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Results found for "dog friendly backyard needed-"

  • backyard disaster, Dogs in heaven with our backyard. Our dogs dig, chew holes in the hose, and poo everywhere.  We need a dog friendly backyard., Yards Design

    backyard disaster

    6 photos, 159 Views, Flag

  • Needed some Trees, Yards Design

    Needed some Trees

    7 photos, 437 Views, Flag

  • California Native Plant Tranquility, Dog friendly, all California native plant backyard primarily decorated with handmade objects.  Do-it-yourself fountain.  Designed and installed by me!  check out my blog for plant list, more pics etc., Gardens Design

    California Native Pla...

    5 photos, 902 Views, Flag

  • Sad Backyard for Kids!, Big unfinished backyard with trampoline and swingset.  Need ideas on what to do.  Want this to be a place to have parties and friends over.  Right now its just sad sad sad., Yards Design

    Sad Backyard for Kids...

    5 photos, 287 Views, Flag

  • Backyard Help Drastically Needed!, We must do 'something' with this area of our backyard.  The cement pad will have a screenhouse on it but we have to re-do the 'mud' area that's now covered in straw.  We have dogs that have destroyed all the grass in this part so we need to do something with plants mulch etc. so it's no longer grass...thought about a semi-circle around the circle pad down to the slate patio and putting in plants mulch and slate walkway...would LOVE any ideas anyone has on doggie-proofing this area., Yards Design

    Backyard Help Drastic...

    3 photos, 594 Views, Flag

  • pups needed a new place to watch for Santa, living room makeover with a new design for the fireplace, Living Rooms Design

    pups needed a new plac...

    2 photos, 94 Views, Flag

  • Work in Progress, Living In central Texas hot drought and everything else ( i.e. poor soil) and having 2 dogs to consider I decided to take a diff. approach to the back yard. There is a 4 hole putting green a carport soon to be an outdoor living space Folks this is a work in progress any ideas to improve the space is greatly appreciated. Keep in mind my dogs. I plan to mulch container pots for plants etc. Thanks, Yards Design

    Work in Progress

    5 photos, 1,097 Views, Flag

  • Back"Yard"? No...Back"Dirt", Backyard is a backdesert.  It needs a lot of work!  Don't know where to begin... Our Two Labs Destroyed our backyard.  No Grass, Chewed Up Sprinkler lines, tunnels to china, dead trees, and no direction on where to begin., Yards Design

    Back"Yard"? No...Bac...

    10 photos, 709 Views, Flag

  • Dog Bath - Garden Planting Station, This is our new pet washing and planting table. The walk up ramp serves as the perfect solution to bathing furry pets (dogs and cats), with out the back breaking, knee crunching experience of lifting the animals into tubs and small pools. The screen at the end of the station is great for filtering the dirt from planter boxes, not to mention cleaning the silt from our newly polished rocks, rock polishing hobby.    , Other Spaces Design

    Dog Bath - Garden Pla...

    5 photos, 440 Views, Flag

  • A Blank Canvas for Immediate Dreams, This is our front & back yard. Truly a site for some immediate assistance. Since we are planning to marry in September, we would love to have our reception in our backyard, but we have got our work cut out for us! We began on the fence early 2009, but money ran short and we haven't quite found the time/money to complete the cap and staining of the rest of the fence.  We also have two outside dogs and one indoor dog. The two stay happily outside in their make-shift pen we have constructed, we need to get them some shade and a nice cool wading pool for them to play in., Yards Design

    A Blank Canvas for I...

    15 photos, 226 Views, Flag

  • Living Room/Kennel Room?? , Living Rooms Design

    Living Room/Kennel R...

    9 photos, 208 Views, Flag

  • Help needed with bare backyard!, Our backyard is bare and has an awkward layout which makes it difficult to make use of the space properly., Yards Design

    Help needed with bare ...

    4 photos, 234 Views, Flag

  • THE DEAD ZONE...HELP!, This is our back yard. Started out by replacing the fence. Now we pretty much have a blank canvas... any ideas are very much appreciated. We do love grass (so does our puppy) and we like nature. I would love to be able to encorporate water and fire. And we really love to entertain...   Its just so ugly we do not know where to start. PLEASE HELP!!!, Yards Design

    THE DEAD ZONE...H...

    3 photos, 285 Views, Flag

  • No dog's lands, My backyard use to be covered in brush and after having it stripped it looks like this and I have no idea how to make it a dog friendly environment. Broken glass and other debris fills the yard with hazards for my boys., Yards Design

    No dog's lands

    5 photos, 120 Views, Flag

  • No more Grass & dog friendly, The dogs ruined the grass.  Water conservation is in Southern California, So! with a design from a friend we created a wonderful Mediterranean yard that's easy to maintain.  And we did it all by ourselves.  The work was worth it. , Yards Design

    No more Grass & dog fr...

    4 photos, 7,607 Views, Flag

  • Dog-friendly ideas, We recently moved and fenced in a small portion of our yard for our 3 big dogs. The area also includes an existing concrete patio area. We need some ideas on what to do with the grassy areas around the patio. We need dog-friendly materials like stone, etc. Please help if you have any suggestions for us!!!!, Yards Design

    Dog-friendly ideas

    3 photos, 1,329 Views, Flag

  • Small Urban backyard total renovation, modern urban garden. I tried to use the irregular shape of the raised beds to create an extra "room" in the back of the yard, for storage but also to give the illusion of being more spacious, Gardens Design

    Small Urban backyard ...

    3 photos, 1,734 Views, Flag

  • Lakeside Paradise, Our property is located on a little lake in NE Washington, but the house is set back so far from the lake that we thought we'd like a little pond to bring us that much closer to the water.  Our pond ended up being about 15' x 30',   The goldfish love it just as much as we do. , Yards Design

    Lakeside Paradise

    7 photos, 2,221 Views, Flag

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