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Results found for "Santa's workshop"

  • It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..., Every year we have family and friends that like to come and see our Christmas decorations. These pictures are from our living room. These are just the highlights, Holidays Design

    It's beginning to look...

    6 photos, 573 Views, Flag

  • Christmas at Crickhollow Cottage, My potting shed has transformed into a candy decorated Santa's Workshop on Candy Cane Lane. Santa's laundry hangs behind the cottage. The reindeer barn a garlanded gazebo and tiny houses for the mice are also seen around the outside., Gardens Design

    Christmas at Crickhol...

    17 photos, 11,779 Views, Flag

  • Santa's Workshop, Holidays Design

    Santa's Workshop

    7 photos, 561 Views, Flag

  • Santa's Workshop, After 7 years of collecting and 11 months of painting and building, the magic was completed., Holidays Design

    Santa's Workshop

    10 photos, 948 Views, Flag

  • Faeryhollow's Santa's Workshop 2010, My potting shed became Santa's workshop again this year, and a beautiful Christmas snow provided the perfect setting., Holidays Design

    Faeryhollow's Santa's...

    10 photos, 15,228 Views, Flag

  • Santa's Workshop and Mrs. Claus' Candy Cane Kitchen, My potting shed is transformed into a magical extension of the North Pole at Christmas., Holidays Design

    Santa's Workshop and ...

    12 photos, 3,744 Views, Flag

  • Santa's in my backyard making toys!  , This is my backyard and I have a small extra house that my husband uses as his Man Cave but for the Christmas holidays I want to make a Santa's workshop for my 2 year old grandson to enjoy.  I just need some ideas as to where to start and thought I would ask for a few ideas here., Yards Design

    Santa's in my backyard...

    6 photos, 303 Views, Flag

  • Crawl Space Turned Studio!, Creative use of 4 foot tall crawl/storage space.  Formerly our storage -  area you have to climb up and in to get into. I needed a studio space.  Living in the city and abutted by other buildings...there was no where else to look for extra space!  So with 4 feet of unimpeded head room (5 feet between floor joists – I can stand up straight!) hobbit hole studio space was created!  It has a window, running water, electricity, lights, storage between heating ducts, my bench, work surfaces, anvil, kiln, tools....and all seats on wheels so you don't have to stand very often!  You can roll from station to station! Just remember to climb up and crawl in!  Believe it or not - it works really well!, Other Spaces Design

    Crawl Space Turned S...

    15 photos, 2,523 Views, Flag

  • Affordable Sustainable Homes Project, Here are our preliminary Google SketchUp designs.  Of a simple solar heated home, with passive and active geo thermal cooling features.  Since solar space heating panels are computed to harness nearly 6 times more energy.  Than the same size solar electrical panel, or same wind capture area (aperture) of a residential wind generator.  While being affordable.  We elected on building this kind of energy into homes.  And so, the renewable energy features are part of the home.  And are covered in the home owner loan.

True some of our features are experimental.  But we have considered some design features that deal with certain problems that arise in highly insulated homes.  And so, believe we have the best engineering concepts for building sustainable communities.  Since our concepts are based upon ideas that have been tried before.  And have been Measured and Verified by research through US DOE projects.

Our concept of this basic model layout has evolved through development.  And so, looks pretty much the same.  But we do have some models to add to this collection.

The Google SketchUp software that we use.  Contains the NREL OpenStudio plugin.  That connects SketchUp with the US DOE analysis software EnergyPlus.  Which allows us to analyze various energy zone attributes that we apply to the SketchUp models.  In addition we have used Solar2 solar Btu and shading software.  To compute the solar heat input of our solar space heating panels and south facing windows.

Heating And Cooling Of The Green Workshop

76' x 36' ~ 2736 f^2 for areas where the cost averages $200 f^2 the cost for construction is around $547,200.00.  Price varies with a design that uses a crawl space or basement; which adds additional cost depending upon the basement contractor in your area.

Given an average Whole Building Envelope R Factor of R 21 for our intended design, as the target R Factor.  With an envelope surface area of 4528 f^2 for the ground level floor space.  We have a Btu/h/degree F loss factor of 215.62 Btu/h/degree F.  And given our lowest average winter time temperature of 9 F.  With an intended interior temperature of 74 F.  We would need 14,015 Btu/hour to heat the building when it is 9 F.  Which is 4106.5 watts ~ 4.11 kWh.

To help with the greatest year round energy requirement of winter heating.  We can use at minimum 4 solar space heating panels.  To help provide this heat.  If we have a nice sunny day, though it is freezing cold outside.  However since it can be partly cloudy.  We might want to consider using 6 solar space heating panels for our green building design.  With the panels being thermostatically controlled so that will will not be over heating the building.  Since we will also have some large window surfaces on the south facing side of the building.  That allows the sun to heat those rooms on that side.  As well as interior solar heated mass features.

Now it takes less energy to cool a building in the summer than to heat it.  And so, our building envelope being highly insulated as compared to standard buildings.  Does improve the blocking of solar heat gain from the outside in the summer.  But it also retains interior heat better.  And so heat gain from home appliances needs to be dealt with.  And hence to provide some energy enhancements in the summer time.  We can remove some of the heat by using cold geo thermal mass in the basement.  To ***** the heat up via the 2cd Law of Thermodynamics.  And so we can deal with sensible heat gain in this manner.  Yet to deal with latent heat we need to have a energy efficient central air conditioner to remove the moisture from the interior air.  However we can remove several kilowatts of heat from the air conditioner's daily load.  Using low energy means coupled with (renewable) cold geo thermal mass energy.  And fans or blowers rated under 100 watts.  For which two small solar panels can supply most of the energy.

Most people would think that their greatest home energy need is for electricity. However the greatest year round energy demand is for winter time heating.  And so, before we can do such a thing as design a Net Zero Building.  We have to design in the means to address the greatest energy need., Home Exterior Design

    Affordable Sustainabl...

    5 photos, 187 Views, Flag

  • Workshop Shed, Workshop Shed for woodworking projects.  The shed is 6' x 8' and I had to find space for many tools and still make it cute.  Spent $300., Other Spaces Design

    Workshop Shed

    8 photos, 933 Views, Flag

  • workshop in my yard, This is the man room as we call it. It is dedicated to manly men like norm abram and chuck norris.During the winter we valted the celings.We are currently sheeting them with osb......The grass has grown back in this was just after i put the roof onpaintedmoved the old rollup door and windows...PLEASE  let me know what you think of things......., Yards Design

    workshop in my yard

    5 photos, 507 Views, Flag

  • Hubby's Hideout,  A recent garage addition gave my husband a chance to include his own workshop space.  The middle drawer section is a moveable project workbench which can be wheeled out through the double doors into the garage for extra room to work/saw on large pieces., Garages Design

    Hubby's Hideout

    5 photos, 3,447 Views, Flag

  • Artsy Kitchen, An unexpected transitional kitchen for a "Typical" New England Colonial home.  Creative layout large picturesque view cut out walls 2-toned cabinets (full overlay maple doors on dark cherry cabinets) gorgeous black granite with pearlescent blue flecks and lovely glass tile backsplash.  Focal point of kitchen is the dancing workshop island with blue glass lighting.   All seamlessly integrate into a creative deck and new porch (the door in the corner which we added during the renovation).  , Kitchens Design

    Artsy Kitchen

    8 photos, 9,976 Views, Flag

  • Santa Collection , Santa Collection , Holidays Design

    Santa Collection

    20 photos, 269 Views, Flag

  • Log Home in North GA Mountains, In 2003 my husband and I embarked on the building of our dream retirement log lodge home and garage that we designed. The home is built from 10-inch Swedish cope Eastern white pine logs. Garage is standard frame construction. 18 months later it was as "finished" as it could be. It's still a work in progress but we love the home our wooded 16 acres and the wonderful little mountain community we now call home., Home Exterior Design

    Log Home in North GA...

    42 photos, 12,143 Views, Flag

  • Workshop In A Box, Jack is one-half of Vintage and Flea, and he is a dumpster diving MacGyver. With a few plastic soda bottles, a cardboard carton, and roughly a half-dozen other things he dragged home from the street, he built a "workshop in a box".

Here is the story. We live in Manhattan, and like most New Yorkers, we lack the studio space needed for dirty projects like sanding, stripping, and varnishing. Jack figured out a way to contain the mess.  Using items that were kicked to the curb (a/k/a other's people's trash), he created an "anti-dust and fumes work enclosure" , Other Spaces Design

    Workshop In A Box

    1 photo, 118 Views, Flag

  • MY WORKSHOP, This is the room where i do my paintings put my books together teach do my stainedglass and eggery and crafts., Living Rooms Design


    6 photos, 880 Views, Flag

  • My Workshop, This is a sports-oriented workshop with the primary theme being the Cincinnati Bengals. Another wall is all Ohio State Buckeyes and the third wall includes penant flags from various Ohio college & professional sports teams., Garages Design

    My Workshop

    4 photos, 5,438 Views, Flag

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