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  • kitchen from the 60's- 70's, We have a good sized almost a "U" shape  kitchen, however the lay out is not convenient and the cabinets and tops are so outdated. The style is back in the 60's -70's with an awful trailer house look.I redid the wallpaper just to get rid of the outdated, but it was a quick easy change at the time. , Kitchens Design

    kitchen from the 60's-...

    5 photos, 297 Views, Flag

  • Kitchen in need of makeover, The entire house has been updated. We tiled the floor in the kitchen but the cabinets and countertops are old and outdated., Kitchens Design

    Kitchen in need of mak...

    3 photos, 37 Views, Flag

  • 70's??, We need help with a better layout. Any ideas?, Kitchens Design


    9 photos, 69 Views, Flag

  • Kitchen/Home Office/Dining Room, This is our kitchen/home office/dining room space. It has basic white cabinets a darker blue counter top, appliances that need to be updated b/c half are not working, a faux brick wall, outdated lighting, wood panels, and a weird floor...I don't think it's laminate and it's not wood...also, has gray paint, which is painted over wall paper...anyways, we need ideas to make this work, PLEASE! I have to move into this house in 4 weeks and it is a disaster! We like classic with contemporary/modern mixes.
Thank you-first time home owner and very confused remodel-er., Kitchens Design

    Kitchen/Home Office/...

    7 photos, 132 Views, Flag

  • cramped disco floor kitchen, we just re did the floors simple because the old ones were coming out big time! My family moved in when i was born and thats the only thing they have done to it!!  where the counter tops meet the back splash...its all cracked. they is no room when my mom is cooking/ baking which is most of the time, and the big chunk of wall behind the fridge is in the way of space. , Kitchens Design

    cramped disco floor ki...

    7 photos, 71 Views, Flag

  • Don't drop eggs on the carpet!, A closed in, cramped, and seriously outdated CARPETED kitchen., Kitchens Design

    Don't drop eggs on the...

    7 photos, 84 Views, Flag

  • Kitchen needs color boost, This kitchen was updated in the 90's with a cabinet refacing.  Unfortunately, formica is not the best approach and beige is so boring.  We have updated the rest of the house with a modern interpretation on our mid-century modern home.  This Eichler's kitchen needs serious help.  The funny thing is that I only have 4 pictures of this room in the 10 years I have lived here!, Kitchens Design

    Kitchen needs color bo...

    5 photos, 104 Views, Flag

  • gone bad, kitchen floor has carpet..yuk...slate under carpet.. carpet pad appears to be clued down...need help..can the clue be removed?, Kitchens Design

    gone bad

    3 photos, 27 Views, Flag

  • Wood Surface Heaven, Our kitchen pre 2009
(kitchen has been remodeled since)
Dark wood cabinets, yellow laminate countertops, wood plank walls, Exposed wood ceiling, light wood-vineer pergo floors, lack of lighting and relatively small footprint., Kitchens Design

    Wood Surface Heaven

    6 photos, 191 Views, Flag

  • potential...(maybe its behind the wallpaper?), My house is a `970's ranch...and the kitchen counters, cabinats and wallpaper are all original!! augh! My parents and I want to remodel very badly, but we just don't know where to begin..., Kitchens Design

    potential...(maybe its...

    7 photos, 61 Views, Flag

  • Fading Away, Kitchen/Dining/Living Room Area, Kitchens Design

    Fading Away

    2 photos, 38 Views, Flag

  • kitchen sham, na, Kitchens Design

    kitchen sham

    4 photos, 111 Views, Flag

  • Kitchen, Breakfast, Den Combo, Long rectangluar space for the kitchen, breakfast area, and den.  There have been very few updates to the space since the house was built in 1957., Kitchens Design

    Kitchen, Breakfast, D...

    7 photos, 811 Views, Flag

  • New House Out Dated Kitchen, My husband and I bought this beautiful foreclosed home in June of 2008 and my kitchen which is the heart of the home looks like a 90 year old heart it is so out dated that my local gas company will not even alllow me to sign up for appliances protection so we have this big open space that we stay away from because it is so out dated and we so do not have the money right now to updated please help HGTV, Kitchens Design

    New House Out Dated ...

    3 photos, 39 Views, Flag

  • My oh my no cabinet space, Kitchens Design

    My oh my no cabinet sp...

    4 photos, 42 Views, Flag

  • Kitchen, Here is another one of our unique hides in action.  Enjoy!, Kitchens Design


    1 photo, 256 Views, Flag

  • Small, Poorly Arranged Kitchen, We have a small, out-dated kitchen that lacks proper arrangement. The oven extends into the doorway. The refrigerator, though average size, looks like a giant elephant in the room. The countertop color, wall color and wall paper do not match the decor of the rest of our house. 

We want to remodel the kitchen. It's a small space so it needs to be efficient. Most importantly we want to install a dishwasher! With a family of 4 it's hard to keep up on all the dishes without one. We'd also like to rearrange the small space so it has better function and has the appliances in the right spot. 

Also, we need help with the dining room, if you could call it that. Upon entering our home, you're in the "dining room." The front door can't even open all the way unless the table is moved over. We have a growing family, and as it is now we all barely fit at the table. 

Any help with our possible remodel would be appreciated. 

We need lots of help with the design!, Kitchens Design

    Small, Poorly Arrang...

    9 photos, 58 Views, Flag

  • Need Help, This is our kitchen.  We have gutted and are in the middle of a remodel.  Looking for any suggestions., Kitchens Design

    Need Help

    8 photos, 36 Views, Flag