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Results found for "outlets"

  • Efficiency and Impressive in Design, Our New Home Build, Our newly constructed and unique one level interior is bright, efficient in layout and is an Energy Star rated home. More photos to come., Other Spaces Design

    Efficiency and Impres...

    4 photos, 761 Views, Flag

  • Mary's Mischief!, Kitchens that Cook!, Kitchens Design

    Mary's Mischief!

    7 photos, 474 Views, Flag

  • 4th Bedroom Transformed Into Studio/Home Office, We needed an all purpose office/studio for a telecommuting, sewing and working with stained glass with other hobbies in mind. Our house has two bedrooms up on the main level and two downstairs with a family room. We chose the second bedroom upstairs (the other is the master bedroom) to convert into this all purpose room. There is still plenty of room to add a twin/daybed or bunkbed for resale value. The extrodinary amount of storage allows for all the small appliances from the kitchen to be kept for easy access along with hobby and office gear. The granite countertop will always look beautiful and can't be harmed by soldering irons razor blades and other hobby tools. This investment takes care of many needs. It is also wired for DirecTv and laptops work via wireless connection from another office downstairs., Home Offices Design

    4th Bedroom Transfor...

    10 photos, 560 Views, Flag

  • My work in Progress, This is our nursery for the little girl that we are going to foster and hopefully adopt the space is still in progress so any suggestions and comments that you have would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks , Nurseries Design

    My work in Progress

    12 photos, 1,151 Views, Flag

  • Krazy Kitchen, Our kitchen has a awkward cabinet layout with limited usable counter space.  We have one outlet near the fridge and one on the other side of the oven.  That's it, just two outlets in that huge space!!  A small cabinet in the corner is REMOVABLE.  Who thought of that one.  There is a row of cabinets, with some counter space by the back door that is not really usable.  The pantry is nice for storing cleaning supplies, but not really functional for the kitchen space.  There is a ton of storage, but not really functional they way the kitchen is currently designed.  , Kitchens Design

    Krazy Kitchen

    8 photos, 87 Views, Flag

  • Bathroom Demo, I have a 60s style bathroom. Only enough room for toilet, bath/shower and vanity. I have gutted out the whole room except for toilet and sink. I had a guy who was going to help me but backed out. My demo is demolished. Here are a few pictures of the current look of my bathroom. I can only go up.  I am now stuck with a demolished bathroom. Needs up to date codes of electrical units and piping., Bathrooms Design

    Bathroom Demo

    5 photos, 453 Views, Flag

  • HELP NO LIGHT, OUTLETS, OR SPACE- FAMILYROOM, Late 70's familyroom that is long and narrow 27ftx12ft...There are no windows in the room.We entertain on almost a weekly basis and seating is hard because it is so narrow and there is a storage door in a odd spot on the wall. Trying to find funiture that fits the room and doorway entranceis hard. The orginal paneling was a very, very dark brown(matched the door) then we painted one night and no help...Still blahh...
The ceciling has circles in the texture and to top everything there very limited outlets.  My office area is on the side of the room that has three walls and 1 outlet...
, Media Rooms Design


    5 photos, 186 Views, Flag

  • No electrical outlets to ruin 1 in ss squares, The kitchen was last remodeled in 1988 with pink formica, linolium floors and a bad layoout, Kitchens Design

    No electrical outlets ...

    3 photos, 321 Views, Flag

  • WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!, This is THE KITCHEN!!! I am a happily married mother of one who has a completely non functional, unappealing, dated kitchen and no means to improve it. We purchased our home about 1 1/2 years ago, and spent all of our savings  on new windows, doors, a deck and siding but ran out of money when I was laid off in August. There is no counter space, no cabinet space, a tiny dated stove and refrigerator, uneven bulging floors and NO ELECTRICAL OUTLETS for our appliances! Our cabinets are 45 years old, rotting and cramped. We have an unfinished open space where the laundry/utility room should be with a lop-sided cabinet acting as a "pantry" and all open fixtures. Very dangerous for our 4 year old little girl to be around. Our tiles are comimg up and our walls are uneven. Our plan was to keep upgrading our house however we ran out of money and need help. We can't even have family over for the holidays or our daughter's birthday because of the poor design of our space and the overall ugliness. It's just very dissappointing.  , Kitchens Design


    7 photos, 125 Views, Flag

  • New Art Deco Themed Bath, I went from a traditional 80's floral decor bath of green and pink complete with a red wainscoting below the green flowered wallpaper to a serene black and white Art Deco theme based on a $20 light I purchased from eBay!, Bathrooms Design

    New Art Deco Themed ...

    6 photos, 1,663 Views, Flag

  • Before and After, This was my first house and knew when I bought it that I had big plans for the kitchen.  Here are the before and after pictures.  I guess the new owners like it because it sold in 3 days! :-), Kitchens Design

    Before and After

    3 photos, 423 Views, Flag

  • Remodelled Kitchen: Contemporary with a touch of Modern, Kitchen remodel included stainless steel appliances an over-sized split-level island complete with pull-outs and wine fridge. Also features two-tone cabinets up-lights and down/ambient lighting. I've uploaded several pictures of different aspects of the kitchen so take a look at them as well. Your comments - and ratings - are kindly appreciated and I do my best to promptly answer any questions I receive. If you like this you might also like my other spaces. Thanks!, Kitchens Design

    Remodelled Kitchen: ...

    15 photos, 9,968 Views, Flag

  • Budget Sparkler, This kitchen went from drab and OLD to bright, clean, easy to maintain and my style.  There is no granite or stainless, but beautiful tile work and white appliances.  The backsplash was the splurge and inspiration for color and style.  The deep color works because the lighting is plentiful and the accents are light.  Storage galore and a great work radius.  After 18 years, my kitchen is awesome!, Kitchens Design

    Budget Sparkler

    8 photos, 941 Views, Flag

  • Sissys Room, I made this room for my daughter.  I refinished things we had or that people gave us.  I found the changing table at a garage sale for $ sure was ugly before!! So the room really cost next to nothing and I am pretty proud of how it turned out.  I wanted it to be a soft comfortable room fit for a little princess, and she sure seems to like it!!!, Nurseries Design

    Sissys Room

    5 photos, 386 Views, Flag

  • Oak Kitchen Gets Contemporary Makeover, This small 12x12 kitchen  had the worst configuration when designed by previous owner 10 years ago.  The dishwasher was at a right angle to the sink, the fridge and cook top were so close together, I had to turn sideways to get in corner cabinets.  The custom oak cabinets were very outdated and the granite was ugly.  Because home values are down, we didn't want to spend alot on the re-do. The main plumbing was buried in the concrete slab; to keep costs down, we kept the sink peninsula in the same place.  I sold this entire kitchen with appliances on the internet and bought range and dishwasher used.  The cabinets are just mid-priced but thought the hardware made them look higher end.  Because of all of these savings, we splurged on the granite., Kitchens Design

    Oak Kitchen Gets Cont...

    9 photos, 1,628 Views, Flag

  • Open up the Kitchen:  Sliding Backsplash, Los Gatos, CA Kitchen Remodel with Innovative Sliding Backsplash:
A structural wall between the kitchen and living room was replaced by two posts and a large island to visually open up the space.  The 8-foot long, 4-foot deep island provides plenty of countertop work space. Storage space has increased over the BEFORE kitchen (which had floor to ceiling cabinets) despite minimizing upper cabinets:  island drawers are 3-feet deep, and perimeter drawers and cabinets are 30" deep, the sliding backsplash provides 21 linear feet of storage for appliances, spices, and cooking staples, and the pantry provides loads of space for bulkier items.

An innovative sliding backsplash, made of the same granite material as the countertop, conceals appliances, spices, electrical outlets, and other items that usually clutter the counter.  This provides a clean surface area while keeping often used items at your fingertips.  

Steve Nunes
Nunes Construction
(408) 640-2912

Sandy Hovancik
Digital Decor
(408) 427-1947, Kitchens Design

    Open up the Kitchen: ...

    8 photos, 1,802 Views, Flag

  • Small 1970's Dining Room Makeover, This is our dining area.  In it's previous life, the room was decked out in dark 1970's paneling and heavy thermal drapes.  The room was lit from a very dim vintage tole floral candelier.  We took the dark paneling down and repaired the walls.  We painted the room in a rich yellow.  Tossed the heavy drapes and replaced them with lightweight panels.  Finally, the candelier was replaced with a more contemporary fixture.  , Dining Rooms Design

    Small 1970's Dining R...

    4 photos, 138 Views, Flag

  • 1895 Kitchen... 113 Years Old!, Looks like it hasn't been touched since it was built in 1895. Ok ok...the previous owners DID upgrade it with modern conveniences (ONE accessible electrical outlet; plumbing). They decorated w/ a palette of greens & sunflowers. Likes: The drain board sink; vintage stove; storage space; original hardwood floors.   Dislikes: colors/sunflowers; no outlets (microwave in laundry); countertops unsecured (& green); pegboard wall on w/h closet; no range hood; & walk-in pantry larger than kitchen., Kitchens Design

    1895 Kitchen... 113 Ye...

    3 photos, 1,035 Views, Flag

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