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Results found for "how to"

  • Christmas Mesh Wreath!, I love mesh ribbon!  It is so durable and easy to use.  This was a really fun wreath to make! For more detailed instructions, and other Christmas decorating ideas visit, Holidays Design

    Christmas Mesh Wreat...

    5 photos, 29,258 Views, Flag

  • Baby Gate From Reclaimed Crib, How to make a baby gate for a large opening from a reclaimed crib!  Looks better then commercial gates!
For a detailed tutorial check it out at our website:, Nurseries Design

    Baby Gate From Recla...

    9 photos, 658 Views, Flag

  • HARVEST ENTRY, Since moving from Florida to Arizona, one thing is for sure: I've enjoyed decorating our entryway for Spring, Fall and Holiday. To see Spring, please view Spring on the Stoop - Crisp, clean and filled with pink & purple flowers. For Fall, it's quite the opposite: remembering our NJ home stoop, I made swept piles in the corners of each step using a bag of wood bark chips from Home Depot - mixed with a few faux leaves PLUS pinecones I collected here in AZ. I used another bag of bark chips around the base of my urns & lanterns at the door -- and since the weather cools off here for Fall, I was able to use real pumpkins too. The branches in the urns add height to frame the doorway -- they are to me a keepsake from Florida -- I found them back in 2010 and still use them seasonally today. For Fall, I hot glue leaves, for winter: leaves are removed and sparkle snowflakes are added. In Spring, I wrap the branches with pink blossoms. This decorated entry makes a perfect spot for a family photo, a couples Christmas card, or even just a friendly seasonal pic to have has a keepsake..., Home Exterior Design


    15 photos, 1,378 Views, Flag

  • Our Colorful Kitchen Remodel, When we moved into our new house, we didn't have enough money to re-do our kitchen so we decided to handle the project ourselves. We painted the cabinets, painted the backsplash, added a hand painted island, changed out the hardware on the cabinets, spray painted the old kitchen light fixtures, painted a chalkboard wall, and replaced the old curtains with new ones. We love the way it turned out even though it was a lot of work!, Kitchens Design

    Our Colorful Kitchen ...

    8 photos, 848 Views, Flag

  • How to UPDATE a Bathroom!, Take a tired Bathroom and Give it an Update & Bring it CURRENT!, Bathrooms Design

    How to UPDATE a Bat...

    10 photos, 2,649 Views, Flag

  • TV wall mount installation in San Antonio, TX, Sony Smart TV mounted on wall with 5.1 Surround sound and PS3. All wires and cables  hidden inside wall., Media Rooms Design

    TV wall mount install...

    1 photo, 197 Views, Flag

  • Small living area with major traffic pattern!, Small Narrow living room!  Challenge:  traffic pattern to outdoors straight down the middle...Here's how I chose to handle this space!  Hope you enjoy, Living Rooms Design

    Small living area wit...

    5 photos, 2,067 Views, Flag

  • Easy Archway, Newer Product Ideas, Other Spaces Design

    Easy Archway

    2 photos, 347 Views, Flag

  • How to build a Flexible LED curtain Display by LED strips controlled by SD Card controller, How to build a SD card controled FLEXIBLE LED Display 
Here is going to show you how to build a FLEXIBLE "ROLL AND FOLDABLE" LED Display. cheap easy and very useful


You don’t need that much tools and spare parts the most important tools and parts you need are.:

Side cutter (sharp)
Screwdrivers mix (cross, slot, big & small)
Hot Iron (sharp tip)
Solder (thin)
Heat gun
shrinkable tubing
Puncher (to hole the Plane)
Detergent (cleaning)

For first you going to buy, order or just collect all the needed Components for this Project, the most accessories are Optional means they’re modified for my project you can change the accessories like color waterproof or none of the led strip, color of the controller, The Surface you can change to different materials or colors.

We offer all the accessories and assembling parts for this project and many other LED projects (TOP PRICE TOP QUALITY incl. WARRANTY) so we will assist you for questions and Price inquires.

Step. 1

For first prepare all your assembling parts:
Cut 2cm shrink tube pieces (soldering place)
Cut the connection wires or each strip
Cut shrink tube pieces cover it over your wire connection (use the heat gun to make them tight)
Cut your Power +red and ground wires you need (for the controller and for the Power supply)
Create a LED file in your software we send you by the assembling kit and transfer it to the SD card to proof if everything works well

Step. 2

Calculate the length of the LED strip you have to cut, depend on your requested LED DISPLAY END SIZE !
Remind to include the vertical distance of each string line into your calculation.

Strip Length , Strip width + your customized distance of each string. Means

if you want to build a 1000mm high display go on like that. 1000 / strip width + distance = how many strip lines you have to cut !

Now you’re able to cut your calculated numbers of LED strings on your requested length.

Step. 3

After you cut all the strings place it to a flat place which is convenient for you to work on it I prefer a table .
Place the strips flat in position if it’s easier for you fix each one to the table by tape. !
Use the hot iron to soldering one by one strip don’t change the wires, we also offer fast connectors to connect the strip without soldering It’s just the cheapest way but racially not the fastest.
Soldering the strips in a series circuit means the start of the first strip is every time INPUT, you can start everywhere you want with the INPUT but later in the software you have to change or setup. !
Don’t forget to cover a short 20mm pcs shrink tube over the strip before you soldering the wire otherwise you have to remove the solder again and cover the shrink tube it’s easier to cover them before.

Step. 4

After you solder (connect) each strip with the other and make a short test give the strips power and try a test with the LED file and its successful, cover the shrinking tube over the solder place and use the Heat gun to make it tightly and secured.
After use the heat gun you should bring the strip lines and the connecting wire in ENDPOSITION hold it by hand till the shrink tube will become cold and tight after some seconds it’s tight and will not move again stay in position. !

Step. 5

Now you move the strip construct by side, add your Plane surface to the Table, and clean it careful.
Place your LED strip construct to the surface.
BRING IT IN POSITION use the meter stick to fix each distance that the strip construct later Placed well in exactly the middle of your surface.
Now you can fix the first LED strip line peel the paper from the backside of the strip (glue), hold one side to the up and start from the other side to fix it.
Use your meter stick or caliper to recheck if your strip is straight in position..!
IMPORTANT.: If you start to place the first line awry the deviation in the end will be much bigger and later show each awry placements and BIG deviation.

Step. 6

Now you fixed the whole LED construct to the Surface it’s time to check it again, connect it to power again, if workable we go on like that...
Use the Puncher to place a little hole EXACLY under the start of the LED strip Input, put the input wire through the hole.
Place the SD controller on the backside of the surface by adhesive tape double sided, connect the wires from the input with the SD controller, connect your power supply and you’re done.

Step. 7

Join, sell, rent, advertise and so on…. There are many ways to get out your invested Money Time and Power of this Project.

If I forget some important Notes please reply us or recheck in the Video also for information about the products the strip the power supply finished products and so on we’d like to help you fast as possible

Thanks for watching....., Media Rooms Design

    How to build a Flexib...

    2 photos, 3,727 Views, Flag

  • Painted and Glazed Cabinets .. How to Step by Step, If you love painted cabinets with that "Old World" feel see how I achieved the look in my kitchen.  I can't however  take all of the credit for this remodel.  Without my sister-in-law I could not have achieved all of this in 1 week.  Thank You could never convey how grateful I am for her help and how much fun I had with her that week.  Take a look I have tried to break it down day by day I hope this will inspire you to try this on your own.  If you don't have a sister-in-law I rent mine., Kitchens Design

    Painted and Glazed Ca...

    25 photos, 459,556 Views, Flag

  • Office Sanctuary, Created a duel purpose space here!  Client's needs:  A quiet reading area away from the rest of the home's hustle and bustle and a much needed functionable office space., Living Rooms Design

    Office Sanctuary

    5 photos, 1,893 Views, Flag

  • A Kitchen Renovation on a LOW Budget, This kitchen space was outdated and closed off to the rest of our home. We took down some walls, rearranged the space, and made a kitchen that is perfect for our family for UNDER 3500.00!! , Kitchens Design

    A Kitchen Renovation ...

    18 photos, 965 Views, Flag

  • DIY Art Frame PAINTED (update) - Thanks for the advice RMS users! , HELP, please!  To change this frame (from bronze to black), I need tips:  
1) Paint type (wall ok or something special?)  
2) Applicator:  Will foam brush do the trick in a few coats?
3) Anything else?

I've never painted a frame before, but liked this piece enough to want to try.  All tips appreciated.  In a couple months, the room will be furnished, accessorized and posted with this building block., Other Spaces Design

    DIY Art Frame PAIN...

    5 photos, 154 Views, Flag

  • Straight wall of windows (includes 3 spaces)...NO idea of how to pull it together., Open floor plan ~ kitchen, dining room, and living room. Unsure of how to dress all the windows in this space...should they all coordinate in style/color or be defined?, Living Rooms Design

    Straight wall of wind...

    6 photos, 51 Views, Flag

  • Expand  tiny LR into wasted garage space, Enter front door into long, narrow dining room/living room . Not enough space, but on other side of wall is a long narrow Wasted garage space that could be added. HOW??? I cant afford major expense, but outside the sliding doors is a small covered porch right on edge of inground pool. We are older & dont want to move from our home of 30 years, but it sure needs help. Thanks, Living Rooms Design

    Expand tiny LR into ...

    10 photos, 1,002 Views, Flag

  • blank living room, my living room is a blank canvas,it has a big window  in one wall,  a center fireplace in another wall, 2 entrance (to the kitchen and to the dining room) in other wall, and a hand rail in one side. I love the chairs that I have in there, but that's is how far I gotten, If somebody has any ideas of how to decorate my room I really apreciate it.
, Living Rooms Design

    blank living room

    6 photos, 82 Views, Flag

  • Basement Disaster, Finished basement without any design clue. Want it to be a nice family friendly space., Basements Design

    Basement Disaster

    5 photos, 361 Views, Flag

  • how to finish this kitchen?, I need help deciding how to finish my kitchen.  We have replaced old laminate counters with granite and installed new appliances. I am considering painting the oak cabinets a light taupe/beige,ivory to compliment the granite.  The oak floor is in bad shape and needs to be replaced. With two dogs, wood is not an option. What is your opinion on a darkish Congoleum slate look grouted tile?  I'd like suggestions for a backsplash replacement.  Will definitely lose the flourescent lights and install can lights.  Should I remove the cabs over the granite peninsula and install a couple of pendants? , Kitchens Design

    how to finish this kit...

    11 photos, 302 Views, Flag

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