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Results found for "Paint"

  • San Diego Condo Facelift, Our condo Living room with fresh new Cathedral gray paint color and spruce up.  The old green chair and ottoman got a new red slipcovers and we rearranged furniture, plants and wall items.  We brought less back into the room after painting.  Making it spacious and relaxing., Living Rooms Design

    San Diego Condo Facel...

    26 photos, 848 Views, Flag

  • Bathroom Before And After , This bathroom hasn't been touched since at least the 1970's.  We have many limitations with space, but it is much brighter and cleaner.  Clawfoot Tub was turned into a shower with new fixtures., Bathrooms Design

    Bathroom Before And ...

    23 photos, 4,274 Views, Flag

  • My home exterior - Needs HELP!, I have only done small things to the front of my home but I really don't like it? Painted the deck (needs to be replaced). Thought of cutting down the shrubs and messy trees by the deck and adding a trellis over the deck? Does anyone have ideas of what I could do? , Home Exterior Design

    My home exterior - Ne...

    16 photos, 858 Views, Flag

  • RECYCLED PAINT, To freshen-up & cool down for Fall, I updated our Dining Room walls by mixing left-over paint. I used a 1/2 Gallon of left-over RL Calypso blue [eggshell finish] with a 1/2 quart of left-over semi-gloss black for a $0 makeover - minus an earlier splurge this year of three West Elm woven hurricane sleeves I slipped over our glass shades to update the light fixture's look., Dining Rooms Design


    13 photos, 1,566 Views, Flag

  • Holy Hardwood!, My husband and I just recently bought a "fix-er-upper" and we are renovating room by room.  This is our livingroom, the first space finished.  We tried to rediscover the charm of the house and play up all its attributes rather than gutting and redoing it all.  To our surprise (and delight) we found hard wood under all the nasty OLD carpet! Welcome to our serene space!, Living Rooms Design

    Holy Hardwood!

    12 photos, 158 Views, Flag

  • What A Dramatic Difference. . . Right? (Befores and Afters), Space Description: Originally my Grandparents 1970's "Vacant" home, I, a single 23 year old guy, bought my house in 2008 and it was a dump in need of a serious remodel.  Though the projects never seem to be completly over, I demolished the entire interior of the house and things have turned out amazing.  The most significant change made in the kitchen was removing the wall between the living room and kitchen.  This allows there to be one large open concept space rather then 2 separate rooms. 

Featuring Select 6x24 Veincut Travertine on the floor and a Classic Splitface Mosaic, uniquely found at Old World Stone Imports, people that come in the kitchen can't help but awe.  The Counters are Blue Pearl Granite with a chiseled edge to tie in with the the rustic 3D Backsplash.  A simple but beautiful trick that I have learned, when it comes to windows in the kitchen, is to simply frame them in Travertine moldings, in this case the Classic Alpha.  This allows the window to appear almost as an ever changing picture.  

I had custom Cabinets created so that they were designed exactly as I wanted them to be done.  The main stain that I picked is also the stain used throughout the entire house on all of the moldings.  This allows a simple accent that flows and creates uniformity throughout the entire house.  On the island I chose to do a simple black wash to create a unique feature different from the rest of the kitchen as an accent.

After removing the horrible wallpaper I chose a simple yet traditional beige paint color.  Once again this paint color can be found throughout the majority of the house.  What do you think of me painting the Main Kitchen walls a classic Country Golden yellow? Though the deck door is not perfect I changed it from its 1970's green to a much more modern simple white doorway just by using some paint.

If you like any of the products show visit my works website and I would be glad to help you create the kitchen of your dreams., Kitchens Design

    What A Dramatic Diff...

    11 photos, 4,201 Views, Flag

  • lush garden in London-Spring 2011, Gardens Design

    lush garden in London-...

    20 photos, 2,807 Views, Flag

  • My Garden in May, Its late spring/early summer in London and plants have really accelerated. The first of the summer blossoms have just started to appear and the welcome hum and buzz of bees and insects has returned, some how the garden doesn't seems alive with out it. The foliage has become lush and intense in colour and bare earth is almost  filled up. When you walk through the paths the plants caress you, demanding your attention and seems like soon I will be needing a machete to walk through the paths. I absolutely love this time of the year, knowing that this is just the beginning and things will be getting much better., Gardens Design

    My Garden in May

    23 photos, 843 Views, Flag

  • Glorious Summer ( revisited ), Gardens Design

    Glorious Summer ( rev...

    15 photos, 557 Views, Flag

  • Missing summers already!!!, The summer of 2011 was such a great gardening year, a surprisingly long gardening season we had in London. I still have masses of fuchsias and begonias blooming and the cannas are still vibrant. These  were some of the random pics lying around in my folder, I thought I might as well upload them.
I have revised some planting schemes and added more colourful foliage and texture which I will upload next year in end of March and beginning of April. For me flowers are always a second thought. I cannot wait to see what next year will bring, I just hope the winters are kinder this year., Gardens Design

    Missing summers alre...

    7 photos, 1,658 Views, Flag

  • The final show , Gardens Design

    The final show

    12 photos, 3,367 Views, Flag

  • May and its lushness, Come mid May and the garden takes on a whole new persona, it becomes a completely different place. Bare earth is replaced by lush, undulating foliage which is fresh, vibrant and unblemished. you know the leaves have never been seen before.
May is when things really begin to accelerate and changes are noticed by the hour, always a new flower in bloom. May and June as whole, I refer them to as froth season masses of flowers every where. But in my garden, because it so heavily relies on foliage colour and texture so not much flowers are to be seen now but a little latter on. My first show stopper of the season is my wisteria, absolutely dripping in blooms.Knowing that this is just the beginning and  better is yet to come then May is the time when you just celebrate. :), Gardens Design

    May and its lushness

    24 photos, 2,644 Views, Flag

  • Early Summer 2012, June brings a promise of abundant blooms. The pictures uploaded in this file are mostly plants just about to break from bud or have just started to flower. Just a teaser of what is to come in a few weeks time. I will be uploading  the pictures of all aspects of the garden once majority of the plants of this season are in full bloom., Gardens Design

    Early Summer 2012

    20 photos, 2,893 Views, Flag

  • I love my garden and THIS is how it loves me........, Gardens are such magical and enchanting places, ever changing (even on a daily basis) and improving with every passing year.
I don't have a massive garden but a fair sized suburban London backyard space, which I have packed with plants and created many paths throughout the garden to give a sense of journey, mystery and an element of discovery.
I am normally drawn to architectural and foliage plants with interesting leaf colour and texture. But this year I was inspired by a documentary  named  "Bees, butterflies and blooms" by Sara Raven and have added lots of flowering plants especially the single flowers rich in pollen and nectar to attract a variety of pollinating insects. Now that the garden is in bloom, there is a buzz in my garden that I have never noticed before. The garden is now truly alive with the gentle hum and buzz of bees and hover flies and fluttering of butterflies from flower to flower. It has also helped attract all manner of beneficial critters which keep the lil beasties in check too. The garden just provides endless hours of enjoyment and relaxation.
Gardening can be a very solitary business but in fact your never really alone. All I can say is whoever has a garden and is involved in it is truly blessed. Where would I be without a garden to plant my dreams., Gardens Design

    I love my garden and T...

    25 photos, 12,039 Views, Flag

  • garden update (SUMMER 2012), Was generally  pottering about in the garden  early on a Sunday morning and could not resist taking some random snaps., Gardens Design

    garden update (SUMM...

    19 photos, 8,951 Views, Flag

  • spring 2013 springs into action, What a cruel, harsh, odd and a seemingly never ending winter this has been. The winter just did not want to shift.
I live near central London and the winters here are generally very mild and spring also makes an early arrival here. This year however, it has been very different. Spring has been very late. We did receive a couple of weeks of slightly warmer days in early march, coaxing the plants into a little growth. Optimism set in.  As I was beginning to celebrate the season's coming, the weather shifted. Cold winds and harsh frost returned, as if the garden had gone into a second hibernation. The plants were like in a suspended animation, poised waiting for the right moment ready to grow. 
 But when winter loosened its grip and the weather warmed up, everything exploded into life. 
 I have been craving for some bright and bold colours in the garden all winter and when spring arrived, I got bag loads more than what I anticipated for.
 Now the sun is shinning and the flowers are blooming and I'M smiling. Enjoy the pictures everyone!
, Gardens Design

    spring 2013 springs in...

    32 photos, 757 Views, Flag

  • Late Spring early Summer, what a wonderful time of year this is. There's the freshness and exuberance of spring yet fullness of summer. It seems as if the garden has been preparing all year for this very moment. You really cant believe how the garden has changed at this time of year, a change that really has an impact. Growth is at its optimum until the summer heat kicks in. The fresh green growth really brings out the colours of the flowers I think.
, Gardens Design

    Late Spring early Sum...

    24 photos, 2,235 Views, Flag

  • Jewels of my Garden, "How fair is a garden, amid the toils and passions of existence." (Benjamin Disradi) 

Its the hight of summers and there is an abundance of flora (and fauna) to be witnessed in the garden. The plants have reached their absolute zenith and are  in full bloom.
The colours are rich with a jewel like intensity, varied, tactile textures and heady scent pervades the air. The senses are assaulted in the most beautiful manner. You are exited yet a sense of peace still prevails. Engulfed by plants and walking amongst them easily transports you to a far of exotic land. The buzz of bees, insects and the fluttering of colourful butterflies just adds to the whole experience. The song birds also make a point of making themselves heard.

There are allot of narrow paths in my garden which beckon the visitor to further explore and at every turn there is something exiting to be discovered. Amongst all the cultivated perennials and annuals are self sown verbena bonariensis which dance about in the borders adding vertical interest, lightness, movement and a purple haze. Verbena B is such a wonderful plant its light and airiness lends itself to be planted in the front of the border , creating almost like a sheer veil for the other plants in the background and adding depth to the scheme. Its a favourite amongst pollinators too and is as effective  a support  for dahlias as bamboo canes. (have I convinced you of this plant already?)
Colours and plants are repeated every where with the odd punctuation of large foliage plants ( i.e. hostas, bananas, arum lily, heuchera and cannas). this repetition gives the garden  a sense of continuity and cohesion and one can then relate to different areas while  strolling  amongst the various paths whilst still retaining individual identities.
 I have a keen interest in arts  and working with a living medium such as plants,  do the most wonderful and unexpected things. I am absolutely thrilled at the way the garden has turned out this year,I sort of had a picture in my head to begin with but the results have been far better than expected. I sit here in my garden on my laptop writing this (being carried away even) with a feeling of contentment and a big smile. Gardening is a cycle and a process and I am very privileged and grateful to be part of this  amazing process. May for long we garden., Gardens Design

    Jewels of my Garden

    16 photos, 3,462 Views, Flag

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