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Results found for "bidet"

  • Very small bathroom (before-after), When we bought the house the existing bathroom decor was horrible! The bathroom was too small and look crowded..  We did not change the position of the sanitary fixtures but replaced them with smaller design ones. We replaced the existing toilet with a small one and we embedded the tank into the wall; that gave us several more inches of useable space. It also has a design flush button which I positioned low enough that it is behind the toilet seat when it is raised, forcing my husband to put the seat down to flush. The toilet cover is also designed to completely cover the toilet seat.  I replaced the wall tiles with italian gres porcelain that looks like rocks: it gave a rustic look in the contemporary design. For the floor I used huge italian gres tiles. I had a bathroom counter custom made for the sink and designed to host the bidet underneath it. 
The heater doubles as a towel/robe rack and keeps them warm in the winter!
The big mirror will help open up even the smallest place and also help with the displacement of natural light., Bathrooms Design

    Very small bathroom (...

    11 photos, 2,066 Views, Flag

  • The pink "bidet" has got to go!, Our mauve/pink 80's bathroom with a pink sink, pink toilet, pink bidet, pink jacuzzi tub, & pink shower!, Bathrooms Design

    The pink "bidet" has g...

    2 photos, 159 Views, Flag

  •  beach shack bathroom, I completly guted this bathroom  planked the walls and scratch built the angle recptor the upper towel nitch ( where the wall was) and sloted in a bidet I thought it would be neat to feel like your in a beach house., Bathrooms Design

    beach shack bathroom

    8 photos, 1,652 Views, Flag

  • master bathroom, previous owners combined 2 bathrooms into 1.  Gutted it and replaced orcelain tile in a smoky slate finish cast iron vanity top air bath bidet shower stall and of course the basics..., Bathrooms Design

    master bathroom

    5 photos, 1,052 Views, Flag

  • European Looking Master Bathroom, We absolutely love our master bathroom. We got the idea for the checkerboard floor and floor to ceiling tile work on a trip we took to AlgarvePortugal. Complete with a  jacuzzi and bidet...we feel like we've brought a little bit of Europe back home with us., Bathrooms Design

    European Looking Mas...

    4 photos, 884 Views, Flag

  • Master Bathroom, This is a master bedroom suite that has about 1200 sq ft. The masterbath is about 400 sq ft.  it consists of dual vanities on a floating cabinet in which the wall behind it opens up (glass garage door)  It has 3 interior showers and 1 shower/granite bathtub outside a stream room with shower a 3 person bathtub with bubbles a kitchen area with dishwasher sink microwave fridge auto coffee maker.  A toilet and bidet room., Bathrooms Design

    Master Bathroom

    4 photos, 1,223 Views, Flag

  • Major Modern Remodel in Reno, Original 1978 pink bathroom - goes all the way to modern.  We gutted and did an addition to get to this level of finish., Bathrooms Design

    Major Modern Remodel...

    3 photos, 782 Views, Flag

  • Master Bath - Italian style, One of my favorite design elements in the master bath is the tile - the Portuguese tile frame around the mirror and the "area rugs" in front of the shower and in the WC area.  My other favorite design element is the painted murals on the roll-up window shades - there actually are windows behind the shades.  The murals were inspired by photos taken in Italy.  Most of the ceramics are Italian; the turquoise oil jar behind the tub is vintage Catalina., Bathrooms Design

    Master Bath - Italian...

    6 photos, 524 Views, Flag

  • Our huge ugly bathroom, This is the only bathroom in our new house and it grosses us out so badly that we only take showers when we get really filthy and desperate.  A previous owner expanded the space and put in a separate shower and tub so we're space rich but style poor.  The tub has a whirlpool that is so loud you feel like you're being drug behind a huge motorboat while you bathe.  It scared the baby so badly that we can't turn it on anymore.  The toilet is installed right next to the door which makes my husband feel like he's going to the bathroom in the hallway.  The shower door is broken and won't stay closed so  we get an uncomfortable breeze on our tushies when we shower.  Notice the door that leads to a sauna that was illegally attached with no foundation under it and doesn't work.  We use it to store baby diapers and giant packages of toilet paper from Costco but would like to tear the whole thing off as it's taking up our outside deck space.  The eighties tile is uneven and mildewing in places.  Lovely.  And as big as this space is, there's absolutely no storage (besides the illegal sauna)., Bathrooms Design

    Our huge ugly bathroom

    6 photos, 73 Views, Flag

  • New Master Suite, After Several Tries, this is our finished Master Bath. Onyx tiles, enclosed with 1/2 glass, shower and soaking tub.  The wall fixtures for the shower and tub are from England. Less expensive then american fixtures.  The sinks are glass and the lighting is contemporary.  The room is always warm and inviting.  The toilet has its own sink and door for privacy.   We are not sure if we hit the mark, but we are very happy and proud of what we designed and how it turned out.  , Bathrooms Design

    New Master Suite

    9 photos, 12,645 Views, Flag

  • Need Help w/ Finishing Touches on Bathroom, This is a new house to us.  The previous owners built this new bathroom.  There is a lot to like about the fab shower! and great tile work.  it does look a bit boring though.  I would love ideas about how I could take this nice bathroom up a notch to turn it in to a lovely spa, Bathrooms Design

    Need Help w/ Finishin...

    3 photos, 292 Views, Flag

  • Suite, Sweet, Salvaged Bath, Our little saga started with a cracked tile beside the toilet in our 15 year old upstairs master bath. It wasn’t a bad bath, just a little incorrigible after so long. Imagine our surprise that one little escaped droplet of water a day for 15 years could do such major damage to the substructure under that leaky wax ring. Having to gut the bathroom on a major budjet forces one to think "outside of the Big Box Store".  4 months, and about 100 trips to our local Habitat For Humanity, and we finally have the bath we did not know we were dreaming of: Jacuzzi Tub(with motor) $100.00, Americh shower stall base $200.00, low rise Kohler toilet $50.00, Shower and Tub fixtures $125.00 and $86.00, Vanity Medicine Cabinet $30.00, over sink light fixture $10.00. We were then on to Craigslist for the recycled Bidet (never used before) Kohler $50.00. Neighbors remodel (freebee and inspiration for the style) pedestal sink $0. Rattan Lingerie Cabinet is Goodwill $45.00. Black Chandelier, was dirty brass that I have had no place to hang (it was ugly, so I painted it black, Rustoleum spray $3.99, linen shades on clearance for 3 for $6.99. The only part reused from original bath is the round lighted makeup mirror. The real find was the floor, originally our idea was that the floor was to be new white marble tiles with a stripe of black marble (the black leftover from a downstairs landing). I will say "It pays to watch the garage sales signs". I found a tile setter moving to Arizona. He had the marble tiles at $2.00 a piece, and enough beautiful basket weave tiles to do 3/4s of the floor for $2.50 a sq.ft. (these were $12.25 each sq.ft. for the remaining area) They were also the answer to the fear that the marble would be slippery. The only full price piece is the clear glass shower enclosure $800.00 installed. (after checking bids from 8 vendors). We had no plan, the design changed daily with what we found and salvaged. Our handyman (helping nights and weekends) was talented and had great ideas, including the curved ceiling soffit above the toilet/bidet area to hide our heating ducts. We were lucky enough to have a 10x4 of unused closet space that we could steal for the bath, or the toilets might have ended up outside. So how do you like my “Suite Sweet” Salvaged Bath?, Bathrooms Design

    Suite, Sweet, Salvag...

    10 photos, 432 Views, Flag

  • Itsy Bitsy Teeny Dark Half Bathroom, A small and very dark half bathroom off of the main foyer.  It even has a bidet that I am not so sure about keeping., Bathrooms Design

    Itsy Bitsy Teeny Dark...

    3 photos, 254 Views, Flag

  • 1970 MASTER, 1970 Master Bathroom.  Needs major updating!  HELP!  Would like to remove sunken bath completly have have above floor spa bath. New Everything.    Don't know where to start.  , Bathrooms Design

    1970 MASTER

    9 photos, 229 Views, Flag

  • Good space, bad function, This bathroom has lots of space. But where do we put our toothbrush? Soap? Shampoo? Honestly, the bidet is overkill. Before we moved in a few months ago, I painted over the wallpaper. The paint is a light gray/blue. It opened up the room. The previous wallpaper was dark red with a wild design. The mirrors can go., Bathrooms Design

    Good space, bad functi...

    9 photos, 185 Views, Flag

  • Master Bath, This is our master bath. Huge space with a gorgeous garden tub. Eventually we want to redo everything. But it's good for now as it is, I just want to do small updates like fixtures and what not until we can afford a big construction. We really already did a lot in here. When we moved in, the wallpaper was just a terrible leaf pattern. We took it all down and painted everything white and looks much better now - tolerable., Bathrooms Design

    Master Bath

    5 photos, 186 Views, Flag

  • small space--BIG Style!, My master bath is a little on the small side, but because (like most of my redo's) I really couldn't add onto the house I had to make do with what I had. I will admit there were a few "lessons learned" on this job-as far as time and cost are concerned, but I am extremely happy with the use of space. It is just as comfortable, and just as luxurious as most hotels which was my primary goal with this project., Bathrooms Design

    small space--BIG Sty...

    5 photos, 11,973 Views, Flag

  • Master Bathroom, In need of a cosmetic face lift. Right now it is dull, boring, unimaginative with ceramic gray imitation marble looking tiles. It is outdated with beige linolium floor tiles and plane white cabinets.  Lights are old and have no style.  There is no style., Bathrooms Design

    Master Bathroom

    8 photos, 222 Views, Flag

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