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  • Our back yard, This our 15 year backyard work in progress. We started with a hole in the ground and this is what it looks like now., Yards Design

    Our back yard

    10 photos, 391 Views, Flag

  • Peace and Tranquility in our Back Yard, My husband and I transferred a 2 acre property into a combination of Country Gardens with the feel of the North Woods.  Combining many different combinations of plants:  Yellow, Green, Blue evergreens, with Roses, Weigela, Rhododendrons, Hydrandea and flowering perennials.  The tranquility of the 100ft stream we installed running down one side of the property  sets the stage "Peace and Tranquility" in our own Back Yard. , Yards Design

    Peace and Tranquility ...

    11 photos, 2,495 Views, Flag

  • Front Yard, The yard was flat looking so we landscaped it to appear more elevated, Yards Design

    Front Yard

    7 photos, 1,059 Views, Flag

  • Georgia Gem Landscaping, Landscape redesigned., Yards Design

    Georgia Gem Landscap...

    12 photos, 213 Views, Flag

  • Lovely snow view BUT ready for spring!, Views of winter 2012-2013, Yards Design

    Lovely snow view BUT...

    10 photos, 2,216 Views, Flag

  • SMALL backyard re-do BIG family project , With the smallest backyard in the neighborhood I never thought we could fit a pool in the space, but this summer we decided to take on the impossible!  My husband and I have been DIYers for years, but we have never taken on a project like this.  He sketched his ideas on paper, and with the children on board we began to make it happen.  We actually did the pool ourselves from start to finish!  Help was called in for the privacy wall and concrete decking, but our biggest DIY project is finally complete!, Yards Design

    SMALL backyard re-do...

    10 photos, 2,300 Views, Flag

  • Our Landscape Project, The yard was a wasteland. We planned our project for one year, worked on it for 7 years, and when finished, we moved!, Yards Design

    Our Landscape Project

    18 photos, 7,750 Views, Flag

  • Our outdoor space in Miami, Yards Design

    Our outdoor space in ...

    11 photos, 2,327 Views, Flag

  • Garden Bug, Our back yard, we did all the work on the decks and in the yard, we had the pool put in, but I came up with the design since there was a hill. We hope you like it. This is our home in M.S. We've been here since Dec. of 2005. We came from S.C. I will put pictures of that home too., Yards Design

    Garden Bug

    26 photos, 5,217 Views, Flag

  • My Railroad Themed Garden Project, I restored a real railroad crossing signal with working lights and bell a few months ago. I wanted to put it in my backyard, but I new it would look strange just standing by itself. I love comming up with creative ideas, so i decided to make railroad theamed garden project out of it. I first worked on making the tracks, which I found most of the materials in hardware stores. The tracks are made from metal fence posts,decking fasteners and cedar planks.Next, the walkways were made by using cedar planks mounted on 2x2s. and filled in between with colored pea gravel, which is held in by cedar edging. Then just finished it off by adding stone,multch,plants and flowers. I also restored a switch track light that lights up. Then I wired up both RR lights and bell, which work by remote.
 I finally finished my project by adding a personalized sign, which I found on ebay. 
    I have gotten many people asking me when I am going to build a train to fit on the tracks or adding on a train station. LOL!!!  I tell them maybe next year. If i do decide to add anything on i will post future pics. 
 Well it did'nt take but one day to add on to my project. I have put a 1930s restored parking meter, along with a RR sign and old wood planter, by the side of my garage. You wiil see this first before entering the RR garden (see new pics.  I also added some more detailed pictures of the RR garden., Yards Design

    My Railroad Themed G...

    15 photos, 1,642 Views, Flag

  • Front porch springtime. 1935 farmhouse., Tree ring I built, Yards Design

    Front porch springtim...

    6 photos, 4,581 Views, Flag

  • Our little Wonderland..., I love to garden!  I can't resist planting up every sqaure inch of earth I get my hands on, but it was equally important to me that the yard belong very much to our children as well.  I wanted the kids' areas to be part of the gardens, and the gardens to be part of the kids areas.  Our goal was to create our own little Wonderland that our entire family could get lost in and enjoy.  The gardens are all organic,  ornamentals and edibles are all planted together. I like the natural, wild style of the garden, I think it adds to the magical character and keeps it all un-fussy and kid tough.  This has been a labor of love that has evolved over nearly ten years, making use of recyled materials, my husbands mad carpentry skills, and the collaborative imaginations of our entire family.   , Yards Design

    Our little Wonderland...

    18 photos, 7,507 Views, Flag

  • Outdoor Bar, Fire Pit, and Mini Vineyard, This is my husband's dream backyard.  It includes an outdoor bar & cooking area, BBQ, fire pit, & mini vineyard.  One day we will have patio furniture and chairs by the fire pit, but one thing at a time!, Yards Design

    Outdoor Bar, Fire Pit...

    13 photos, 12,879 Views, Flag

  • Southern Perennial Landscape with Color, We designed this outdoor garden space ourselves by combining organics and topsoil into the subsoil and then forming curves and lines with a water-hose.  I'd like to know what people think and if they have any recommendations for improving or alternatives.  I'd also like comments for improvement to my website that contains more photos and details about how we designed this space.  The site is:, Yards Design

    Southern Perennial La...

    10 photos, 25,402 Views, Flag

  • My Backyard, This is my pride and joy. Actually the second waterfall I built last summer in August 2007. The smaller corner waterfall I built last spring. The larger one contains approximately 35000 lbs of rock and the smaller one approximately 18000 lbs. Both waterfalls have two small ponds each with gold fish in them as well as 2 bamboo bridges surrounded by luscious tropical landscaping. It looks great at night because both waterfalls light up like Christmas trees., Yards Design

    My Backyard

    25 photos, 10,437 Views, Flag

  • Lynwoods of Walden, Welcome to Lynwoods of Walden. A 2 acre property outside the city of Minneapolis.  My husband and I landscaped our property with the intent to bring back a quieter time.  A place to lay back and relax and enjoy the peace nature can bring.  This property incorporates the texture and color of evergreens with the softness of Rose bushes, perennials and annuals.  A 100 ft. stream that falls down one side of the property fills the ears with rushing water and reminds you of the North Woods...enjoy the view., Yards Design

    Lynwoods of Walden

    24 photos, 5,168 Views, Flag

  • Back Yard Tropical Paradise, We live in a very hot area.  We did the best we could making our narrow (20 feet from patio to wall) yard appear big and like a paradise.  All colors bloom through the year (miracle in this area) My hubby and I did all but pool/pond.  Stone wall grass plants etc.  Enjoy! (5 years in the making with trial and error.), Yards Design

    Back Yard Tropical Pa...

    32 photos, 15,901 Views, Flag

  • Small Yards, Our backyard getaway for relaxing and unwinding. 
Here in Staten Island, NY the houses are quite close together and have small backyards.  Our challenge was to have a 'zen'-like area, with a deck, BBQ, conversational seating, and at the same time, make the backyard look bigger than what it is., Yards Design

    Small Yards

    40 photos, 1,343 Views, Flag

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