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  • Wasted Space, Yup, that really is my kitchen, and yes that is a orange countertop.  It is great during Halloween, but the rest of the year it is a real eyesore.  We only have one draw and no cabinet space at all.  Flow there is no flow, not sure if the original owners ever heard of the word flow.  The floor is great if you like 1960s yellow linoleum., Kitchens Design

    Wasted Space

    5 photos, 52 Views, Flag

  • Non-functional Kitchen, This house was built in 1955 and some time along the way there was an addition to the kitchen. It's nice to have a large kitchen but it's not functional. Half the kitchen is in the old kitchen and the other half is in the addition making it difficult and not fun to cook. I have a large family and many grandchildren and used to have big family dinners. Not in this house cooking is no longer fun. Any ideas out there? , Kitchens Design

    Non-functional Kitche...

    2 photos, 22 Views, Flag

  • Hopeless Kitchen, My kitchen depresses me.  There is no storage, it feels cramped and doesn't reflect my style at all.  I feel like it's going to cost a fortune to redo. I'd love to cook more but I have no desire to because I hate spending time in this room., Kitchens Design

    Hopeless Kitchen

    4 photos, 37 Views, Flag

  • Large unfunctional kitchen, My kitchen is longggggg. The home was built in 1955 and there was an addition to the kitchen. Half the kitchen is in the back area and half in the old kitchen area. I have painted and tired to make it at least interesting but it's impossiable to cook in. I miss cooking for my large family and many grandchildren. Any idea on what I can do to make my kitchen work? , Kitchens Design

    Large unfunctional kit...

    2 photos, 13 Views, Flag

  • Itty Bitty Galley Kitchen, Very small galley kitchen in Condo with NO Cabinet space, connecting with dining room.  Help!!!!, Kitchens Design

    Itty Bitty Galley Kit...

    3 photos, 223 Views, Flag

  • 80's, falling apart and dysfunctional kitchen, My list of problems with this kitchen:
1. Dishwasher - when the door is open to unload it, I don't have access to any of my lower cabinets so I have to empty it to the countertop, then close the dishwasher, THEN put my dishes away!  Makes me crazy!

2. Never enough storage space

3. Falling apart:  Sink counter has pulled 2" away from the wall; bottom sink cabinet is deteriorated and sitting on the floor; laminate is peeling off of doors and kickboard; And just generally outdated.

We bought new appliances last year as the first step and now we're ready for some renovations ($7k budget)...I've been playing with ideas in a computer program and I've shown the best I can come up with so far. Any suggestions are STRONGLY encouraged., Kitchens Design

    80's, falling apart an...

    4 photos, 72 Views, Flag

  • Totally Unworkable, My 40 year old kitchen. I need help to update it. I have very little money, so please be cheap. Could get paint, or accessories for kitchen., Kitchens Design

    Totally Unworkable

    4 photos, 39 Views, Flag

  • Dark out-dated 60's Kitchen, Dark kitchen with dark cabinets and dark green countertops.  , Kitchens Design

    Dark out-dated 60's Ki...

    2 photos, 41 Views, Flag

  • Fraudulant Contractor Does Shady Remodel, Small kitchen and dining room opened up into a Nice sized kitchen...but the contractor was a fraud and did everything wrong. He had a business card with his name and license number. I confirmed it on the contractors board website. However, his name was that one his card and the license, but he wasn't the same man with that name with the license. They fined him by telling him he can't get a license until he pays us back. He never will., Kitchens Design

    Fraudulant Contractor...

    12 photos, 59 Views, Flag

  • Never had a REAL Kitchen, The house was our Christmas present to ourselves in 1997... awww, how sweet you say.
It wasn't a forclosure but sure looked like one - we've been working on it ever since! 2 cabinets, 1 sink, 2 small countertops.
The linen closet in the hall is where we keep our canned goods.
It wouldn't be so bad but I am the caregiver for my Mom who will be 88 in April & I know she'd love to have a REAL Kitchen in the house we all call home!
*** All your tips & ideas are great!  I don't want to sell my house - we are planning to retire in this home.  It's in a great location and close to our family... so as far as making or breaking a sale, that's not even in the scope of things here.
We just figure that if we keep working on one thing at a time SOMEDAY it will be done!
Did I mention it has a pool?  A necessity in this area of Arizona where the temperature in the summer gets into the 120's.
We've had the house going on 12 years now - - - and hope & plan to keep it for as long as we can... it's home!, Kitchens Design

    Never had a REAL Kit...

    5 photos, 75 Views, Flag

  • Counter space disaster, This Kitchen when we purchased the house had to be atleast 25 years old. I was slowly working on it as we had the extra money. I managed to paint the paneling on the walls changed the hardware on cabinets and redid baseboard and door frames. All that came to a sudden hault though when i was rearended by a tractor trailer truck injuring my back., Kitchens Design

    Counter space disaster

    5 photos, 57 Views, Flag

  • Kiddie sized Kitchen, My Kitchen was probably great at a time when only one person worked in it.  Now however when there are two of us trying to cook there is no room to do anything.   Outdated flooring no dishwasher and laminate counter tops are the crowning glory.  We are hoping to tear down the island and recreate the space as a galley kitchen, Kitchens Design

    Kiddie sized Kitchen

    3 photos, 55 Views, Flag

  • my no cabinet kitchen!!!, This kitchen has no cabinets.  Please help.  We need to figure out a cheap way to remodel this kitchen!!  The only storage it has right now is a 3 shelf island with no doors so my 1 year old is constantly pulling the bowls and spices off the shelves.  I had to buy one of those white laminate closets to put my food in becase there is not one cabinet.  my utensils are in a cup on the wall.  Anyone know of a cheap way to build new cabinets.  It has an open floor plan so it will take almost any design after demo.  There is a double window there.   I don't know shy there are 2 sinks on opposite counters.  The counters we were told are corian but you cant tell because they were painted over with black lacquer as were the partical sheets that are on the island and under the counters to cover the plumbing etc...  The floors are laminate and in really bad shape.  We will be redoing the rest of the house in wood so were thinking tile??  for the kitchen.HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Kitchens Design

    my no cabinet kitchen!...

    5 photos, 94 Views, Flag

  • useless wall w/small kitchen HELP!, my small kitchen  with the useless wall , Kitchens Design

    useless wall w/small ...

    4 photos, 64 Views, Flag

  • Kitchens, My kitchen is too small!!!
No counter room not enough storage., Kitchens Design


    4 photos, 22 Views, Flag

  • OUR OLD AND OUTDATED KITCHEN SPACE THAT NEEDS HELP!!!, The kitchen is the original kitchen of an old and outdated house.  The tile has fallen off the walls, the cabinets are old and there are three different types of tile on the floors. This space is in need of major REHAB!!!, Kitchens Design


    8 photos, 38 Views, Flag

  • seasoned and overcooked kitchen, outdated cabneits and kitchen design, Kitchens Design

    seasoned and overcooke...

    6 photos, 50 Views, Flag

  • 100 year old Kitchen, Small Cramped Kitchen. No Counter Space. No SOPHISTICATION, Kitchens Design

    100 year old Kitchen

    1 photo, 25 Views, Flag