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  • Ranch Kitchen looking for home on the range, Our 1954 Kitchen still has the original cabinets, counter tops and floors.  It is a typcial ranch style with dark wood cabinets flat panel and roomy.  The overall kitchen and dining is 12x24 so size is good.  The breakfast bar is never used due to the low hanging cabinets that cut off your view.  We love to cook and entertain and though room is not an issue, the hanging cabinet closes the room off.  Our ranch is screaming of wagon trains and ranchhands.  The only thing missing is the dinner bell.
I look forward to your suggestions.
Sherry, Kitchens Design

    Ranch Kitchen looking ...

    11 photos, 139 Views, Flag

  • small triangle kitchen, lack of storage and counter space, Kitchens Design

    small triangle kitchen

    4 photos, 79 Views, Flag

  • kitchen killer, its a small kitchen that needs a lot of upgrading. , Kitchens Design

    kitchen killer

    5 photos, 19 Views, Flag

  • Quirky semi-functional, House built in 1957. Kitchen has antique white colored cabinets. Hardware has been "modernized". Countertop is tiled (I guess thats what you call it). Not one "flat" surface. Backsplash is bronze metal type surface.Ackward. In the corner there is refrigerator, garage door, patio door, and pantry door right together. Cant open more than one at a time. This is how the kitchen has looked since we moved in a year ago except for the new knobs on the cabinets, Kitchens Design

    Quirky semi-functiona...

    3 photos, 41 Views, Flag

  • Krappy Kitchen!!, This Kitchen is just horrible, the cabinets are so odd and are wooden, and are just gross.  The floor is coming up and my dog like to rip up more and more.  There is no space to do anything with it, I dont have nearly enough cabinet space.  , Kitchens Design

    Krappy Kitchen!!

    4 photos, 23 Views, Flag

  • Need ideas - recent purchase, Our first home, the kitchen is horrible to look at, eventually will change counters, floor and backsplash, need ideas for the mean time, Kitchens Design

    Need ideas - recent pu...

    1 photo, 59 Views, Flag

  • Small Kitchen/Dining Room Combo Suggestions?, We have a very small kitchen/dining room with full length bay windows and a half wall seperating the kitchen/dining room from the living room.  On the other side of the half wall is a too big fireplace., Kitchens Design

    Small Kitchen/Dining...

    3 photos, 667 Views, Flag

  • HEIP????????, HEIP????????, Kitchens Design


    9 photos, 16 Views, Flag

  • Not enough space, outdated, Appliances are outdated and so is the cabinets and counter tops. Not enough cabinet space either. I love to cook but just don't have enough room to do anything. I have declutter somewhat and painted the cabinets white and the walls and floors have been updated. I would like to change my counter tops, but the funds just aren't there. Does anyone have any suggestions?, Kitchens Design

    Not enough space, outd...

    5 photos, 52 Views, Flag

  • my todo kitchen, my kitchen on the verge for 1yr now , Kitchens Design

    my todo kitchen

    8 photos, 18 Views, Flag

  • new make over, Out dated ....old , Kitchens Design

    new make over

    9 photos, 46 Views, Flag

  • Ok now What, I paid someone to do this , Kitchens Design

    Ok now What

    3 photos, 33 Views, Flag

  • 70's Kitchen Desperately Needing Update, HELP!  Needs new cabinets and granite counter top to lighten up this kitchen which receives no direct sunlight.  Also, would like to make the kitchen appear larger.  , Kitchens Design

    70's Kitchen Desperat...

    2 photos, 95 Views, Flag

  • Horrible Home Project Kitchen, Hideous...enough said.  The only thing they got right was the stove and microwave.  The floor is awful, the cabinets are small and ugly.  The counter top is just WRONG!!  The sink is bad, bad, and the use of space is awful!  HELP!!!, Kitchens Design

    Horrible Home Projec...

    5 photos, 99 Views, Flag

  • Kitchen, The paint is peeling, and our stove is really old and needs redoing. The handles on our cupboards are breaking off. The color scheme is awful!, Kitchens Design


    9 photos, 132 Views, Flag

  • My "Yuk" Kitchen, Hello 
This is my "yuk" kitchen...its horrible. Any nice ideas? I am open to knocking down the wall to have an open floor plan. I want to make the window smaller and put the sink in front of it. This is all I know for now. So please help., Kitchens Design

    My "Yuk" Kitchen

    8 photos, 49 Views, Flag

  • what 2 do?, what do I do with this kitchen, it has great granite counter tops & great flooring but after that it goes downhill, Kitchens Design

    what 2 do?

    2 photos, 57 Views, Flag

  • my kitchen, i am updating the countertops in my kitchen., Kitchens Design

    my kitchen

    1 photo, 53 Views, Flag