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Results found for "odd"

  • Contemporary Blue Kitchen, Kitchen remodel with Stainless Glass Tiles and Quartz countertops, Kitchens Design

    Contemporary Blue Ki...

    10 photos, 1,079 Views, Flag

  • Contemporary Living, Modern Livingroom in off-whites, Living Rooms Design

    Contemporary Living

    9 photos, 971 Views, Flag

  • Blue Theater, In home Theater in Blue Velvet, Living Rooms Design

    Blue Theater

    10 photos, 941 Views, Flag

  • Modern Bathroom, Bathrooms Design

    Modern Bathroom

    11 photos, 2,832 Views, Flag

  • Funky-Un-Funk-Tional Architecture, Living room, dining room, kitchen, t.v., stairs, pets and kids all in 600 s.f.... HELP ME!  This funky architecture is 'cramping' my style... haha.. get it?..."cramping"?.. ok, so anyways.. This space is too small for any rational use and yet we are stuck with it to fulfill numerous uses.. someone...anyone... help!, Living Rooms Design


    19 photos, 527 Views, Flag

  • odd shape living room, We have a long living room with a beam dividing the living room and kitchen space, Living Rooms Design

    odd shape living room

    7 photos, 824 Views, Flag

  • Jail, I just moved into a house built in 1997 with an odd design feature. There are seven steps up from the living room to the kitchen. There is an opening in the wall near the living room ceiling with a view to the kitchen. The space is divided with stairway spindles. It's very odd and I've never seen anything like it before. I think it's creator may have been wanting an open concept. I've just moved in and boxes are not yet unpacked and I've uninstalled the kitchen appliances and cabinetry in preparation for remodel., Kitchens Design


    3 photos, 437 Views, Flag

  • Cramped, VERY SMALL, kitchen / laundry area in 60's style cottage, Cramped, VERY SMALL, kitchen in 60's style cottage in need of any / all help to make more efficient, attractive and above all stylish, Kitchens Design

    Cramped, VERY SMA...

    2 photos, 753 Views, Flag

  • Family room dilemma, Tall and Odd shaped wall, Living Rooms Design

    Family room dilemma

    7 photos, 726 Views, Flag

  • Style Confusion, Small 70's style kitchen with some updates.  Counter tops were redone prior to purchasing home with Corian.  Cabinets are original however for some reason only the bases were painted.  The appliances are new but the space is small and needs a major face lift!, Kitchens Design

    Style Confusion

    4 photos, 55 Views, Flag

  • Need help with furniture placement for odd shaped living room!, We purchased a foreclosure home and it's a work in progress, so please forgive the mess.   We will have to do just about everything to include painting, ripping up the carpet, updating bathrooms and kitchen, etc.   We are doing one room at a time.   To start with, we're getting new furniture for the living room.   We didn't realize it when we purchased the house, as there was no furniture in it, but it's kind of a weird room!   There are a total of four openings in the room- the entry way opens into the living room, there is an opening to the hall, an opening to the kitchen, and the door to the backyard.   In addition to that, there is a large window and a corner fireplace.   This room is a challenge!   I am puzzled over what the designer of this home was thinking when he designed this living room.   Where exactly did he expect the furniture to be placed?   Blocking the entryway or hallway openings, in front of the window, out in the middle of the room?   I have considered getting a sectional and putting the sectional in the middle of the room, so that the doorway areas are not blocked, but the room is a little small, so I'm wondering if the room is big enough to have furniture out in the middle of the room.   So I need suggestions, ideas about where to place the furniture.   Since we have not purchased furniture yet, I'm also open to furniture suggestions, too.   We need to get something that is going to work for this room.  Please help!, Living Rooms Design

    Need help with furnitu...

    9 photos, 2,404 Views, Flag

  • Large odd shaped Master Bedroom, Large odd shape attic master bedroom. With very ugly 1980's pink and brass master bath., Bedrooms Design

    Large odd shaped Mast...

    10 photos, 844 Views, Flag

  • Odd living room space , We recently bought this home and I am completely at a loss of how to arrange this odd space. These were the pictures provided by the realtor.  I have not yet purchased anything and was thinking of definitely changing the colors to be lighter and make the space feel more open.  The worst is that the fireplace is close to the being directly on the left of the entrance door. Help!, Living Rooms Design

    Odd living room space

    2 photos, 294 Views, Flag

  • How to place furniture in this odd apartment living room space?, I am at a loss for where I should place furniture in my new apartment.  I keep going back and fourth with ideas but nothing sticks.  Any ideas? Help would be great.  Thanks in advance! , Living Rooms Design

    How to place furniture...

    1 photo, 433 Views, Flag

  • Need Help Please: Odd Shape Very Small Living Room with corner Fireplace, This is our living room. I know it's sad and boring!...That's why I badly need your advice. Sad because it is a very small space (we live in a condo townhouse) and its shape is rectangular with fireplace at the left corner, big sliding doors going through the spacious deck (which I love), and baluster dividing the living and dining room. 

Note: I kinda started to rearrange this room. The nasty, unattended fish tank has to go (it used to be cared for before we get super busy) and the shelf where it sits on will be placed under the hanging cabinet (where the dvd and stuff are stored) beside the fireplace. I am thinking if the lazy boy (or single leather reclining couch) needs to go!?? I am dreaming and loving turquoise/teal and subtle orange as a punch of color to contribute to the space.

Your advices/comments will be greatly appreciated., Living Rooms Design

    Need Help Please: Odd...

    5 photos, 2,929 Views, Flag

  • REPOST Need Help-Small, Odd Size Shaped Livingroom, A year after my first post It's finally done!  I love how warm and cozy it feels.  I LOVE my room., Living Rooms Design

    REPOST Need Help-S...

    10 photos, 1,843 Views, Flag

  • recently in the garden, recent pictures  of the flowers in my tiny cottage garden., Gardens Design

    recently in the garden

    10 photos, 9,297 Views, Flag

  • Den windows are odd shape how to block sun?, I haven't a clue where to begin with something to block the sun with these odd shaped windows. It comes through SO brightly in the morning that it glares on the TV. Any suggestions? At night however we see a BEAUTIFUL view of the stars!, Living Rooms Design

    Den windows are odd s...

    1 photo, 469 Views, Flag

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