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Home Exterior

  • 1922 Cape Cod Renovation, We bought a 1922 Cape Cod in the Philadelphia Metro Area.  It needed a ton of work but we got a great deal.  I started with a screw driver and a role of duct tape but through YouTube and Google, I self-taught my self everything from carpentry to plumbing. After 2 looooong years, it's not the best but my wife is pleased so I'm happy., Home Exterior Design

    1922 Cape Cod Renovat...

    21 photos, 2,087 Views, Flag

  • Before & After of our 1925 Cottage, Here are before & After pictures of our 1925 cottage purchase in February of this year. We have worked long and hard on the cottage and still so much more to do.

I knew the minute we drove past to look at it, that I wanted it.  My husband and I could really bring her back to what she should be.  We just love this little cottage all of 850 sq ft.  Can't wait for the spring so we can put up a white picket fence and gate, bring in some trees and plant some flowers..., Home Exterior Design

    Before & After of our ...

    4 photos, 1,306 Views, Flag

  • Storybook Cottage in Carmel-by-theSea, Storybook Cottage in Carmel-by-theSea, Home Exterior Design

    Storybook Cottage in ...

    5 photos, 8,324 Views, Flag

  • Historic District House Renovation - Exterior, I drove past this home for years watching it fall further and further into disrepair. It was crying for someone to save it. When it finally went up for sale I bought it on the first day. I renovated the entire home which boasted 6 bedrooms with a young family in mind. After several months and countless hours it was done. A young newlywed couple bought the home. Now I love to drive past it. , Home Exterior Design

    Historic District Hou...

    9 photos, 1,435 Views, Flag

  • Itty Bitty Kitty Cottage, In January of this year, my husband and I purchased our first home - a cottage built in 1909. Believe it or not, this property is located just two miles outside of downtown Pittsburgh! When we first bought it, the yard was overrun with trees and shrubs, as no one had occupied the home for two years. We broke two chainsaws trying to tear down the overgrowth, then gave up and hired a stump grinder. We ended up painting pretty much every surface on the exterior except for the siding, and even parts of that needed repaired. Just as we got everything done and looking great, our sewage line broke and a team of professionals came in to tear up our porch and replace pipes. It was miserable, but all is well again., Home Exterior Design

    Itty Bitty Kitty Cott...

    4 photos, 5,250 Views, Flag

  • No space to grow, I've always loved cottage style and the relaxed feel it has. I've lived in this home for 30 years and have planted and replanted just about every inch that I can get my hands on. We have lots of shade so I had to create a small flower garden on the 5 foot strip of ground which gets full sun along the south side of the house., Home Exterior Design

    No space to grow

    11 photos, 4,469 Views, Flag

  • Southern Splendor - Azalea Festival 2010, Hi friends, this is a past project we recently dressed up for the Azalea Festival in Wilmington, NC this weekend., Home Exterior Design

    Southern Splendor - A...

    15 photos, 11,369 Views, Flag

  • Three level split remodel, Home started as 1700 sq. ft. three level split.   3 bedrooms, 1 & 1/2 bath, living room, kitchen/dining room, basement, one car garage and screen porch.

Finished area is 6400 sq. ft. with 5 bedrooms, 4 & 1/2 baths, sunroom, library, mudroom, upstairs utility room, studio, foyer, basement and walk-out patio.  Not included in the 6400 sq. ft is a three car garage (24' x36') and fully acessable and conditioned attic(45' x @15')

I designed and built the structure myself (my first project).  Design and built in 5 phases over 2 year period.   I did have a mason do the brick work, all other work completed by me.  Still working on the house.  , Home Exterior Design

    Three level split remo...

    14 photos, 3,174 Views, Flag

  • Cottage from the Curb, Still have work to do for optimal curb appeal on this little cottage, but it's a start!, Home Exterior Design

    Cottage from the Curb

    4 photos, 3,083 Views, Flag

  • Mid-century modern ranch - Before & After, We did a few minor things to the exterior of the house, which dramatically changed the appearance. When we're inside the house, we want it to feel like a sanctuary and didn't want it to feel like we are surrounded by homes on all sides. So we put up textured glass screens to allow privacy and light, without the need for window coverings. And they create a sort of garden atrium at the front of the house. Other than that, we painted the house in a way that is more consistent with the time period, and highlights the architectural details. And we gave it a bright reddish-orange door, which is also in keeping with the style (and I hear it's also very Feng Shui, not that we paid much attention to that). Replaced the landscaping with drought tolerant succulents, added some low-voltage lighting, and capped the whole thing off with a welcome tiki at the front door and we're done. , Home Exterior Design

    Mid-century modern ra...

    2 photos, 4,070 Views, Flag

  • Happy Fall Ya'll !!!, Love decorating for fall!  It's my favorite time of year to doll the front porch up with pumpkins, gourds, berries, twigs, mums and sunflowers!  Hope you're all enjoying your autumn as well! ; ), Home Exterior Design

    Happy Fall Ya'll !!!

    6 photos, 804 Views, Flag


    OUR 1962 PALM SPR...

    10 photos, 3,835 Views, Flag

  • Our Home, Home Exterior Design

    Our Home

    4 photos, 1,120 Views, Flag

  • Victorian farmhouse renovation, SC circa 1900 Victorian style farmhouse was completely renovated.  , Home Exterior Design

    Victorian farmhouse r...

    10 photos, 6,973 Views, Flag

  • Spell's Mansion 2011, I purchased the home in September of 2010. The conditions were beyonds discuss, but I saw the beauty behind the damage and neglect. Just a few short months later the property is making a come back like never before. Enjoy, Home Exterior Design

    Spell's Mansion 2011

    4 photos, 4,200 Views, Flag

  • Historic Farmhouse Budget Curb Appeal, We worked with what we had and spruced up little by little over 7 years., Home Exterior Design

    Historic Farmhouse B...

    6 photos, 2,200 Views, Flag

  • Outside transformed, We cleaned it up, added a deck and landscaping.People walk in the evenings and visit with neighbors as they walk by.  Its a lake community so most people only have a front yard and no back yard.  We are lucky that we have both and enough room to build a garage., Home Exterior Design

    Outside transformed

    6 photos, 2,969 Views, Flag

  • Evening Shot of Victorian Cottage, My newly built "Victorian Cottage" in Downtown Atlanta, Home Exterior Design

    Evening Shot of Victo...

    2 photos, 2,409 Views, Flag

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