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  • DepressingDining, A 35 year old kitchen, that I don't want to set foot in!
I bought this condo "as is", and already started pulling out the kitchen, it's so claustrophobic. Thanks for all the advice so far, the color is vanilla. 
I want to open most of the wall behind the fridge and gut the whole kitchen and do it all over again. Where's Angelo???
The view is unbelievably phenomenol., Kitchens Design


    3 photos, 32 Views, Flag

  • LIL BLUE KITCHEN, A small outdated kitchen with an eating area. It embodies mismatch appliances, blue laminate counters and vinyl flooring, and ugly oak cabinets. The kitchen is also nonfunctional., Kitchens Design


    4 photos, 38 Views, Flag

  • junky kitchen, This is my old Kitchen!! It is falling apart!! It started with the diswasher!! As you can see it has no front or bottom to cover the wires!! Then the cabnets doors!! Only about half of my cabnets have door fronts on them!!! And to top it all of most of my drawers dont open without a fight!!!!  Oh and the paint on on the cabnets and drawers only gets blacker when I try to clean them!!! , Kitchens Design

    junky kitchen

    7 photos, 47 Views, Flag

  • The kitchen an't kickin, small, tight, not enough counter space,
not a family kitchen, Kitchens Design

    The kitchen an't kicki...

    5 photos, 23 Views, Flag

  • The Long Kitchen, A rectangular space with stove, sink frig, and diswasher on right side.  Cabinets on left side.  Cabinets are 40 yrs old. A small space for table.  Of course we have the wrong size table which makes it hard to get to frig when eating or hard to let someone in the back door when we are eating., Kitchens Design

    The Long Kitchen

    4 photos, 79 Views, Flag

  • My new kitchen...needs help, Small and from the 70's., Kitchens Design

    My new kitchen...need...

    2 photos, 51 Views, Flag

  • STILL STUCK IN THE PAST !!!!! ugh..., Our out of date kitchen need some serious help., Kitchens Design


    9 photos, 27 Views, Flag

  • Missing some things, drawers and doors missing, appliances don't match, lighting non-existant, cabinets not practicle for someone 5'2", window is single pane glass, a third of counter-space is the top of the roll-away dishwasher, no exhaust hood , Kitchens Design

    Missing some things

    6 photos, 24 Views, Flag

  • 1979, Very interesting kitchen built in 1979.  I've never seen this type of lighting and rotating fan before.  My desperate attempt to update it was to paint the back splash black enamel and I put a white horizontal line of tape.  I also took out the original 2-piece oven/convection oven and put in a regular oven and microwave.  I changed the handles and went over the indented lines in the cabinets with a silver Sharpie.  As a single, retired lady, it's difficult to make many changes.  I want it to be black and white.  Please make other suggestions to update.

Please look at the dining space to see what look I'm trying to achieve.  That space is basically the way I want it., Kitchens Design


    6 photos, 97 Views, Flag

  • What a Mess, unfinnished galley kitchen with peeling floors and cluttered!!!!, Kitchens Design

    What a Mess

    5 photos, 38 Views, Flag

  • My small kitchen, My kitchen is very old and hardly any cabinets. It has three doors going in and out of it plus the one wall is open to the dining area.  I love to cook but it is very hard in such a small space.  I keep throwing things away I don't use but just no place to put what I do., Kitchens Design

    My small kitchen

    2 photos, 78 Views, Flag

  • 80's Kitchen Desperate for HELP!!!, Contemporary with lots of cabinet space but very outdated! Misplaced appliances with anything from new appliances that are broken too old ones that work., Kitchens Design

    80's Kitchen Desperat...

    7 photos, 49 Views, Flag

  • Kitchen Disaster!! HELP, It has potential to be a GREAT kitchen. But the room doesn't flow and as you can see it's been overrun with toys and unfinished projects..., Kitchens Design

    Kitchen Disaster!! H...

    8 photos, 39 Views, Flag

  • Clutter Kitchen, My kitchen is full of clutter and caos due to my financial hardship. My family and I are unable to remodel my kitchen., Kitchens Design

    Clutter Kitchen

    5 photos, 44 Views, Flag

  • My Kitchen Is Missing, Needs serious work. I don't even know where to start., Kitchens Design

    My Kitchen Is Missin...

    2 photos, 22 Views, Flag

  • Cryin' Out Loud Kitchen, Crying and Sobbing,  our kitchen stands in our 1936 Tudor home, pretty much how it was remodeled back in 70's or maybe late  60's --  with only some new paint and wallpaper along the way.  , Kitchens Design

    Cryin' Out Loud Kitch...

    2 photos, 50 Views, Flag

  • disaster in the making, This is our kitchen that we are trying hard to redo, I am currently taking down wall paper and would like to remove the breakfast nook and add some type of island. I am currently undecided about color., Kitchens Design

    disaster in the making

    31 photos, 364 Views, Flag

  • 50's original kitchen, Our house was built in the late 1950's and our kitchen is still the original.  We need suggestions on how to make it more user friendly., Kitchens Design

    50's original kitchen

    4 photos, 53 Views, Flag