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  • Trapped in Time, My kitchen is small, simple and outdated.  There is an electric cook top with only two burners and grill on the side.  One large and one small burner.  The dishwasher is old and does not match the other appliances.  There is also a wall oven.  The counter with the stools is in an odd location., Kitchens Design

    Trapped in Time

    7 photos, 95 Views, Flag

  • Kitchen wannabe, its been 4 years since there has been a kitchen sink in the kitchen. the dishes are washed in a basement slop sink., Kitchens Design

    Kitchen wannabe

    5 photos, 58 Views, Flag

  • Dated Oak Cabinets, I want to update these to a cherry or mahogany color. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can do this? At this time we cant afford to change out the cabinets and I dont want to just wipe a different stain color on them. I read and heard about liquid sandpaper to use to prepare the surface for painting but wonder if this would work for re staining.
, Kitchens Design

    Dated Oak Cabinets

    2 photos, 274 Views, Flag

  • little galley kitchen of the 80's, this little galley kitchen, is just to small for more than one person.  It needs to be better organized with less on the counters and is in need of updating., Kitchens Design

    little galley kitchen ...

    1 photo, 57 Views, Flag

  • Bland kitchen from the 70s, We just moved in and this is my kitchen. I need some creative ideas to bring it to the 21st century on a small budget. New appliances are a given!, Kitchens Design

    Bland kitchen from the...

    5 photos, 22 Views, Flag

  • HELP!!! Need advice on crown moulding, I'm in the middle of remodeling my kitchen and I would like to use crown moulding. My question is do I stop it at the soffit or include the soffit? I"m concerned that if I put it on the soffit it's going to look bad due to the crown moulding will be white then the soffit color is wine and the cabinets are stained. Any advice would be appreciated., Kitchens Design

    HELP!!! Need advice ...

    3 photos, 196 Views, Flag

  • badly, Kitchens Design


    1 photo, 100 Views, Flag

  • Maybe if I remove a wall?, A small, skinny kitchen with a closet that has 1/4th of a bathroom (just a toilet and I think was a coat closet...) and interesting tile and wood paneling in a blank space. I want to know if I can remove one of the wall but need advice where to start. Any advice is wonderful!  I apologize about the size of the pictures. For some reason my computer won't let me upload them bigger.  I know it is a pain!, Kitchens Design

    Maybe if I remove a w...

    8 photos, 122 Views, Flag

  • the blah brown paneled kitchen , MY KITCHEN HAS BEEN THE SAME FOR THE LAST 25 YEARS.THE BLAH BROWN PANELING WITH NO SPACE, Kitchens Design

    the blah brown paneled...

    4 photos, 78 Views, Flag

  • Weird Old Kitchen Nightmare, The kitchen is so old, was probably built when the house was built in the 20s.  It looks like the owners hand built it themselves.  It has uneven shallow shelves. The top cabinets do not close due to all the paint over the years.  The bottom drawers do not open.  We had to cut some of the cabinets to fit in the refrigerator because the space was not large enough.  The sink is porcelain and the countertops are of different material.  The stove does not really fit into the kitchen and there is no hood. Because the cabinets on top do not close, all the oil gets on the plates and they always seem dirty.  The floor is made of lenolium that is bulging out in places and is very uneven.  The ceiling has a flourecent light and has been dropped at a certain point with bubble pieces put together that are of diffent shape and color.  We don't have any space for our pots and pans and storage, so that our countertop is always packed with things. We even have our silverware on the counertop because the drawers do not open.  
PLEASE HELP.  You can tear and gut out the whole kitchen and do anything you would like.  We would love and appreciate any change. 
Thank you.  , Kitchens Design

    Weird Old Kitchen Ni...

    9 photos, 128 Views, Flag

  • 1980's "Needs Work" Kitchen, Way too small, Shelves breaking, holes underneath cabinets, not enough storage; only repairs made in 29 years is a new ceramic floor and a stove and it needs so much more., Kitchens Design

    1980's "Needs Work" K...

    6 photos, 150 Views, Flag

  • its a porch from 180 yrs go, not a kitchen, our make-shift kitchen.  it's an enclosed porch original to a 180 yr old victorian.
no heat in kitchen, no cabinets to store dishes, cups or food, but we make due., Kitchens Design

    its a porch from 180 y...

    4 photos, 78 Views, Flag

  • Disfunctional Kitchen, Small, tiny, clutered, Kitchens Design

    Disfunctional Kitchen

    1 photo, 52 Views, Flag

  • Worn Kitchen, We need help with our kitchen!  We need to get organized, as I have 8 daycare kids every day!  As we can afford it, we have updated the dishwasher and fridge, however we still need more counter and cabinet space and storage for all of the kids' things.  The parents drop their kids off through the kitchen door, and we are always tripping over things that have been left on the floor, or that have fallen off the hooks.We spend about 90% of our day in the kitchen and it's one of the smallest rooms of the house.  We enjoy having our family over and they eat dinner with us at least twice a week.  We had to turn our upstairs living room into a dinning room just to get the family around the table to eat. The kids do crafts and eat their meals at a small picnic table that I picked up at ToysRus.  The paint is chipping off the cabinet doors and we had to cut the bottom off one of them to get the new fridge in.  The floor has about 5 layers of 1970's burnt orange linoleum and even when I mop it, it feels dirty.  I also need more storage in the pantry, as I buy at ton of groceries each week.  We replaced one of the light fixtures with a ceiling fan, but when you run the gas oven, the kitchen heats up so hot that you can't hardly stand to be in there....even in the dead of winter! I need ideas for more storage for the kid's stuff, as well as our kitchen utensils and cook ware.  Pans and cookie sheets are jammed in so tight that when you pull one out, they all fall out. We need to update to make the room more functional, but on a SUPER tight budget!  Someone please help!, Kitchens Design

    Worn Kitchen

    7 photos, 65 Views, Flag

  • Under construction with design dilemas, this room is 16' x 20' that we are tring to convert into a new kitchen. Our old kitchen was only 8'x7'and 2 people couldn't fit in there at the same time. We have a cabinet design. We are just about ready to paint the walls and ceiling but do not know which color would go good with the champagne oak cabinets that we picked out. went through atleast 50 different colors and none seem to look eye catching. any sugestions wouild be greatly appreciated , Kitchens Design

    Under construction wi...

    5 photos, 60 Views, Flag

  • not-so-classic '62 kitchen, Looking to make improvements/upgrades before selling house.  Any suggestions other than a tear out?, Kitchens Design

    not-so-classic '62 kit...

    2 photos, 58 Views, Flag

  • Please help my kitchen!, This is our kitchen.  As you can see, it's dark, cluttered, and completely out of date.  The only thing we've been able to do since we moved in four years ago is paint the walls - you should have seen the old wallpaper!  It looked like Thanksgiving all year round!, Kitchens Design

    Please help my kitchen...

    6 photos, 49 Views, Flag

  • too little, too late, My son is 25, married, and has a new baby. He is a musician, composer, and leader of contemporary worship and young adult ministries at our church. His wife is a home visitor with Head Start. They are wonderful parents, committed to living green, and are so generous to others that they often "do without" themselves. They have a fixer-upper home circa 1919 that just hasn't gotten fixed-up. The kitchen is the worst. It is a small room with (seriously) 2 feet of counter-space. There are four doorways in this small room, and three long windows. The cupboards are in terrible condition. The only feature that I really like is the old brick chimney. As far as I'm concerned, the kitchen just needs to be gutted.  , Kitchens Design

    too little, too late

    4 photos, 63 Views, Flag