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Results found for "gender neutral nursery"

  • Gender Neutral Dreamscape, A gender neutral space that went from nursery to toddler. Soft yellow tones as a backdrop for pops of color to dance on., Nurseries Design

    Gender Neutral Dream...

    7 photos, 340 Views, Flag

  • Gender Neutral Nursery , This was our gender neutral nursery for foster babies.  Now we have a beautiful little foster daughter . . . any ideas how to make it more girly?, Nurseries Design

    Gender Neutral Nurser...

    5 photos, 29,323 Views, Flag

  • Baby One's Gender Neutral Nursery, Like many we're on a budget and basically everything in the room is repurposed. The book shelf was my mom's when she was a girl the crib and changer were passed along by some good friends the rocker was used by my MIL to rock my husband as a baby (and was lovingly refinished by her with paint and hand made cushions) my mother made the lambie lamp for me as a baby and the red lamp was in my little brother's room when he was a kid. , Nurseries Design

    Baby One's Gender Neu...

    5 photos, 3,445 Views, Flag

  • Gender-neutral nursery, This nursery has been used by our daughter but will also be used for other babies - boy or girl.  My grandma made the quilt hanging over the crib., Nurseries Design

    Gender-neutral nursery

    2 photos, 774 Views, Flag

  • Gender Neutral Nursery, Didn't know gender til birth so a neutral theme was needed. I love how primary colored toys look with room's multi-colored ginghams. Curtains bedding & rug are Pottery Barn's Alphabet Soup. Table skirt was my mom's 8th grade sewing project. Bassinet in hubby's family for 4 generations & picket fence bookcase was my Dad's as a child. Hubby painted sky/cloud ceiling (using white & gray paint mixed with wallpaper paste for texture made them realistic)., Nurseries Design

    Gender Neutral Nurser...

    5 photos, 4,187 Views, Flag

  • Gender Neutral Nursery, Nurseries Design

    Gender Neutral Nurser...

    5 photos, 4,804 Views, Flag

  • Bright Gender-Neutral (?) Nursery, This was supposed to be gender-neutral for our surprise baby (due next week) but it turned out a bit boyish! We will use lavender or pink to soften it up if we have a girl., Nurseries Design

    Bright Gender-Neutral...

    6 photos, 5,010 Views, Flag

  • Gender Neutral Nursery!, Dots theme with greens yellows browns and whites.  Walls are painted Brazilian Tan by Colorplace., Nurseries Design

    Gender Neutral Nurser...

    5 photos, 1,425 Views, Flag

  • bright & sophisticated gender neutral nursery, Bright and fun I started to design this room based on the colors and a couple key items from my own nursery (hanging quilt and mobile) before I knew I was having a boy.  Everything came together and now we are waiting for him to arrive in a few weeks!, Nurseries Design

    bright & sophisticated...

    9 photos, 1,384 Views, Flag

  • Gender neutral nursery, This nursery was inspired from the antique furniture and baby bedding that we already had.  My husband and I painted the walls yellow and green and added the scalloped edge.  The only cost to this room was the paint supplies and the vinyl letters that are above the crib., Nurseries Design

    Gender neutral nursery

    2 photos, 3,899 Views, Flag

  • Gender Neutral Nursery, I have been working on this nursery for the past month and come to find out I will have to do it all over again because we are moving to a new house.  I painted the stripes and then the animals by hand.  I also have canvas art I planned on hanging but not until the new house.  Do you see anything I should change for the new house?, Nurseries Design

    Gender Neutral Nurser...

    6 photos, 1,387 Views, Flag

  • Geometric Spa Getaway!!!, It took two years for us to get pregnant but we started the nursery early.  I picked the colors and bedding to be gender-neutral because we weren't even pregnant yet.  When we got pregnant and found out it was a boy we added some "vintage" boy items to accent!  My best friend and I did just about everything in here and I am very pleased with the results!  I can't wait for Garrett to arrive and enjoy his room as much as his mommy does!  :), Nurseries Design

    Geometric Spa Getawa...

    9 photos, 3,015 Views, Flag

  • Gender Neutral Nursery in Soft Yellows, Nurseries Design

    Gender Neutral Nurser...

    1 photo, 46 Views, Flag

  • Gender Neutral Nursery, This room was initially designed for my daughter but we knew we'd want to use it for subsequent children so we made it gender neutral.  When we bought the house the room had horrible peeling wallpaper so we removed it textured the walls added the trim and painted.  Hope you enjoy , Nurseries Design

    Gender Neutral Nurser...

    4 photos, 534 Views, Flag

  • Will's Gender Neutral Nursery, We are awaiting our first child, a boy, any day now.  We wanted a gender neutral space that we can use again.  The circles on the wall are cardboard and are attached w/ velcro so they can be easily removed if we choose to do something different in the future.  I know dots/circles have been used a lot on this site but no one we know has used them, so they are unique to us!, Nurseries Design

    Will's Gender Neutra...

    5 photos, 792 Views, Flag

  • Nature Inspired Gender Neutral Nursery, Inspired by nature with a gender neutral theme.  The tree painted on the wall with the blue owl looking out over the baby in the crib is my favorite., Nurseries Design

    Nature Inspired Gende...

    5 photos, 536 Views, Flag

  • Unique Gender Neutral Nursery, We didn't know what we were having but wanted a special space for our new baby. I wanted to use old and new peices, and loved the look of dark furniture. The only brand new item was the crib and everything else was already sitting around the basement. I repurposed and painted an old dresser into a change table, and found a broker chest of drawers for $5 at a garage sale and fixed it and refinished it. I also took photos of my husband and I, and our families as babies and made a collage representing each family to hang over her crib. There was a lot of love that went into making her room. I can't wait to start decorating the next nursery for our new baby coming in a few months!, Nurseries Design

    Unique Gender Neutral...

    5 photos, 821 Views, Flag

  • Wizard of Oz Inspired Gender Neutral Nursery, The title says it all!  We are having a "surprise" baby - we'll find out boy or girl in the delivery room!  We love the Wizard of Oz and want to bring in elements of the book/movie theme in mostly subtle (and a few less subtle)  ways.   

We want to use color imaginatively in most of the room, while the area around the crib will be"home" in shades of black and white.  We would like to paint a rainbow (or something representing a rainbow) over the crib and everything under the rainbow will be black/white -- crib bedding, family photos on the wall, etc. We haven't decided between pure black and white, or more "sepia" toned colors.  

We don't want to use images from the 1940s film; if we bring any prints into the room, they will be from the book illustrations. 

We don't want an outright mural in the "color space" - we'd like to keep the wall space flexible for photos, prints, decor and furniture rearranging.  The photo I uploaded shows one of our ideas for the "color" walls - grass-green and skyblue with a border that hints at a yellow brick road.  

After baby comes, we can add more feminine or masculine elements -- Lion, Scarecrow, Tinman and the Wizard etc for a boy or fairy godmother, Dorothy, etc for a girl.  

So those are our ideas but we can't seem to come up with a sketch to match our imagination!  Here's our stilted attempt at a drawing on Paint - I think I'll redraw the sketch by hand to give a better idea.  For the record, that big white box on the crib wall is a window.  There will be a glider there.  

Any input is greatly appreciated!  We're mostly stuck on the actual colors and deisgn of the "color walls," the bedding, and how to match fabrics across the room when we're working in sepia/black and white vs. color.  , Nurseries Design

    Wizard of Oz Inspired...

    1 photo, 652 Views, Flag

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