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Results found for "green"

  • Poor Livingroom, This is our living room ... It is put together with hand me downs yard sale finds and dollar store goodies. But nothing seems to work... I hate it! It looks like a yard sale in my living room :o(..really could use some help, Living Rooms Design

    Poor Livingroom

    7 photos, 961 Views, Flag

  • Bright Pink and Lime Floral Nursery, Baby girl nursery with bright pink, lime, and turquoise in happy floral theme with little garden bug accents.  Also incorporates Fisher Price Rainforest accessories.

From early on, I knew I didn't want a traditional pale pink girl nursery.  I wanted something happy and bright.  
I really wanted to do lime and turquoise and ideally I was hoping to do it in florals, but most of the sets I found were very boyish.  I actually ordered 3 crib sets and sent them back before I found one that had the right shades and colors that I was looking for.  From there, I searched for coordinating fabrics and accessories to personalize the space and really tie my colors together.  It ended up including pink after all, but a very bright happy pink which fit nicely with what I had in mind.

I spent $1,000 on the furniture and about another $500 in paint and decor.  But my parents bought a few things for the room and my best friend paid for the custom made window treatments and a few other things.  So in total, we probably have about $2,000-$2,200 in the room.

She's 7 months old now and LOVES her room!  She's loves looking around at all the bright colors and accessories., Nurseries Design

    Bright Pink and Lime ...

    10 photos, 2,161 Views, Flag

  • Master Bedroom, My husband has transformed this room into our very own hotel suite., Bedrooms Design

    Master Bedroom

    10 photos, 1,875 Views, Flag

  • Dressed to Entertain, I re-painted the dining room in 06 This is one of our favorite rooms in the house. I still haven't decided what to do with the wood work. , Dining Rooms Design

    Dressed to Entertain

    10 photos, 4,320 Views, Flag

  • When you have that ugly paneling, My home has paneling through out the whole house. I could not afford to tear it down so I had to come up with another solution.. I got the idea of taking dry wall compound you use for sheet rock.. It was very time consuming and messy but so well worth it.. Don't be afraid to tackle the job if you have the time and you are willing to deal with the dust.. As for the painted paneling, just always prime before you paint... , Living Rooms Design

    When you have that ugl...

    19 photos, 8,445 Views, Flag

  • My Squirrel Haven, This is my beautiful back yard... I have no idea what the concrete side walk is for.. it was there when I purchased the house...I need some ideas that will not cost a fortune.... help me please.. the squirrels are taking over...., Yards Design

    My Squirrel Haven

    18 photos, 316 Views, Flag

  • Family Room w/ Fireplace and Built-ins, Our family room was renovated to include built-in cabinetry, a gas fireplace and a much improved home theater system.  Whether we watch TV, listen to music, read, work on the computer, or just sit and chat with the family, it's a great room to unwind and relax., Living Rooms Design

    Family Room w/ Firep...

    25 photos, 6,190 Views, Flag

  • lush garden in London-Spring 2011, Gardens Design

    lush garden in London-...

    20 photos, 2,807 Views, Flag

  • My Garden in May, Its late spring/early summer in London and plants have really accelerated. The first of the summer blossoms have just started to appear and the welcome hum and buzz of bees and insects has returned, some how the garden doesn't seems alive with out it. The foliage has become lush and intense in colour and bare earth is almost  filled up. When you walk through the paths the plants caress you, demanding your attention and seems like soon I will be needing a machete to walk through the paths. I absolutely love this time of the year, knowing that this is just the beginning and things will be getting much better., Gardens Design

    My Garden in May

    23 photos, 843 Views, Flag

  • Liam's Royal Frog Prince Nursery, My daughter-n-law and I wanted a whimsical type nursery but still wanted it to be masculine. We searched and searched for some type of inspiration to help us with a theme. Finally we came across a photo of a little girl kissing a frog prince and the theme was set. We know from the beginning that we wanted a black and white color combination and finally settle on green for our third color. From that point we let our imaginations flow. We added striped to the bottom part of the wall by taping off 12 in. sections and painting in alternating colors of black & white. The top border of the wall we created a connecting diamond shaped pattern using a diamond stencil I created out of cardboard. I used a small circle sponge to add metallic gold dots where each diamond meets. Using colors in Fresh Parsley, Black & White in a satin finish. I custom designed and handmade all the curtains, accent pillows, placemat and changing table cover.
The Chandelier was custom created by Whimsical Collections as a replica to the custom painting we had painted by hilariagalleries . 
Other accessories bought at various stores throughout our process for creating this nursery.

This room was a true labor of Love. I enjoyed every minute difficult or easy in the process of designing this nursery, from the time I stitched my first stitch to the very last drop of paint. 
I wanted my grandson to have a room worthy of a prince that he is. I created and did most of the work with the inspiration and ideas of my daughter-n-law to help along the way.

, Nurseries Design

    Liam's Royal Frog Pr...

    21 photos, 2,843 Views, Flag

  • Affordable Sustainable Homes Project, Here are our preliminary Google SketchUp designs.  Of a simple solar heated home, with passive and active geo thermal cooling features.  Since solar space heating panels are computed to harness nearly 6 times more energy.  Than the same size solar electrical panel, or same wind capture area (aperture) of a residential wind generator.  While being affordable.  We elected on building this kind of energy into homes.  And so, the renewable energy features are part of the home.  And are covered in the home owner loan.

True some of our features are experimental.  But we have considered some design features that deal with certain problems that arise in highly insulated homes.  And so, believe we have the best engineering concepts for building sustainable communities.  Since our concepts are based upon ideas that have been tried before.  And have been Measured and Verified by research through US DOE projects.

Our concept of this basic model layout has evolved through development.  And so, looks pretty much the same.  But we do have some models to add to this collection.

The Google SketchUp software that we use.  Contains the NREL OpenStudio plugin.  That connects SketchUp with the US DOE analysis software EnergyPlus.  Which allows us to analyze various energy zone attributes that we apply to the SketchUp models.  In addition we have used Solar2 solar Btu and shading software.  To compute the solar heat input of our solar space heating panels and south facing windows.

Heating And Cooling Of The Green Workshop

76' x 36' ~ 2736 f^2 for areas where the cost averages $200 f^2 the cost for construction is around $547,200.00.  Price varies with a design that uses a crawl space or basement; which adds additional cost depending upon the basement contractor in your area.

Given an average Whole Building Envelope R Factor of R 21 for our intended design, as the target R Factor.  With an envelope surface area of 4528 f^2 for the ground level floor space.  We have a Btu/h/degree F loss factor of 215.62 Btu/h/degree F.  And given our lowest average winter time temperature of 9 F.  With an intended interior temperature of 74 F.  We would need 14,015 Btu/hour to heat the building when it is 9 F.  Which is 4106.5 watts ~ 4.11 kWh.

To help with the greatest year round energy requirement of winter heating.  We can use at minimum 4 solar space heating panels.  To help provide this heat.  If we have a nice sunny day, though it is freezing cold outside.  However since it can be partly cloudy.  We might want to consider using 6 solar space heating panels for our green building design.  With the panels being thermostatically controlled so that will will not be over heating the building.  Since we will also have some large window surfaces on the south facing side of the building.  That allows the sun to heat those rooms on that side.  As well as interior solar heated mass features.

Now it takes less energy to cool a building in the summer than to heat it.  And so, our building envelope being highly insulated as compared to standard buildings.  Does improve the blocking of solar heat gain from the outside in the summer.  But it also retains interior heat better.  And so heat gain from home appliances needs to be dealt with.  And hence to provide some energy enhancements in the summer time.  We can remove some of the heat by using cold geo thermal mass in the basement.  To ***** the heat up via the 2cd Law of Thermodynamics.  And so we can deal with sensible heat gain in this manner.  Yet to deal with latent heat we need to have a energy efficient central air conditioner to remove the moisture from the interior air.  However we can remove several kilowatts of heat from the air conditioner's daily load.  Using low energy means coupled with (renewable) cold geo thermal mass energy.  And fans or blowers rated under 100 watts.  For which two small solar panels can supply most of the energy.

Most people would think that their greatest home energy need is for electricity. However the greatest year round energy demand is for winter time heating.  And so, before we can do such a thing as design a Net Zero Building.  We have to design in the means to address the greatest energy need., Home Exterior Design

    Affordable Sustainabl...

    5 photos, 190 Views, Flag

  • Glorious Summer ( revisited ), Gardens Design

    Glorious Summer ( rev...

    15 photos, 557 Views, Flag

  • Bright Green Twin Boys Nursery, Bright, fun, "not your typical" nursery for twin boys with adjacent walk-in closet, Nurseries Design

    Bright Green Twin Bo...

    17 photos, 5,094 Views, Flag

  • Missing summers already!!!, The summer of 2011 was such a great gardening year, a surprisingly long gardening season we had in London. I still have masses of fuchsias and begonias blooming and the cannas are still vibrant. These  were some of the random pics lying around in my folder, I thought I might as well upload them.
I have revised some planting schemes and added more colourful foliage and texture which I will upload next year in end of March and beginning of April. For me flowers are always a second thought. I cannot wait to see what next year will bring, I just hope the winters are kinder this year., Gardens Design

    Missing summers alre...

    7 photos, 1,658 Views, Flag

  • May and its lushness, Come mid May and the garden takes on a whole new persona, it becomes a completely different place. Bare earth is replaced by lush, undulating foliage which is fresh, vibrant and unblemished. you know the leaves have never been seen before.
May is when things really begin to accelerate and changes are noticed by the hour, always a new flower in bloom. May and June as whole, I refer them to as froth season masses of flowers every where. But in my garden, because it so heavily relies on foliage colour and texture so not much flowers are to be seen now but a little latter on. My first show stopper of the season is my wisteria, absolutely dripping in blooms.Knowing that this is just the beginning and  better is yet to come then May is the time when you just celebrate. :), Gardens Design

    May and its lushness

    24 photos, 2,644 Views, Flag

  • Early Summer 2012, June brings a promise of abundant blooms. The pictures uploaded in this file are mostly plants just about to break from bud or have just started to flower. Just a teaser of what is to come in a few weeks time. I will be uploading  the pictures of all aspects of the garden once majority of the plants of this season are in full bloom., Gardens Design

    Early Summer 2012

    20 photos, 2,893 Views, Flag

  • I love my garden and THIS is how it loves me........, Gardens are such magical and enchanting places, ever changing (even on a daily basis) and improving with every passing year.
I don't have a massive garden but a fair sized suburban London backyard space, which I have packed with plants and created many paths throughout the garden to give a sense of journey, mystery and an element of discovery.
I am normally drawn to architectural and foliage plants with interesting leaf colour and texture. But this year I was inspired by a documentary  named  "Bees, butterflies and blooms" by Sara Raven and have added lots of flowering plants especially the single flowers rich in pollen and nectar to attract a variety of pollinating insects. Now that the garden is in bloom, there is a buzz in my garden that I have never noticed before. The garden is now truly alive with the gentle hum and buzz of bees and hover flies and fluttering of butterflies from flower to flower. It has also helped attract all manner of beneficial critters which keep the lil beasties in check too. The garden just provides endless hours of enjoyment and relaxation.
Gardening can be a very solitary business but in fact your never really alone. All I can say is whoever has a garden and is involved in it is truly blessed. Where would I be without a garden to plant my dreams., Gardens Design

    I love my garden and T...

    25 photos, 12,035 Views, Flag

  • garden update (SUMMER 2012), Was generally  pottering about in the garden  early on a Sunday morning and could not resist taking some random snaps., Gardens Design

    garden update (SUMM...

    19 photos, 8,951 Views, Flag

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