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Results found for "metal"

  • Painting over blank walls, Here are a few pics of some walls I painted for friends and relations., Dining Rooms Design

    Painting over blank wa...

    8 photos, 1,167 Views, Flag

  • Unique Kitchen, Before the kitchen remodel, the kitchen was all white (cabinets, tile countertop etc) and closed off from the dinning room and french doors.  Lets just say I'm a little more colorful than that.

The lower cabinets are walnut.  The uppers are custom made by me and my brother.  I bought a MIG welder and  welded the uppers and the pantry door.  

Kitchen remodel by Barringer Built Homes with a little help from me.
The glass upper is made from reused glass.  We also poured the concrete countertops in place.  The prep area has a butcher block counter.  

I love how I have an area for prepping  next to my stove.  Even better is that I get to watch the sunset as I cook.

, Kitchens Design

    Unique Kitchen

    12 photos, 828 Views, Flag

  • artsy yard in June 2010, We have just created more out door spaces in our yard ,  areas to relax, unwind and entertain.  , Yards Design

    artsy yard in June 201...

    7 photos, 527 Views, Flag

  • Objects in the Garden, My gardening style is quite relaxed.  I have objects of all sorts and sizes in my garden.  Some are meant for the garden and some have been repurposed.  Tasteful placement of various and interesting objects is an important element in my gardens.  Objects can be used as focal points or as semi-hidden surprises as you stroll around your yard. 

Visit my website at:    

Check out my blog:

, Gardens Design

    Objects in the Garden

    9 photos, 1,608 Views, Flag

  • Alice's Kitchen, Our kitchen features Hickory Kraftmaid cabinets with two types of granite and gun metal, GE Profile appliances.  It has a cathedral ceiling and is 16x16'. 
 It is the kitchen of my dreams and a wonderful place to cook. The floors are 15" terrazzo marble., Kitchens Design

    Alice's Kitchen

    5 photos, 2,921 Views, Flag

  • Jillian's Haven, I designed a timeless nursery that my little angel can grow with.  It's not too babyish nor too grown up, it embodies elegance, grace and femininity. I hope you will enjoy looking at the nursery as much as I enjoyed creating it. 
, Nurseries                        Design

    Jillian's Haven

    10 photos, 1,963 Views, Flag

  • Work is progressing!, We sold our home and built a small metal house so we could be closer to the in-laws.  This small place continues to be a work in progress and a small labor of love for my husband and I. We are really getting into using anything we can recycle and trying to learn more about being green., Home Exterior Design

    Work is progressing!

    20 photos, 820 Views, Flag

  • The Wright Way (that is, Frank Lloyd), Magic, the unexpected, and originality guide my personal and professional design aesthetic.

In my small SE Portland house, I’ve been able to create a completely private interior and exterior dwelling.  My home’s quiet and secluded essence is enhanced by only one paved road providing access to my home.

First, I designed and developed a horizontal fence the completely surrounds the house.  Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy of incorporating a variety of natural material, an asymmetrical Japanese design presentation, and combining the inside and outside, greatly influenced my work in the past two years since I purchased this fixer in October 2006.
The front fence of the house was initially designed on graph paper.  I wanted the fence’s sense of space to extend, so this is a rare Portland fence with the boards placed horizontally.

On the graph paper, I wanted to create a “mural” that read from from the street as a wooden “mural” of undulating large rectangles.  On the graph paper, the 4x4s in the ground provided the structure.  I then experimented with the shapes that I thought would create a mural, 6’ high and 60’ feet long.

I placed the shapes as either green or red on the graph paper, green behind the 4x4s, red in front of the 4x4s. I envisioned how the fence would look from across the street or as one drove down the street.  The design was rather binary, either the 1x6x 6 fence boards were in front of the 4x4 or behind it.

My first contractor was totally perplexed at my design and goal.  I erroneously thought that my design and intent was clear and easy.
The “mural” side of the fence does not have a front or back.  Each side has its own unique presentation, even though the boards are the same.  On the interior side, the space is 2 feet below street grade, so in that space the yard “reads” eight feet high, rather than 6 feet.

On the other streetside fence, I drilled different diameter holes, also influenced by Wright, my idea being developed from some of his stained glass windows.  It presents an unexpected sense of snow flakes in the fence.

The man from whom I purchased the house was so impressed by my initial renovations that he provided me with three computer-generated and cut 2’x8’ rusted steel grilles that he had inherited and for which he had no use.

I loved them so much that he gave me about 20 more.  These grilles provide additional height on the back fence, as a trellis on the driveway side of the fence, and a design element on the back structure of the driveway.  These grilles are a major interest of people who visit my “park.”

On the back wall, my goal is to plant 3-4 star jasmines, so that my design philosophy of the garden/park as a fragrant Matisse space will be enhanced.

When my second contractor removed the house’s original aluminum siding, he noted that the underlayment was in good shipe.  His idea was to sheathe the house in sheet metal.  

I found Custom-Bilt Metals in an industrial area of Portland.  Their 4’x10’ sheets were custom-cut for me, including the green angled corner pieces, also the contractor’s idea.

I chose their colors “Terra Cotta” and “Forest Green,” which have analogous colors of Wright’s “Fallingwater” house, America’s most famous architecturally-designed home:  “Red Gumball” and “Mountain Forest.”
I have further accomplished my goal of “floating” design elements in my home’s exterior (and also interior) by using Richard Neutra’s ethereally simple and floating address numerals.  I feel that they add a tremendously subtle and very sophisticated final panache.  

I prefer to be a private person, and my house is barely visible from the street.  With the completion of a gate this spring, the house will be totally enclosed with fencing and the new gate.  Even now, some people park in front of the house and give me a call: “Where are you?”  I tell them they are sitting in front of the home.

In my California travels, I am perversely attracted to such neighborhoods as Beverly Hills and the older areas of Palm Springs.  One can drive for blocks without seeing a house, only very tall fences, usually covered in abundant plantings.  The estates’ entrances are through a gate – ranging from simple and adequate to David Geffen’s massive and temple-like metal gate on Angelo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Mr. Geffen, one of California’s wealthiest individuals, purchased the 9.38-acre estate (formerly owned by Jack Warner’s of Warner Bros.) in 1990 for a reported $47.5-million dollars – at the time, that was the highest price ever paid for a private home in the United States. The main residence has 13,612 square feet, including 8 bedrooms & 9 bathrooms.

So I drive by and wonder what a house like that would be like to experience and live in.  It’s completely private from the rest of the world and is probably worth about $100 million (perhaps les now, since the economy is collapsing [but not for everyone].)

Then I realized that Los Angeles’s smog is such that you rarely see the s, Home Exterior Design

    The Wright Way (that...

    12 photos, 562 Views, Flag

  • Living Room, Our Living Room with its central Fireplace and entertainment center.  We chose stained concrete floors, culted stone for the fireplace, reclaimed pine for the walls, reclaimed corrigated metal for the ceiling, and reclaimed timber for the rafters., Living Rooms Design

    Living Room

    4 photos, 1,468 Views, Flag

  • Two Guest Bedrooms, Two guest bedrooms, Bedrooms Design

    Two Guest Bedrooms

    5 photos, 254 Views, Flag

  • Help me with Kim's kitchen staging and decor, We will be putting our house on the market in about 9 months.  I cannot replace the white metal cabinets---so we must work around them.  We love the large border in the room and get so many compliments on it from visitors.  My husband loves the yellow paint color that matches the lemons in the border.  The laminate floor is newer and we plan to keep that.  Most of the counters are done in the Mahogany granite 12x12" tiles. The table is a hand me down and the chairs are newer.  I love a Tuscan look and think this gets there for the most part.  What suggestions do you all have for someone who can't afford to replace the cabinets and needs to figure out what things to change, paint, remove for a more appealling kitchen during the house sale.  The faux wood blinds are new.  What about the shelving above the windows?  HELP--I look forward to your reviews and comments., Kitchens Design

    Help me with Kim's k...

    6 photos, 226 Views, Flag

  • Kitchen, This space is our kitchen.  We chose two somewhat unusual materials for this room.  We used reclaimed rusted corrigated metal for the ceilings, and stained concrete for the floors.  We placed a 14'-0" x 6'-0" island at the center of the space, and wrapped the base in cultured stone.  Keeping with the rustic country feel, we hung elk horns from the rafter with rope and attached pendant lights., Kitchens Design


    3 photos, 1,242 Views, Flag

  • Eclectic and warm, Small livingroom with warm tones and accents of stainless and white., Living Rooms Design

    Eclectic and warm

    5 photos, 1,752 Views, Flag

  • Amazing remodel, From a small 24" vanity hall bathroom. to a beautiful double sink, tiled jacuzzi tub shower with a medallion tile floor!, Bathrooms Design

    Amazing remodel

    7 photos, 490 Views, Flag

  • outdoor work in progress flowers, metal art , all of landscapes are done by us, brick work, etc.    Flowers and areas with themes.   , Gardens Design

    outdoor work in progre...

    9 photos, 414 Views, Flag

  • Christmas Goose, Christmas Decoration, Holidays Design

    Christmas Goose

    3 photos, 66 Views, Flag

  • Metal Bed, Used 2 Black Metal Room Dividers as my Headboard with Floral Bedding., Bedrooms Design

    Metal Bed

    2 photos, 682 Views, Flag

  • NWlambear's Home Sweet Home-Our yard, Hope this moving this information to a file under 'Yard' and post pictures of my plants flowers individual planting beds etc. under 'Garden'., Yards Design

    NWlambear's Home Sw...

    18 photos, 1,114 Views, Flag

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