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Results found for "Hidden Cable Box"

  • Vintage meets modern master, I wanted a space that used dark colors but was not cold or felt closed in.  I used Hotel Room from RL paints as my wall colors.  This is a great color as it changes through the day.  I've added only B/W photos to give it that vintage look, modern furniture with modern lines and just a pop of green and yellow., Bedrooms Design

    Vintage meets modern ...

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  • I need help!!!! Thanks in advance! :), This is my rather small, sparsely decorated living room.  My biggest dilemma is what to do with the DVR box, which is currently on the floor behind one chair.  I want it to be at least the height of the chair so I can change the channel from anywhere in the room.  Would open shelves work, would a cabinet work, what?  If I keep the current furniture configuration, I only have about 18" depth to work with.  There is also the problem of the wires to deal with.  Any other help in finishing the room's decor would be appreciated.  Thank you!!!!!, Living Rooms Design

    I need help!!!! Thanks...

    5 photos, 146 Views, Flag

  • Our hidden garden, We live in a 100 yr. old condo bldg. with a courtyard that my neighbor and I transformed last year. Was nothing but lava rocks until we planted perennials built an herb box and added garden features. This is what you can do with a small space!!, Gardens Design

    Our hidden garden

    8 photos, 1,302 Views, Flag

  • Updated Living Room, We recently updated our living room be adding new paint and furniture.  However, we have completed our updates by hanging the TV, installing new surround sound speakers in the ceiling, two new sky lights, and a new furniture arrangement creating what we think is a nice seating area with a superb flow throughout the room with easy access to our new sun room.  Be sure to look the before and after pictures and tell us what you think of our recent changes., Living Rooms Design

    Updated Living Room

    9 photos, 555 Views, Flag

  • Shelf suggestions to house cable box/DVD player/CDs/DVDs!!! *please no ratings, room is nowhere near finished*, *please see other postings for different views of space* This is an important part of my family room. I need a shelf to house all of my cable box, DVD player, CDs/DVDs & has to be at least 60' wide. Also this wall will need some accessories, any suggestions (links/pics) would be great. Thanks. , Media Rooms Design

    Shelf suggestions to h...

    6 photos, 1,547 Views, Flag

  • Master Bedroom Dreamroom, We needed a room that was liveable and functional.  There is nothing like a fresh, clean, and amazing master bedroom!, Bedrooms Design

    Master Bedroom Dream...

    10 photos, 2,787 Views, Flag

  • My Hidden Treasures, I posted my back yard and wanted to share the little things I have in my yard that make it so special.. I hope you all enjoy it and yes these were taken about 5 minutes ago and it is 81 degrees here.  , Patios & Decks Design

    My Hidden Treasures

    10 photos, 1,551 Views, Flag

  • VICTORIAN  FARMHOUSE RENOVATION, This is my old Victorian  farmhouse redo. It's a sort of recycled repurposed story.The colors I chose were from Pratt and Lambert paint. The roof is a steel  cedar shake molded interlock system with a copper finish. The weather vane and lightning rods are all copper with glass globes., Home Exterior Design


    28 photos, 1,772 Views, Flag

  • Hidden Potential, This is our Living Room / Dining Room combination.  We know there is Hidden Potential in these rooms! We currently refer to it as "Land of the MisFits"  It is just being used mainly to store pieces of furniture we dont know what to do with!!! You can also see our Foyer in the pictures.  The space is very open, has plenty of light, and vaulted ceilings... However we are at a COMPLETE loss on how to decorate.  We want a living room that will be used versus a museum type room that is never touched!  ANGELO HELP US PLEASE :)  Suggestions plese, Dining Rooms Design

    Hidden Potential

    6 photos, 78 Views, Flag

  • Just for homes throughout the years, kind, and bear in mind I purchased my first home in 1985 and country decor was popular and it fit my 'cottage'. Purchased my second home in 1993 and French Country was the rage. You can make suggestions, but I don't live there any more.   Ha!! 
Maybe I'll get brave and re-post my current home....fixer upper on the 3rd green of a private golf course.
It is constantly evolving!!, Home Exterior Design

    Just for hom...

    8 photos, 722 Views, Flag

  • A Taste of Delaware???, These are photos of the main living area(s) of my home.    The space is definitely Tuscan inspired, but like all of my designs I try to balance the space with tasteful, quality furnishing and accessories that fit the space appropriately, instead of overcrowding the space with every Tuscan thing I could find.  Some of the pieces were custom made, but most were store bought.  
The foyer mirror was originally a different color, so in order to make it fit I painted it with gold and oil rubbed bronze spray paint and coated it with a flat varnish to finish it off.   I usually have a real palm in the foyer, but it is the middle of winter and I can't find anywhere! My last one had a centipede nest in the root of the plant so needless to say it couldn't stay in the house! It took me a week to figure out where those things were coming from!   
 I recently updated flooring upstairs as well as the railing on the steps which used to be white wooden spindles.   In order to replace the railing I had to also replace the entire staircase! So to save a little bit of money I did the staining myself (what a pain!).   I hope you guys enjoy the space!
, Living Rooms Design

    A Taste of Tuscany..i...

    11 photos, 4,406 Views, Flag

  • Handy hubby's hand built planter, Handy hubby's hand built cedar planter box., Patios & Decks Design

    Handy hubby's hand bui...

    7 photos, 322 Views, Flag

  • Creative and Amazing Hidden Doors, Custom made home theater doors, Media Rooms Design

    Creative and Amazing ...

    5 photos, 354 Views, Flag

  • Star Trellis, This is at the front entrance of our home on the right hand side of the sidewalk., Home Exterior Design

    Star Trellis

    6 photos, 506 Views, Flag

  • Our Family Room, Our family room has a style that is perfect for our young family and a Colorado lifestyle.  We have beautiful, warm rugs and shutters paired with drapery to complete the space.  I mix a variety of pieces that come from all price points.  I don't spend a fortune on accessories because I tire of them quickly.  I do splurge on good rugs and lighting.  Enjoy looking!!  , Living Rooms Design

    Our Family Room

    12 photos, 2,453 Views, Flag

  • Hannah's Small Space, My 6 yr old Hannah's room. Want to paint the walls an aqua blue, add a curtain under the loft bed for privacy/play space, add new rug (lime green maybe?), add a desk w/ chair and some art work. Please add your suggestions! Going for an aqua blue, hot pink and lime green theme!! Very bright, Girls' Rooms Design

    Hannah's Small Space

    6 photos, 2,085 Views, Flag

  • Dressing Room Island, This project was created by a client posting her desire for a custom made dresser. I visited her to get a feel for the rest of the decor in her home and the outcome is what is shown. The dresser is modern in the true sense of the style but might also be considered contemporary. The interior is clear coated plain sliced Maple veneer. The exterior was lacquered to match a Benjamin Moore paint color and then clear coated with additional lacquer. Being a minimalist piece the client picked out the perfect match of hardware to fit the rest of the decor in the room. The bases are clad in polished chrome Metal Mica. The drawers are constructed in Russian Birch and have box joints. The slides for the drawers are Acuride Dynaflex soft close., Bedrooms Design

    Dressing Room Island

    6 photos, 301 Views, Flag

  • dining delight, the age of this house and the way it's built is so pretty on it's own.  i find the simpler i can furnish it the better.  that way it's true beauty shines.  i found these chairs at a yard sale and painted them red.  it's fun at Christmastime., Dining Rooms Design

    dining delight

    5 photos, 1,805 Views, Flag

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