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Dorm Rooms

  • The Burrow Room, My roommateless dorm room  was a challenge to decorate because I wasn't allowed to remove the existing furniture(desks, dressers, closets, chairs, sink, etc.) or paint or anything of the like. Even so, I think I achieved a look that represents me well. The mixing-not-matching pillows, chandelier my mom found at a yard sale, antique side table, lace curtains, and the way the furniture is arranged on the diagonal all give off a cozy, kooky, feminine sense of warmth. , Dorm Rooms Design

    The Burrow Room

    4 photos, 1,614 Views, Flag

  • First College Room, Bright room to keep my spirits upbeat! I loved this rainbow stripe quilt and used it as my inspiration!, Dorm Rooms Design

    First College Room

    3 photos, 3,513 Views, Flag

  • My FGCU Summer Dorm NEW , my own room in a appartment style dorm, the summer of my freshman year 99.9% of the decorations are hand made by me:), It was all based around the quilt I made at the begining of my senior year and i slowly bought things to match ( I tried not to be too matchy matchy). PINK is my favorite color but too many girls do pink and black in college and I wanted to be different so I choose a soft green., Dorm Rooms Design

    My FGCU Summer Dor...

    16 photos, 5,887 Views, Flag

  • my room in Afghanistan, part 2, This is my room in Afghanistan.  It is 5 1/2 x 9 ft.  I had it posted a few weeks ago, but it wasn't finished.  I tried t make this space as cozy as possible, as it is where I live for the next 12 months.  I like to think it looks less like a temporary space in a Combat Zone, and more like a little piece of home for me.  This is what a motivated Soldier and huge HGTV fan can do with  a little pre-deployment planning and a lot of imagination!, Dorm Rooms Design

    my room in Afghanista...

    4 photos, 3,112 Views, Flag

  • GLAM, Glamorous Dorm-Room!, Dorm Rooms Design


    2 photos, 5,827 Views, Flag

  • Off-Campus Apartment at University of Alabama, This was my own personal retreat for my senior year of college! I really enjoyed living in this beautiful space!, Dorm Rooms Design

    Off-Campus Apartment...

    10 photos, 4,548 Views, Flag

  • Freshman Dorm Room at A&M, Single bedroom in a 4 bedroom dorm unit. I wanted a very calm, serene feel. I wanted to be "green" with an eco chic feel. The bedding is made of organic bamboo, the pillows out of recycled water bottles. My step mom painted the leaf picture above the bed. We couldnt paint the walls and the furniture came with it. We could only use straight nails to hang anything., Dorm Rooms Design

    Freshman Dorm Room a...

    7 photos, 2,280 Views, Flag

  • Tropical Paradise, This room was inspired by the island of St. John.  The paintings were done by one of our Grandmother's the array of pictures came from a calendar the pillows were homemade and the cornice board was made of cardboard and leftover fabric.  We love our space!, Dorm Rooms Design

    Tropical Paradise

    7 photos, 10,219 Views, Flag

  • awesome room!, I know my room is very colorful. I see these colors as creative. You may not have seen a room quite as bright as mine with the color choices i have picked. The colors fit my personality. The color choices make this room very fun! NO one enters my room and is bored! =p, Dorm Rooms Design

    awesome room!

    7 photos, 4,172 Views, Flag

  • Attic college room, This college bedroom is on the third floor of a four bedroom 1930s house in Ohio. Angled ceiling, a brick wall limited furniture placement. All decorations were bought on sale for a student on a tight budget., Dorm Rooms Design

    Attic college room

    2 photos, 3,380 Views, Flag

  • My Dorm Room :D, Being my first time being in another country for school I had a lot of time on my hands. I've never had a room to myself (two younger brothers) and designed what I thought a cool bedroom would be. I looked at deep reds golds and other royal colors for inspiration. ENJOY! :), Dorm Rooms Design

    My Dorm Room :D

    10 photos, 4,598 Views, Flag

  • College Apartment Den, This is our den in our college apartment. Painting is not an option since this is an apartment. This is a rather large room for an apartment den., Dorm Rooms Design

    College Apartment De...

    4 photos, 2,604 Views, Flag

  • Warm College Room, Small cozy room while I finish college. Very cozy and warm to study/hangout, Dorm Rooms Design

    Warm College Room

    5 photos, 6,854 Views, Flag

  • Girl's Single Dorm, I would call my space eclectic vintage, but you tell me..., Dorm Rooms Design

    Girl's Single Dorm

    9 photos, 3,487 Views, Flag

  • Girl Dorm Room , Dorm Rooms Design

    Girl Dorm Room

    10 photos, 2,467 Views, Flag

  • Relaxing Paradise...for a College Student, A small room with a full size bed in a area surrounded by touches of Zebra print and warm tone walls.  This room was decorated on a college buget most things were found at garage sales. Its simplistic but elegant., Dorm Rooms Design

    Relaxing Paradise...f...

    6 photos, 5,149 Views, Flag

  • Pal's Dorm Room, This is a Dorm Room that needed alot of help and TLC.My neice picked out some wonderful colors.I did the best that I could with what I had to work with and of course you can't paint so you just deal with the colors that you have.The walls were a light lavender.But it all blended in well., Dorm Rooms Design

    Pal's Dorm Room

    3 photos, 8,851 Views, Flag

  • Girl's college apartment, This is the apartment that I lived in for three years during college.  We were allowed to paint, so we wanted to personalize the space.  All the furniture was provided., Dorm Rooms Design

    Girl's college apartm...

    9 photos, 88,409 Views, Flag

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