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  • I love my garden and THIS is how it loves me........, Gardens are such magical and enchanting places, ever changing (even on a daily basis) and improving with every passing year.
I don't have a massive garden but a fair sized suburban London backyard space, which I have packed with plants and created many paths throughout the garden to give a sense of journey, mystery and an element of discovery.
I am normally drawn to architectural and foliage plants with interesting leaf colour and texture. But this year I was inspired by a documentary  named  "Bees, butterflies and blooms" by Sara Raven and have added lots of flowering plants especially the single flowers rich in pollen and nectar to attract a variety of pollinating insects. Now that the garden is in bloom, there is a buzz in my garden that I have never noticed before. The garden is now truly alive with the gentle hum and buzz of bees and hover flies and fluttering of butterflies from flower to flower. It has also helped attract all manner of beneficial critters which keep the lil beasties in check too. The garden just provides endless hours of enjoyment and relaxation.
Gardening can be a very solitary business but in fact your never really alone. All I can say is whoever has a garden and is involved in it is truly blessed. Where would I be without a garden to plant my dreams., Gardens Design

    I love my garden and T...

    25 photos, 11,583 Views, Flag

  • Maryanne's Gardens, Gardens Design

    Maryanne's Gardens

    30 photos, 8,897 Views, Flag

  • shady serpentine walk, Difficult spaces require creative solutions:  What to do with a very long and narrow yard? A graceful serpentine path of different materials winds through different outdoor rooms in the shade.  This upload starts the show, but other downloads by nwphillygardener continue to show this unique shade garden., Gardens Design

    shady serpentine walk

    14 photos, 21,779 Views, Flag

  • GARDEN IN THE RAIN, Back Yard Oasis, Gardens Design


    10 photos, 13,971 Views, Flag

  • Great grandmas peony plants, I have a large beautiful peony plant,that got from my great grandmothers farm years it's in my garden., Gardens Design

    Great grandmas peony p...

    3 photos, 1,117 Views, Flag

  • Backyard Bliss - 2011 Version, Same space as 2007 & 2009, but I've tweaked it a bit., Gardens Design

    Backyard Bliss - 2011 ...

    22 photos, 24,631 Views, Flag

  • My little garden, Something that I love to do  :) , Gardens Design

    My little garden

    4 photos, 7,080 Views, Flag

  • Granny's "Cement Pond", Since our style of choice is "formal" we created our water feature from cement.  You just can't get rubber liner to conform to perfect rectangle., Gardens Design

    Granny's "Cement Pon...

    5 photos, 48,035 Views, Flag

  • My backyard pond & waterfall, This is a pond I built by hand just to sit and enjoy the sounds of the outdoors. , Gardens Design

    My backyard pond & wa...

    14 photos, 9,336 Views, Flag

  • My garden, my addiction, my escape!, This is my backyard in Colorado Springs. The ground here is hard as a rock and I often had to use a jack hammer to break it up!  And then it only turns to clay once wet. But over a 6 year period I've managed to add a pond and stream; plant trees and lots of flowers and even learned how to set posts so I could build a pergola and gazebo! Thanks to the help of the how-to guides on HGTV! , Gardens Design

    My garden, my addicti...

    11 photos, 10,287 Views, Flag

  • Front yard garden spring 2011, 

, Gardens Design

    Front yard garden spri...

    17 photos, 12,669 Views, Flag

  • 2014 Gardens, Minnesota cottage gardens, Gardens Design

    2014 Gardens

    5 photos, 577 Views, Flag

  • A Neglected 1940's Garden Restored and Now Vibrant and Alive!, Once a beautiful bird sanctuary, my garden was a tremendous challenge to bring it back to life and not only make it a joyous place to be and walk through, but also a quiet serene place as a part of our home.  I spend an average of an hour a day, planting, pruning, watering and creatively thinking of ways to be inviting to birds and entertaining for our guests.  I'd be very interested in your feedback., Gardens Design

    A Neglected 1940's Ga...

    10 photos, 2,460 Views, Flag

  • PACIFIC NORTHWEST: Shade Garden, We started with an .22 acre corner lot that was infested with weeds, misplaced Christmas trees and a whole lot of stumps. It is a work in progress because a garden is never "done.", Gardens Design


    10 photos, 1,517 Views, Flag

  • African Watering Hole Theme Garden, Cottage garden with African watering hole theme. Life size and almost life size bronze sculptures of African animals accent plantings of Azaleas, Hostas, Hydrangeas, Liriope, Willows, Buckeyes and more. , Gardens Design

    African Watering Hol...

    19 photos, 1,754 Views, Flag

  • Jewels of my Garden, "How fair is a garden, amid the toils and passions of existence." (Benjamin Disradi) 

Its the hight of summers and there is an abundance of flora (and fauna) to be witnessed in the garden. The plants have reached their absolute zenith and are  in full bloom.
The colours are rich with a jewel like intensity, varied, tactile textures and heady scent pervades the air. The senses are assaulted in the most beautiful manner. You are exited yet a sense of peace still prevails. Engulfed by plants and walking amongst them easily transports you to a far of exotic land. The buzz of bees, insects and the fluttering of colourful butterflies just adds to the whole experience. The song birds also make a point of making themselves heard.

There are allot of narrow paths in my garden which beckon the visitor to further explore and at every turn there is something exiting to be discovered. Amongst all the cultivated perennials and annuals are self sown verbena bonariensis which dance about in the borders adding vertical interest, lightness, movement and a purple haze. Verbena B is such a wonderful plant its light and airiness lends itself to be planted in the front of the border , creating almost like a sheer veil for the other plants in the background and adding depth to the scheme. Its a favourite amongst pollinators too and is as effective  a support  for dahlias as bamboo canes. (have I convinced you of this plant already?)
Colours and plants are repeated every where with the odd punctuation of large foliage plants ( i.e. hostas, bananas, arum lily, heuchera and cannas). this repetition gives the garden  a sense of continuity and cohesion and one can then relate to different areas while  strolling  amongst the various paths whilst still retaining individual identities.
 I have a keen interest in arts  and working with a living medium such as plants,  do the most wonderful and unexpected things. I am absolutely thrilled at the way the garden has turned out this year,I sort of had a picture in my head to begin with but the results have been far better than expected. I sit here in my garden on my laptop writing this (being carried away even) with a feeling of contentment and a big smile. Gardening is a cycle and a process and I am very privileged and grateful to be part of this  amazing process. May for long we garden., Gardens Design

    Jewels of my Garden

    16 photos, 3,314 Views, Flag

  • Front yard garden fall 2010, Gardens Design

    Front yard garden fall...

    12 photos, 12,794 Views, Flag

  • Summer cottage garden, Just some views of the garden in summer., Gardens Design

    Summer cottage garden

    8 photos, 4,819 Views, Flag

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