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Dorm Rooms

  • My Dorm Room, This is our college apartment, the only rule is no paint. The whole apartment is 800 square feet for a two bed, two bath apartment., Dorm Rooms Design

    My Dorm Room

    10 photos, 4,533 Views, Flag

  • Dorm Sweet Dorm, This is my freshman daughter's dorm room.  The color was inspired by a friend's gift that she wanted to include.  We took that shade of slightly aqua blue, added some chocolate brown, and a few Asian accents to create her space away from home.  Lots of pillows and an extra hanging curtain give a little more of a comfortable feeling., Dorm Rooms Design

    Dorm Sweet Dorm

    10 photos, 10,662 Views, Flag

  • SOPHOMORE ROOM, my room at college....i'm really girly so this space suits me pretty well...wasn't allowed to paint the walls or do anything permanent to the room so i had to make do with what was given to me, Dorm Rooms Design


    7 photos, 5,562 Views, Flag

  • Ahhh CHU, My home away from home in Iraq - Containerized Housing Unit. Full of feminine color in a tan and olive drab world., Dorm Rooms Design

    Ahhh CHU

    10 photos, 4,901 Views, Flag

  • Freshmen Year Dorm, This was my dorm room last year. Check out my current one!

Unfortunately, I couldn't do much with the space i had and the restrictions from res life but this was my first crack at designing a dorm so its not my best, but this years is much better =), Dorm Rooms Design

    Freshmen Year Dorm

    5 photos, 10,280 Views, Flag

  • Wayne State University Dorm Makeover, Wayne State University freshman wins Dorm makeover! , Dorm Rooms Design

    Wayne State Universi...

    5 photos, 6,499 Views, Flag

  • Freshmen Year Dorm at the U of Memphis!, Many of the things i had purchase from Ikea., Dorm Rooms Design

    Freshmen Year Dorm a...

    5 photos, 9,064 Views, Flag

  • UW Dorm Room, I share this double room with my roommate/best friend for our junior year of college.  I love that we are so close so we can coordinate our things yet still keep our own personal style. Most of my things are straight from my bedroom at home but this summer I made (almost) matching pillows  and throws for our beds., Dorm Rooms Design

    UW Dorm Room

    5 photos, 5,580 Views, Flag

  • My Senior Year Apartment Bedroom (Updated/Rearranged), Moving out of my apartment in 3 weeks, so I took some photos after I rearranged it in January. This was my favorite space of all of my college living experiences. This room was done on a $200 budget (many things I already owned). I never was able to do the frosted glass treatment to the doors due to rental policy. No painting allowed, either. , Dorm Rooms Design

    My Senior Year Apart...

    12 photos, 5,268 Views, Flag

  • jAPINEZE Aqua R00m}, Dorm Rooms Design

    jAPINEZE Aqua R00m...

    1 photo, 4,155 Views, Flag

  • vballprincess859 - Freshmen Year, I started out by uploading my junior year room and then decided to upload some freshmen year stuff so that you could see the differences. 

Restrictions - no paint, limited hanging up stuff, keeping standard dorm furniture 

Achievements - came in under $200 including decorations, bedding and furniture, Dorm Rooms Design

    vballprincess859 - Fre...

    4 photos, 5,647 Views, Flag

  • My College Nest, Hi! My name is Jesse Nabers and I am a sophomore at Memphis College of Art. I am currently living by myself in a small student apartment on campus. I decided to go with a modern yet retro theme and a color scheme of cool tones. I also wanted to incorporate fun, funky patterns and hints of old Hollywood glamour throughout the space. I hope you enjoy! :), Dorm Rooms Design

    My College Nest

    10 photos, 4,677 Views, Flag

  • Bold and Dramatic Freshman Year Dorm, For my freshman year at the University of Northern Colorado, I wanted to use my favorite color: yellow. Pairing it with black and white proved to make a dramatic impact. , Dorm Rooms Design

    Bold and Dramatic Fre...

    4 photos, 6,631 Views, Flag

  • Ally Goes to College, My Freshman dorm at Georgia Southern. A normal college student, on a very small budget., Dorm Rooms Design

    Ally Goes to College

    13 photos, 5,294 Views, Flag

  • Junior Year - Home Away from Home, My roommate and I tried to create a cozy spot to relax.  We love kicking back on the couch with a cup of tea at night while we go over our homework or watch The Office - we don't get HGTV at school :(, Dorm Rooms Design

    Junior Year - Home A...

    9 photos, 101,864 Views, Flag

  • My daughters first dorm, Lucky to have a 2 bedroom suite...Luckier yet her dormmate did'nt show!, Dorm Rooms Design

    My daughters first dor...

    2 photos, 3,039 Views, Flag

  • MODERN FUN DORM, Mixed it up with vintage furniture and splashes of color....simple, clean and easy to care for.  The sofa makes a great overnight guest bed!, Dorm Rooms Design


    3 photos, 3,063 Views, Flag

  • The Burrow Room, My roommateless dorm room  was a challenge to decorate because I wasn't allowed to remove the existing furniture(desks, dressers, closets, chairs, sink, etc.) or paint or anything of the like. Even so, I think I achieved a look that represents me well. The mixing-not-matching pillows, chandelier my mom found at a yard sale, antique side table, lace curtains, and the way the furniture is arranged on the diagonal all give off a cozy, kooky, feminine sense of warmth. , Dorm Rooms Design

    The Burrow Room

    4 photos, 1,608 Views, Flag