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Results found for "pine tree"

  • Before & After of our 1925 Cottage, Here are before & after pictures of our 1925 cottage purchase in February of this year. We have worked long and hard on the cottage and still so much more to do.

I knew the minute we drove past to look at it, that I wanted it.  My husband and I could really bring her back to what she should be.  We just love this little cottage all of 850 sq ft.  we put up a picket fence and gates, brought in some trees, plants and flowers...Sit back and enjoy before we move on to the next project, Home Exterior Design

    Before & After of our ...

    11 photos, 2,766 Views, Flag

  • Beaver Canyon, These are pictures of my garden in the community of El Cerrito in San Diego., Gardens Design

    Beaver Canyon

    15 photos, 2,219 Views, Flag

  • My First House - HELP!, This is my first house. So far all I've done was pull out the dated Holly bushes that used to occupy the left side of the house. I need some help with some ideas for this blank canvas! I'm in East Texas which is a zone 8 I think? , Yards Design

    My First House - HE...

    3 photos, 953 Views, Flag

  • Sunset...just because, The California sunsets because of the smoke and fires are very dramatic and striking.  It's a shame that tragedy has to be associated with the beauty.  Well here is a plain old Ohio sunset photo taken from my driveway., Yards Design

    Sunset...just because

    1 photo, 145 Views, Flag

  • Japanese Garden Mural Spa Space, This outdoor meditation space is in a Japanese Garden setting.  The owner wanted to feel like he was inside a spa and a space he could meditate in.  We used several elements in their large yard to design the murals.  Even an orange dragonfly in the koi pond was included in the mural.  It is empty so kids can play in it and a massage table can be set up for relaxation!, Yards Design

    Japanese Garden Mura...

    8 photos, 2,042 Views, Flag

  • the yard project, I was hoping for the look of a pier and the creek up front with the blue rocks. Hope to add more someday! oh and thank you for all your lovely comments on the brandy33 space. , Home Exterior Design

    the yard project

    15 photos, 825 Views, Flag

  • Christmas at home 2008, Living Room corner, Living Rooms Design

    Christmas at home 200...

    4 photos, 131 Views, Flag

  • Mountain Retreat , A vacation home in the mountains. Backyard work in progress still. Thank you to all those who gave some helpful comments.  Really appreciate them all.  , Other Spaces Design

    Mountain Retreat

    43 photos, 495 Views, Flag

  • Sharing some of my morning views., I love flowers, color, light, and to wake up to nice views from each one of our windows... I have been working on our garden trying to create areas that make me relax and smile when I see them, I am still learning, and yes, it is a lot of work, but I am enjoying it, even with the ant bites :( well, like my husband says, it is part of the fun :), Gardens Design

    Sharing some of my mo...

    10 photos, 357 Views, Flag

  • Pine Tree Express, Nothing but pine furninture, cottage like bedding and absolutely no organization strategy., Bedrooms Design

    Pine Tree Express

    5 photos, 24 Views, Flag

  • Ditch out the old, An elderly man owned the house and had not done yard work for years. There was a (usually) dry gully along side the house and yard which was filled with trees and invasive buckthorn which prevented everything but creeping charlie growing.  I brought in 100,000 pounds of: fill, black dirt, base, retaining blocks, patio blocks and boulders- one pickup truckload at a time.  I put in a catch basin and 80' of drain tube to raise the ground level above the stream bed which increased the useable yard area and left room to build a garden shed. This is only a small section of the yard, Yards Design

    Ditch out the old

    13 photos, 969 Views, Flag

  • Our Cub's Great Outdoors Room, When we found out we were having a boy, my husband wanted the room theme to be the great outdoors- woodsy, moose, grizzly bears, etc. I tried to make the decor transitional so that we won't have to redecorate for many years. A lot of the decor was DIY, thanks to Hobby Lobby! I also got a lot of the decor on sale price - this is truly a budget design. Our son seems to love his room!

ETA: We rent this house and therefore did not paint this room., Nurseries Design

    Our Cub's Great Outdo...

    15 photos, 405 Views, Flag

  • Pine tree help!, So we are painting our trim on the house and have decided we are moving things around.  we are extending our bed on the left side to go around the tree and back to the fence.  Our problem is what to grow under the pine tree since grass wont grow because of the acidious nature of pine trees.  I have read that azaleas do quite well but i dont want a HUGE plant under the tree does anyone have any ideas?  We face south so it will have mostly all day sun/shade because of the tree as well and we live in colorado so our soil is somewhat hard. ANY IDEAS are more than we have!, Gardens Design

    Pine tree help!

    1 photo, 315 Views, Flag

  • Stumpy Mess, This is the leftover ugly mess we have after taking to some very big and tall pine trees that were falling faster than we could clean them up. In order to save our house we had them cut down and now we are left with this hideous space., Yards Design

    Stumpy Mess

    4 photos, 128 Views, Flag

  • veggie garden with flair, pumpkins, squash, watermellon, cantalope, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, lemon cucumbers, corn, sunflowers, strawberries, lime, herbs, blueberries & lots of flowers!, Gardens Design

    veggie garden with fla...

    30 photos, 1,879 Views, Flag

  • My I don't know what's going on here backyard, I live in a beautiful home right in the middle of a golf course in sunny North Carolina, and can't sit outside because I don't like my backyard., Yards Design

    My I don't know what...

    5 photos, 183 Views, Flag

  • Just starting :), Gardens Design

    Just starting :)

    5 photos, 517 Views, Flag

  • The Sandlot, We have a large yard, and no real idea where to go with it. When we bought the house, it came with an enormous cement slab, a dead pine tree, an apple tree that produces fruit that is inedible, an oak shrub, and a great deal of sandy soil and weeds. We trim the weeds back to keep our allergies at bay, but they seem to come right back. On top of that, we installed a sliding glass door during a kitchen redo, and now we can't use it because we have no steps or deck., Yards Design

    The Sandlot

    7 photos, 81 Views, Flag

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