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  • My garden and potting shed, Hello! I decide to share with you photos of my garden and potting place. When we first bought the house, there was NOTHING, with a friend we made plans and made all the garden...the potting shed was made with the help of 7 good friends...hope you enjoy looking at these! Margot, from Quebec, Gardens Design

    My garden and potting ...

    12 photos, 5,979 Views, Flag

  • RIOT OF COLOR, Gardens Design


    60 photos, 7,309 Views, Flag

  • Small Cottage trellis garden, My small cottage trellis garden sideyard is finally taking shape. Hostas, roses,window boxes,garden path and water features., Gardens Design

    Small Cottage trellis...

    5 photos, 9,545 Views, Flag

  • Cottage Garden, Cottage Garden, Gardens Design

    Cottage Garden

    10 photos, 9,184 Views, Flag

  • My Pergola and gardens, This is the pergola that I made for my mother, Lela Marie, who loved flowers and gardening.  I am 63 and I built this pergola by myself and it was not a kit.  I built  and designed it as I went along.  I built it from presure treated lumber and painted it to match my home.  My husband told me not to build it but at 63 I don't think anyone should tell you what you can and cannot do so I went outside and started digging holes for my post and my husband came outside and ask me what I was doing and I told him that I was going to build the pergola that he told me not to build.  He made no comment but he likes it now.  I wired the lanterns for electricity and put lights around the bottom edge under the wood of the pergola and it looks great at night.  I built the picket fence three years ago when I started my garden.  My sisters all came up to see me in Elgin, IL. from Indiana the first week of August.  The mirrors in the pergola reflect the flowers, blue water fountain and window boxes on the othe side of the pergola. The watering can fountain looks like it is really watering the flowers. There is a sign at the other end of the pergola that reads:  "Just Another Day In Paradise". That is just how I feel.  My flag picture is to show that I am proud to be an American and to show respect for all those that have fought for our freedom.  I hope you like my work and may everyone have a great year., Gardens Design

    My Pergola and garden...

    18 photos, 9,244 Views, Flag

  • Deronda's spring gardens, Front yard, right side yard memory garden, back yard steam garden, left side road garden as they come forth for a new year., Gardens Design

    Deronda's spring garde...

    12 photos, 3,672 Views, Flag

  • SUNNYSIDE UP!!, I do the color in this garden mid-April, and by the end of June......SHAZAAM!!, Gardens Design


    10 photos, 9,577 Views, Flag

  • Christmas in Faeryhollow 2008, My potting shed, Crickhollow Cottage, transforms into Santa's workshop on Candy Cane Lane at Christmas. The tool shed also gets a festive holiday dress., Gardens Design

    Christmas in Faeryhol...

    7 photos, 1,329 Views, Flag

  • A Victorian Victory Garden, Gardens Design

    A Victorian Victory G...

    21 photos, 4,997 Views, Flag

  • Details: shady serpentine walk, In my previous post, I tried to show the character of my garden.  This upload presents some of my favorite plant combinations in the garden beds as well as in containers where I mix annuals, perennials and houseplants. , Gardens Design

    Details: shady serpent...

    14 photos, 3,021 Views, Flag

  • My 2009 backyard garden, My peaceful garden!...this is where I go when I need therapy!.. it's a work in progress..., Gardens Design

    My 2009 backyard garde...

    10 photos, 3,275 Views, Flag

  • Rustic Hillside June Blooms, My hillside garden beginning to bloom. I tend to have to wait to later in the summer before I get any color except for my groundcovers, and a few bulbs because of cold Northern winds., Gardens Design

    Rustic Hillside June ...

    10 photos, 1,360 Views, Flag

  • Backyard Wall Mural, I painted this mural on the back wall of my home, which faces my shade garden and small sitting area.  I hope it gives you inspiration to do something unexpected in your garden!, Gardens Design

    Backyard Wall Mural

    1 photo, 6,442 Views, Flag

  • Earthly Delights, Backyard Garden, Brick Paths, Sculptures, Raised Beds, Gardens Design

    Earthly Delights

    10 photos, 5,576 Views, Flag

  • Village Gardener, Meg's gardens, Gardens Design

    Village Gardener

    18 photos, 2,625 Views, Flag

  • Pacific Northwest summer/fall cottage garden, Summer/ Fall in my cottage garden in the Pacific Northwest
, Gardens Design

    Pacific Northwest su...

    14 photos, 1,384 Views, Flag

  • My patio and gardens, I created this patio out of an empty yard.  I laid the patio blocks and surrounded the patio with plants and a picket fence.  I added a mirror to the side of the porch and a shelf below it.  The sign above the mirror says:  "Just Another Day in Paradise".  On the opposite is a self-made chandeliar that I made out of turning a lamp upside down and adding crystals.  Below it is a large blue vase water fountain.  There is a mirror pedistal that lights up on top and the whole thing is beautiful at night.  The patio is kind of secluded under a tree and it over looks the gardens in the back.  The door to the gardens is made from an old metal window where I added a filigree to the top to make it look more like a door.  The new garden has picket fences and a bird house on a pole which I made.  I, also, made the window boxes on the house and garage.  There is a trellis in the back yard that I made for my vines and I made a bench by my back door that I painted Blurple.  I am not finished yet since I have only been working on my garden for two summers.  It is a passion and I have been doing my own carpentry work for three years.  I hope you enjoy my gardens, Gardens Design

    My patio and gardens

    23 photos, 3,203 Views, Flag

  • Fall in my Florida Garden, This is one of my favorite times to garden in Florida. It's cooled down and plants are more abundant in the garden centers. The blooms are beautiful at this time of year...but there's something different about each season. I also have a slideshow on Phanfare, if you're sitting in the cold and need a little uplift. 
, Gardens Design

    Fall in my Florida Ga...

    20 photos, 3,878 Views, Flag