio. , Living Rooms Design

    living room Texas hill...

    1 photo, 416 Views, Flag

  • A Low Impact WoodLand Home., You are looking at pictures of a house Mr. Simondale built for his family in Wales. It was built by himself and his  father in law with help from passers by and visiting friends. 4 months after starting they were moved in and cosy. He estimated 1000-1500 man hours and £3000 put in to this point. Not really so much in house buying terms (roughly £60/sq m excluding labour).

The house was built with maximum regard for the environment and by reciprocation gives us a unique opportunity to live close to nature. Being your own (have a go) architect is a lot of fun and allows you to create and enjoy something which is part of yourself and the land rather than, at worst, a mass produced box designed for maximum profit and convenience of the construction industry. Building from natural materials does away with producers profits and the cocktail of carcinogenic poisons that fill most modern buildings.

For more info please visit this site ., Other Spaces Design

    A Low Impact WoodLa...

    18 photos, 2,503 Views, Flag

  • Trees, hills and wildlife...OH MY!, We and our neighbors are at a loss for what to do in our very hilly, forested full of wildlife backyards. Our lots are each 1.25 acres. My husband and I purchased our home in 2005. It already had railroad tie landscaping done. Recently we've found the railroad ties are rotting. I also fell in the middle of July and broke my right leg in the sloping upper garden. Now our once pretty flower/veggie garden is full of nasty weeds! I fear taking a walk on the hills now due to this fall.

My husband, neighbors and I would love to landscape are yards so they have a similar look. Since our yard has more useable space, my husband and I would like to take the slope to the north and build retaining walls and walking paths so he doesn't have to do a lot of mowing back there. We also want it welcoming to the dear, fox, birds and other wild animals that love to come through.

I'd be interested in seeing what others would do with space. Pictures, drawing or written ideas are VERY much welcome!, Yards Design

    Trees, hills and wildl...

    7 photos, 137 Views, Flag

  • Single in Chino Hills, 1723 sq. ft. two story built in 2000, Home Exterior Design

    Single in Chino Hills

    10 photos, 316 Views, Flag

  • our hideaway in the hills, We use our basement for together s, and so friends can hear and my boyfriend , and  he can get practiced .    , Basements Design

    our hideaway in the hi...

    5 photos, 501 Views, Flag

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