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Results found for "Saloon"

  • Western Saloon, Basement bedroom converted into a fancy Western Saloon with a Dining area., Other Spaces Design

    Western Saloon

    10 photos, 2,127 Views, Flag

  • 3rd Floor Saloon, This is my favorite room~ It was a labor of love., Living Rooms Design

    3rd Floor Saloon

    5 photos, 2,847 Views, Flag

  • Game Room--Old West Saloon!, We LOVE the old west and wanted to make our game room styled like an old Saloon! With old junk...old bottles...some old wood....Gift bags (the old photos) and some family photos....We love our new Game room! Hope you enjoy it!, Other Spaces Design

    Game Room--Old West...

    2 photos, 1,285 Views, Flag

  • Seventies Orange Shag to Montana Saloon, Wet bar area of basement, bar covered from top to bottom in orange shag carpet and orange laminate.  Paneling was painted, mirror tiles removed, painted molding added to bar at the top, middle and bottom.  The laminate was painted with nine coats of primer, paint, glaze and spar varnish.  The best addition of all was the copper strips to the counter edge!, Basements Design

    Seventies Orange Shag...

    4 photos, 520 Views, Flag

  • Saloon, Saloon with a Victorian theme., Living Rooms Design


    4 photos, 787 Views, Flag

  • Basement is stuck in the 80's, Our recently purchased home in Prescott, AZ  has a basement that needs a total re-do. This walkout basement was used as a media room, then the old homeowner decided to build an office by partitioning it and also used a swinging saloon door! With it's built in wet bar, it does have potential, though. We have a gorgeous pine-filled, mountain home lot with awesome views, but this room is so uninviting, we don't take advantage of it like we should. Please help! , Basements Design

    Basement is stuck in t...

    10 photos, 456 Views, Flag

  • Texas Western Bar & Saloon, This was space that was totally being wasted. When we first moved-in dh put a pool table in here. With the area so small that is all you could have in there. Eyesore from the begining for me. After lots of pleases he decided a bar would be more enjoyable. We both love the  Texas Western accessories; however I did not want them in the other parts of our home. So this was the perfect room to display his Lonesome Dove things as well as Western accessories., Living Rooms Design

    Texas Western Bar & ...

    5 photos, 1,883 Views, Flag

  • Our Pub, Our new Pub, Living Rooms Design

    Our Pub

    5 photos, 1,740 Views, Flag

  • Rustic charm in a small town!, We got a new 40" TV for Christmas and we decided to mount Dad made the picture table I thought would look great under it, but not real sure if I am happy with it, I need suggestions!, Living Rooms Design

    Rustic charm in a sma...

    5 photos, 78 Views, Flag

  • Disaster Master, Our Master Bedroom is stuck in the 70's, we have tried updating it but are left idea less. Our room is a mixture of wooden panels, bead boarding, sage walls, outdated closet doors and ceiling fans. Our ceiling tiles have glow in the dark stickers too, Bedrooms Design

    Disaster Master

    10 photos, 111 Views, Flag

  • Old Western Saloon Style Bathroom, Ol' time bathroom with clawfoot tub, rustic cabinet with copper sink with water well type faucet., Bathrooms Design

    Old Western Saloon S...

    11 photos, 6,653 Views, Flag

  • Stuck in the 70s, Interesting mix of 70s glam and barnyard glory.  Deep shag, barn siding, sink, restaurant-style booth, Dutch door, burlap sack wallpaper, unfinished area, canning oven with hood.  Large finished area - 28'X28'.

This pictures are pre- move-in.  Currently set up with makeshift 7.1 channel equipped home theater on northern 1/2 of space, pseudo office (more like computer desk) at far end of room, "lost" treadmill between theater and computer, baby toys and everything else strewn about while the room waits for direction....

Intents for future renovations: basically gut and start over.  There's a wall between the pictured areas and a sizeable unfinished area that will come down.  Will build dedicated theater w/bar area on south end of room (where booth is), create work out room on north side of room, create large toy & play area through where the existing wall is today, adding full egress windows where (2) lookout windows are today.  In unfinished area, would like to add a bedroom, full bath, and more formal laundry and storage areas (plenty of tools to organize)., Basements Design

    Stuck in the 70s

    6 photos, 349 Views, Flag

  • The Laundry Kitchen, This is a very small outdated kitchen.  I have old appliances including a washer and dryer, and a disfunctional wall oven sitting in a custom rigged wooden box in the next room (which is in the garage and will easily convert to a mud room in the future).  It allows me to effortlessly change loads of laundry while cooking yet another stovetop meal with ease.   The only update seems to be the pergo flooring.  Very cool light boxes line the countertop below the cabinets, which I may want to salvage once I finally have enough money to re-model.  One set of two large windows allows plenty of light, and off course I have the house signature ceiling fan.  The one swinging shutter door at both entrances to the kitchen add a certain wildwest saloon feeling that is rarely found in suburban New Jersey, that is bested only by the "oven vent" which can only be described as a flyingsauceresque aluminum something placed in the ceiling strategically near the malfunctioning oven I can't use, which is, unfortunately, no where near the range top where I cook my bacon.  And less I forget to tell you about the hanging bungie cord light fixture designed for an eat in area which we don't use, since the dining area is just beyond the wall with the ever so current and fashionable cut out with shutters (just in case I need some kitchen privacy)., Kitchens Design

    The Laundry Kitchen

    5 photos, 244 Views, Flag

  • BOYS WILL BE BOYS, Hello and thank you for viewing our BOYS DESIGNS page.  Here you will find some neat designs we offer at our new site ,  They are lots of fun and we can make any theme.  See some of them here., Boys' Rooms Design


    29 photos, 2,880 Views, Flag

  • Western Style Bar Texas Lounge Room, This is my Western Style Bar/Lounge Room. We love to entertain in this room. It's hard to tell from the pictures or video, but the walls are light tan in color. The style of the room is varied. It's mostly Western/Spanish Style with a touch of Southwestern. This room also has a wood-burning fireplace and built-in speakers in the walls. Both rugs are real Cowhide. Be sure to watch the video. Please feel free to leave me some feedback on the room., Living Rooms Design

    Western Style Bar Te...

    4 photos, 305 Views, Flag

  • firewall, Was 70s style rock wall.
Now its a sierra cabin accent wall, Living Rooms Design


    2 photos, 333 Views, Flag

  • HELP!  My Bathroom Looks Like A Kitchen, I think that the people that lived in our house before us confused the bathroom with the kitchen!  The wallpaper is a textured dark green w/ a border of what looks like bunches of grapes.  I don't think that carpet is a good idea for a bathroom and I cannot stand all of the garish brass fixtures.  The outdated garden tub is an eye-sore!!!  The fluorescent lighting is terrible. Don't you just love the saloon doors?  We need all the help we can get., Bathrooms Design

    HELP! My Bathroom ...

    4 photos, 642 Views, Flag

  • This photo album is experiencing technical difficulties., Here you see part of my little girls back yard playground that I have been building over the past seventeen or so months.  These Tree Creations in Geneseo, NY are a growing tree house village (at a private residence), consisting of themed tree houses connected with rope bridges for all to enjoy!

My Tree Creations were inspired by Maurice and Marie Barkley of Henrietta, NY. A visit while in college made me think "This would be nice to have for my grandchildren one day," and the thought was filed away. 

In May of 2011, a freak accident happened that took the eyesight from my left eye. A dry paint slug from an unplugged, disassembled latex paint sprayer shot out like a rubber bullet, hitting my nose. The Doctor said that if it had hit my eye, I would not be here today. This experience helped me realize the true meaning of "carpe diem" (or "seize the day") and that I may not be here for my grandchildren. When my daughters  asked for a tree house, I got to work. 

Being the princesses that all daughters is to their father, the first tree house started was one with a Castle theme. With a deck size of almost 120 square feet, it was to be grand in every way. 

During construction of this castle, we took a trip to the Long Island Children's museum. At the museum, some automotive parts were used in creating a make-believe automobile that was being enjoyed by all who touched it. Jokingly, I said to my wife, "we should put a Pinto in the tree" and then in an "ah hah" moment, my wife and I said "The Triumph."  (the car seen as my HGTV's profile picture).

In February 2012, a 1946 Triumph Renoun was dragged out from my scrap pile to breathe new life. The Triumph and the Castle were being built simultaneously with a purpose - to entertain children. I immediately remembered Maurice and Marie Barkley and their tree house village. 

I invited Mr. Barkley to see what he inspired me to build, and he informed me that he could no longer perform maintenance on his tree houses, and made a decision to donate the remains of their MYSTREES tree house village to the Tree Creations complex.  I am presently trying to restore some of these tree houses in honor of the work and inspiration that Mr. Barkley gave me.

The car was resurrected and re-purposed as a tree house and perched upon telephone poles with rigging that I designed and built.  Each of the tree houses (including the castle) are suspended by aircraft cable to allow for trees to sway in different directions (as not to tear the decks apart), to let the trees grow (without drilling into the trees), and to allow for adjustment (in case the rate of tree growth differs from tree to tree).  Most tree houses are between 10 and 12 feet in the air, with the lowest being the car (at 8 feet), and the highest being our church themed tree house deck at 20 feet.  The tallest point in the tree houses is the Church steeple where the tip is just over 32 feet off the ground!

Our village presently consists of a 1946 Triumph 1800 Saloon automobile, a veranda, a village square (roughly 250 square feet, which features a retractable set of stairs, a dumbwaiter, an elevator, and built in seating), a tea room, a wizard's den, the Margrose castle (on roughly a 120 square foot deck with towers over 15 feet tall), and a church (complete with stain glass windows and bells in the bell tower). 

Present items under construction to add to our other seven tree houses  include a "House of illumination", Galilean themed observatory, and a music themed tree house that includes a hand built / home-made pipe organ and other instruments for children to play!

Being a fourth generation "Townie" of Geneseo, NY, the tree house village will be around for generations to come as positive memories to all who help me build and play in it. 

Since the tree house complex is at a private residence, we would request that any visits are by appointment please. All are invited to come and play!  These are difficult economic times and I do not want to exclude anyone, so I am trying to keep this at no charge to enjoy!

Keep in mind, "we are on this earth but once, so any happiness we can bring or any joy we can give, do it now - without haste, for we shall not pass this way again" -unknown. 

Now let's have some fun! , Other Spaces Design

    This photo album is ex...

    55 photos, 149 Views, Flag

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