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Results found for "garden"

  • my garden...., , Yards Design

    my garden....

    20 photos, 1,125 Views, Flag

  • Time goes by, WOW -time flies. Zone 4a..ouch~! Before and after in a few short months. Always a work in progress. Veggie garden nautical shed moves into zen vineward.?Purple front door and what to do with the front porch?, Yards Design

    Time goes by

    16 photos, 1,416 Views, Flag

  • Summer Landscaping In The Country, We have now lived on our property for two years.  When we purchased teh ten acres, there was not one single tree or plant (just weeds!).  We lived in our guest cottage for almost a year while the house was being built.
Landscaping is a hug undertaking and we are doing it all ourselves.

After spending the last few months working in the yard almost every day, I am happy to see the results of all our hard work.

To see more, visit my blog at, Home Exterior Design

    Summer Landscaping I...

    33 photos, 403 Views, Flag

  • Come see Fall 2009 in the Mountains of Western Maryland, I Live in Western Maryland We are so blessed with such vivid colors in Fall I hate to see summer end but then when you wake up and see the warm reds, golds and oranges of fall it somehow warms the heart and soul., Other Spaces Design

    Come see Fall 2009 in ...

    14 photos, 353 Views, Flag

  • Our Yard, Our outdoor spaces are as most people who garden know an ever evolving thing.  We only have a half acre and it's got a little bit of everything_a pool a hot tub a fountain an arbora deck patios I grow over 200 roses many perennials with a composting area. , Gardens Design

    Our Yard

    29 photos, 8,026 Views, Flag

  • Welcome to my Zen Garden, Welcome to my Zen Garden. This started off as my two-week project and 3 months later I’m done.  This was very labor intensive and I did 99.7% of the work myself and in the end I am extremely happy the way it turned out. I did a glass etching on the table of Yin and Yang I wanted it to be very subtle and wanted the whole yard to flow. , Gardens Design

    Welcome to my Zen Ga...

    9 photos, 2,539 Views, Flag

  • Secret Garden New York City - Yorkville, This garden is my private backyard in a New York City rental apartment.  When I first moved in six years ago, it was overgrown with ivy and 8 foot tall milk-weed and maybe a hosta or two.  It had been neglected for at least 5-10 years.  Notice the faux finished brick retaining wall - it has come a long way from its original state., Gardens Design

    Secret Garden New Yo...

    9 photos, 2,049 Views, Flag

  • I love my gardens, I love to garden in small gardens around my backyard, Gardens Design

    I love my gardens

    12 photos, 1,213 Views, Flag

  • New Back Yard, We live on 6 acres in McHenry, IL.  When we bought our house 4 years ago, there was nothing.  Well, alot of weeds, rocks, terrible soil and errosion.  This is definitely a work-in-progress. So far we have created about 10 different garden beds which add up to about an acre.  We have planted about 30 trees, most of them over 10', well over 75 shrubs and hundreds of perennials.  , Gardens Design

    New Back Yard

    19 photos, 576 Views, Flag

  • Backyard, Before hand, the space was overrun by weeds, failing grass, and aggressive ivy. we decide to go with a balinese style of garden that evokes peace. I tryed using various plant material (suitable for shade) that had texture and boldness. Combined with sculptural and hardscape, the union seemed to work. What really made the   space come alive, is the outdoor painting (one of my creations) of Ganesh on the far back wall. , Gardens Design


    6 photos, 1,241 Views, Flag

  • No Back Yard - So We Made the Roof a Garden!, We live in the city! Our backyard is another building.  Except a small patch of grass in the front of our house...we have no yard at all!  So we took over the roof!  We planters in containers!  The lower roof area is devoted to vegetable gardening.  The upper area is for relaxing and perennial plants.  Besides flowers we have fruit trees, grape vines and more!  We have a seating area and a dining area.  Eventually we will add a pergola for the wisteria and winter hardy kiwi vines to climb.  We added a drip watering system this year!, Gardens Design

    No Back Yard - So We...

    23 photos, 1,575 Views, Flag

  • Lakeside cottage, Cottage garden.  Patio and walks were plain concrete -- created a "faux" flag stone with concrete stain.  All gardens were created by using the "lasagna" gardening technique -- all ideas are the compliments of info  I've found on the HGTV website!  All the info I've received from the show and message boards helped me have a fabulous home on a "beer" budget!, Gardens Design

    Lakeside cottage

    13 photos, 2,241 Views, Flag

  • My Garden Shed, This area in our yard began with a ready-made building created by local Amish.  The arbor/potting shed was built by a builder friend and the inside was co-created by a decorator friend and myself.   , Gardens Design

    My Garden Shed

    14 photos, 3,879 Views, Flag

  • Sophie's Sanctuary, Poor Sophie passed away 5 weeks after I posted the photos....lot's of fond memories of spending time with her while gardening., Gardens Design

    Sophie's Sanctuary

    37 photos, 1,332 Views, Flag

  • Music in color II - repost, I posted this in June - It was nice then, but now the color is so great, I had to post again.  , Gardens Design

    Music in color II - r...

    14 photos, 651 Views, Flag

  • My Zen Garden, I created a wet-dry, Japanese style rock garden. Orriginally, it started out as a place for me to pump water from my basement sump-pump during the early spring. Eventually, it bacame much more. The project started as a straight-edged classical stepping slope (I like straight lines), to meandering faux-stream bed (more naturalistic, and hence Japanese).  I chose the latter after advice received from several friends who suggested I add some curves to my landscaping, much of which is dominated by geometrically straight 4x4 timbers. I started initial work on the project in April of 2009, and with only a shovel and a wheelbarrow, and a lot of large stone acquired for free from a family source, I have transformed much of the backyard. First I dug the pit and used the dirt to level the uneven area directly in back of the house.  Once level, I brought in gravel to make it solid, added weed barrier and toped it off with pea stone (very cheap compared to expensive brick). I then set up a gazebo on my new poor man's patio. I continued to use dirt from the hole, which seemed to get deeper every day, to level off the remainder of the property extending to the end of the house. By fall of 09 I had planted many types of plants and have added more each year. In 2010 I built an Asian style fence to surround the garden and in 2011 extended the fence three panels, including a Moon WIndow panel. In 2011 and 2012 I also added two gates - one large near the back of the garden and a smaller one between the house and garage. If interested, a blog is maintained that describes the garden in more detail at:, Gardens Design

    My Zen Garden

    21 photos, 2,458 Views, Flag

  • My new garden oasis, Backyard makeover, Gardens Design

    My new garden oasis

    41 photos, 657 Views, Flag

  • Fall Garden Tour a Great Success!! Pics from the tour., Today we had our garden open to the public for a Fall  tour. It was a challenge to have a thriving garden so late in the season but it was a great success. Our "Own Little Park" is what we call it. Why go anywhere else? Proceeds of the event were donated to the Dearborn Firefighters Burn Drive here in Michigan. For a calendar of our lovely gardens with pics in the winter too contact Judy Buck at Please rate my space and leave your comments. Thanks!, Gardens Design

    Fall Garden Tour a Gr...

    16 photos, 4,012 Views, Flag

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