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Results found for "garden stools"

  • Modern Cozy, This is our living room with a nice large white mantel over the fireplace....the walls are a dark taupe, and played that down with a clean, white contemporary couch. There is an oval glass coffee table and across from the couch is 2 brown velvet wing back chairs that sit on top of an ivory rug. Under the staircase is a glass console table with 2 white garden stools for movable seating. We hung new york city black and white photographs framed in all different size black frames above the table. There are 3 mirrors with gold/silver frames with a slight criss cross pattern above the couch.  We added a plant in the corner and fresh flowers on the coffee table to bring in the outside and make the room feel more cozy., Living Rooms Design

    Modern Cozy

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  • Living room, This space is our living/dining room.  The walls are a darker beige.  I have a golden color in the kitchen/dining room.  I would love to get a new couch set., Living Rooms Design

    Living room

    5 photos, 1,445 Views, Flag

  • 600 Dollar Throw Away House Living Room, The Living Room, Living Rooms Design

    600 Dollar Throw Awa...

    17 photos, 10,846 Views, Flag

  • New Back Yard, We live on 6 acres in McHenry, IL.  When we bought our house 4 years ago, there was nothing.  Well, alot of weeds, rocks, terrible soil and errosion.  This is definitely a work-in-progress. So far we have created about 10 different garden beds which add up to about an acre.  We have planted about 30 trees, most of them over 10', well over 75 shrubs and hundreds of perennials.  , Gardens Design

    New Back Yard

    19 photos, 579 Views, Flag

  • Ros Garden, a place for me to relax and enjoy with family & friends, Yards Design

    Ros Garden

    23 photos, 416 Views, Flag

  • veggie garden with flair, pumpkins, squash, watermellon, cantalope, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, lemon cucumbers, corn, sunflowers, strawberries, lime, herbs, blueberries & lots of flowers!, Gardens Design

    veggie garden with fla...

    30 photos, 1,879 Views, Flag

  • Rock Garden in July, This garden was created around stairs that lead down to our walkout basement and patio. It is 3-4 years old now and has truely hit it's stride this year.  , Gardens Design

    Rock Garden in July

    5 photos, 2,676 Views, Flag

  • 2013 Gardening Efforts and New Herb Garden Addition, I decided to go with a burnt red color scheme on the front porch to compliment The hanging geraniums on our front porch. I also did a little flower placing around the cabin. I increased the perennial garden plants this year around the yard. Always like to add a few varieties each year. I will soon have to start thinning out and transplanting to new garden plots soon.  Never Done!, Gardens Design

    2013 Gardening Effort...

    10 photos, 855 Views, Flag

  • This photo album is experiencing technical difficulties., Here you see part of my little girls back yard playground that I have been building over the past seventeen or so months.  These Tree Creations in Geneseo, NY are a growing tree house village (at a private residence), consisting of themed tree houses connected with rope bridges for all to enjoy!

My Tree Creations were inspired by Maurice and Marie Barkley of Henrietta, NY. A visit while in college made me think "This would be nice to have for my grandchildren one day," and the thought was filed away. 

In May of 2011, a freak accident happened that took the eyesight from my left eye. A dry paint slug from an unplugged, disassembled latex paint sprayer shot out like a rubber bullet, hitting my nose. The Doctor said that if it had hit my eye, I would not be here today. This experience helped me realize the true meaning of "carpe diem" (or "seize the day") and that I may not be here for my grandchildren. When my daughters  asked for a tree house, I got to work. 

Being the princesses that all daughters is to their father, the first tree house started was one with a Castle theme. With a deck size of almost 120 square feet, it was to be grand in every way. 

During construction of this castle, we took a trip to the Long Island Children's museum. At the museum, some automotive parts were used in creating a make-believe automobile that was being enjoyed by all who touched it. Jokingly, I said to my wife, "we should put a Pinto in the tree" and then in an "ah hah" moment, my wife and I said "The Triumph."  (the car seen as my HGTV's profile picture).

In February 2012, a 1946 Triumph Renoun was dragged out from my scrap pile to breathe new life. The Triumph and the Castle were being built simultaneously with a purpose - to entertain children. I immediately remembered Maurice and Marie Barkley and their tree house village. 

I invited Mr. Barkley to see what he inspired me to build, and he informed me that he could no longer perform maintenance on his tree houses, and made a decision to donate the remains of their MYSTREES tree house village to the Tree Creations complex.  I am presently trying to restore some of these tree houses in honor of the work and inspiration that Mr. Barkley gave me.

The car was resurrected and re-purposed as a tree house and perched upon telephone poles with rigging that I designed and built.  Each of the tree houses (including the castle) are suspended by aircraft cable to allow for trees to sway in different directions (as not to tear the decks apart), to let the trees grow (without drilling into the trees), and to allow for adjustment (in case the rate of tree growth differs from tree to tree).  Most tree houses are between 10 and 12 feet in the air, with the lowest being the car (at 8 feet), and the highest being our church themed tree house deck at 20 feet.  The tallest point in the tree houses is the Church steeple where the tip is just over 32 feet off the ground!

Our village presently consists of a 1946 Triumph 1800 Saloon automobile, a veranda, a village square (roughly 250 square feet, which features a retractable set of stairs, a dumbwaiter, an elevator, and built in seating), a tea room, a wizard's den, the Margrose castle (on roughly a 120 square foot deck with towers over 15 feet tall), and a church (complete with stain glass windows and bells in the bell tower). 

Present items under construction to add to our other seven tree houses  include a "House of illumination", Galilean themed observatory, and a music themed tree house that includes a hand built / home-made pipe organ and other instruments for children to play!

Being a fourth generation "Townie" of Geneseo, NY, the tree house village will be around for generations to come as positive memories to all who help me build and play in it. 

Since the tree house complex is at a private residence, we would request that any visits are by appointment please. All are invited to come and play!  These are difficult economic times and I do not want to exclude anyone, so I am trying to keep this at no charge to enjoy!

Keep in mind, "we are on this earth but once, so any happiness we can bring or any joy we can give, do it now - without haste, for we shall not pass this way again" -unknown. 

Now let's have some fun! , Other Spaces Design

    This photo album is ex...

    55 photos, 149 Views, Flag

  • My Little Garden a Work in Progress, I been working on the garden for the past 3 years.  Takes time and money.  Reading lots of books on plants to and learning as I go. Looking into putting slate over the concrete patio., Gardens Design

    My Little Garden a W...

    10 photos, 36,169 Views, Flag

  • Victorian Garden, Our backyard was nothing but dead grass. Since our house is a Queen Anne Victorian we decided to have a Victorian themed garden semi-formal with lots of Victorian art and design. Circular walk way and bench small pond and sundial Gothic arched trellises to block AC units bonnet birdhouses neo classical statues urns and garden art., Gardens Design

    Victorian Garden

    12 photos, 1,789 Views, Flag

  • Naturalized Perennial Garden, I started my perennial garden eleven years ago from scratch.  Thanks to good soil and perseverence I've become a decent gardener.  It has become a passion for me and a favorite space to relax and enjoy the changing views.  Behind the pond is an old board & batten garage.  I painted the back of a window sash black attached it to the garage and added shutters and a window box.  It's now a great feature., Gardens Design

    Naturalized Perennial...

    8 photos, 3,940 Views, Flag

  • Heaven's Garden, Just a touch of Heaven on Earth, Gardens Design

    Heaven's Garden

    16 photos, 3,434 Views, Flag

  • Whimsical, Secret Garden and Fish Pond, Gardens Design


    12 photos, 1,816 Views, Flag

  • Garden Shed, We buitl this garden house to hold all my gardening items., Gardens Design

    Garden Shed

    9 photos, 1,091 Views, Flag

  • Our Yard, Our outdoor spaces are as most people who garden know an ever evolving thing.  We only have a half acre and it's got a little bit of everything_a pool a hot tub a fountain an arbora deck patios I grow over 200 roses many perennials with a composting area. , Gardens Design

    Our Yard

    29 photos, 8,037 Views, Flag

  • Welcome to my Zen Garden, Welcome to my Zen Garden. This started off as my two-week project and 3 months later I’m done.  This was very labor intensive and I did 99.7% of the work myself and in the end I am extremely happy the way it turned out. I did a glass etching on the table of Yin and Yang I wanted it to be very subtle and wanted the whole yard to flow. , Gardens Design

    Welcome to my Zen Ga...

    9 photos, 2,561 Views, Flag

  • my garden...., , Yards Design

    my garden....

    20 photos, 1,128 Views, Flag

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