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  • Parents Kitchen!!!, This is my parents kitchen...It needs help! They have been in the house for 13 years and it is the last thing to get remodled. The counter tops are bubbling up and starting to come off, there is no room to sit 5 people and a highchair around the kitchen table to enjoy meals. Only one person can be by the stove cooking and only one person can be at the sink!  The floors are old and you can't tell what is a stain or dirt when cleaning!  Please help my parents get a kitchen update!!!, Kitchens Design

    Parents Kitchen!!!

    8 photos, 17 Views, Flag

  • Kitchen and Family Division, Family Room fusion with Dining and Kitchen Space, Kitchens Design

    Kitchen and Family Di...

    5 photos, 56 Views, Flag

  • Need new coutertop, backsplash, and wall color...HELP!, We are redoing our kitchen. We are putting down tile on the floor, tile on the countertops, and a backsplash. I also want to paint the wall above the countertops. Please help me choose colors!!, Kitchens Design

    Need new coutertop, ba...

    1 photo, 45 Views, Flag

  • kitchen needs help, small kitchen that basically is a walk through. kitchen is not designed for family of five, Kitchens Design

    kitchen needs help

    10 photos, 33 Views, Flag

  • Out"DATED" Wine inspired Kitchen, Our rather out-dated kitchen was decorated when my husband bought this house in 1996. It is a bit over the top with faux vine and old wine wall paper. We have a very unique West Indies inspired decor through the rest of the home and with an open floor plan I would like to incorporate that inspiration into the kitchen as well! We have searched Hi and Lo for a kitchen table and can not find anything! Floor, Cabinets and Wall color all seem to Blend into each other. It stands out and seem sterile in our rather cozy home. I am at loss on how to bring the West Indies inspiration in to our kitchen!!! Please HELP!!! Any Ideas!!!, Kitchens Design

    Out"DATED" Wine ins...

    4 photos, 171 Views, Flag

  • Kitchen- Needs Updating, My husband and I just puchased this house.  These are the pictures that were used buy the listing agent to advertise the home. I don't have a lot of money to put in to updating it, so I'm looking for low cost suggestions that will make it look nice.  , Kitchens Design

    Kitchen- Needs Updati...

    2 photos, 32 Views, Flag

  • plane, White Kitchen, Old, falling apart, dirty, plane, and ugly , Kitchens Design

    plane, White Kitchen

    4 photos, 69 Views, Flag

  • Wrong Paint, Old Cabinets, Ok Kitchen., Our kitchen.  Our budget didn't allow for us to purchase new cabinets and we didn't want to paint these ones.  We changed out the knobs, put in new laminate counters, a new tile backsplash, a new stainless sink, a new range hood and new stove.  Unfortunately I decided to paint the kitchen this awful yellow.  Not sure where to go from here., Kitchens Design

    Wrong Paint, Old Cab...

    2 photos, 68 Views, Flag

  • Help me, my Kitchen is a Mess!, My Kitchen needs lots of help.
I have a hole in the wall.
, Kitchens Design

    Help me, my Kitchen i...

    5 photos, 40 Views, Flag

  • Worst kitchen in the world, I have the worst kitchen in the world. I enter the most ugly kitchen contests and others but, never win. I have no counter space or cupboards. It is non functional and my oven does not even work. I really could use a kitchen so I could cook for my 5 children. Please rate my space or not. It is just an eye sore this kitchen., Kitchens Design

    Worst kitchen in the ...

    4 photos, 126 Views, Flag

  • Help! Teensy kitchen / family room dilemma, Oak floors, 'linen' on walls, 80's tile on counter, almond & black appliances, dark oak cabinets, minimal furniture in fam. room. This is where most of our time is spent...any suggestions are appreciated., Kitchens Design

    Help! Teensy kitchen /...

    6 photos, 128 Views, Flag

  • Christian's bad kitchen , Christian's And Mom's seriously outdated kitchen that the cupboards fell off right after we got our house five years ago. Havent been able to figure out how to make the kitchen bigger and more open. , Kitchens Design

    Christian's bad kitche...

    11 photos, 53 Views, Flag

  • my kitchen, this is my kitchen. we fixed it about 5 years ago. It still needs alot of work . Not sure what to do. It does need new floors. I would like to turn the whole kitchen around and add sliding glass doors to a small deck. I have my small office behind the two white doors. My husband built it for me. Hope you like what I have so far if not HELP!!!, Kitchens Design

    my kitchen

    4 photos, 45 Views, Flag

  • This kitchen needs help!, It's a mere 13x8 and dated. With it's old cabinets and countertops and there is a ceiling fan above the sink!, Kitchens Design

    This kitchen needs hel...

    2 photos, 46 Views, Flag

  • DepressingDining, A 35 year old kitchen, that I don't want to set foot in!
I bought this condo "as is", and already started pulling out the kitchen, it's so claustrophobic. Thanks for all the advice so far, the color is vanilla. 
I want to open most of the wall behind the fridge and gut the whole kitchen and do it all over again. Where's Angelo???
The view is unbelievably phenomenol., Kitchens Design


    3 photos, 32 Views, Flag

  • LIL BLUE KITCHEN, A small outdated kitchen with an eating area. It embodies mismatch appliances, blue laminate counters and vinyl flooring, and ugly oak cabinets. The kitchen is also nonfunctional., Kitchens Design


    4 photos, 38 Views, Flag

  • junky kitchen, This is my old Kitchen!! It is falling apart!! It started with the diswasher!! As you can see it has no front or bottom to cover the wires!! Then the cabnets doors!! Only about half of my cabnets have door fronts on them!!! And to top it all of most of my drawers dont open without a fight!!!!  Oh and the paint on on the cabnets and drawers only gets blacker when I try to clean them!!! , Kitchens Design

    junky kitchen

    7 photos, 47 Views, Flag

  • The kitchen an't kickin, small, tight, not enough counter space,
not a family kitchen, Kitchens Design

    The kitchen an't kicki...

    5 photos, 23 Views, Flag