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Dorm Rooms

  • insomnia attack special, so this is my dorm room. the bed is against some drawers I dont use and faces the door.  I dont have a room mate, so use the extra space to spread out my work station.  On one desk I made that is across the wall, I took three plastic containers and put a piece of wood over it to steady it for my computer equipment.  perpindicular to that is my tv and hard drive, which is connected to tv and computer moniter so I can use both whenever I want to.  I have my tv on the desk the school gave me, so I covered it up with a decorative cloth.  I have my mini fridge under my desk, and a little bookshelf full of dvds at the end of the desk that doubles as extra desk space as well.  we're not allowed to paint, use nails, or anything like that and can only use tape or those stick on hangers which dont stick very well to the cinderblocks in the dorms., Dorm Rooms Design

    insomnia attack specia...

    5 photos, 1,007 Views, Flag

  • A caribbean style, This is the dorm room of my little brother i hope yo like it.  , Dorm Rooms Design

    A caribbean style

    4 photos, 762 Views, Flag

  • Alien's Nook, Here's my hideout where I spend some quality time during college..... I tried adding some bits and pieces of shabby chic and vintage.  I love all bright colours even if I'm too leniant on pink. I'm still on the process of decorating. I want my room to be bright and mysterious at the same time.Anyideas please?, Dorm Rooms Design

    Alien's Nook

    5 photos, 818 Views, Flag

  • Sophomore year dorm room, I lived at the end of the hall in a suite-style dorm, and my double-occupancy room was a huge L shape. The challenge was arranging furniture in the oddly shaped space., Dorm Rooms Design

    Sophomore year dorm r...

    8 photos, 819 Views, Flag

  • Temporary Summer Living, I opted to move off campus and live in my friends' den for the summer so I wouldn't have to pay the ridiculous campus housing cost. The bright side... Im saving 800 dollars. , Dorm Rooms Design

    Temporary Summer Liv...

    4 photos, 1,495 Views, Flag

  • Senior year dorm room, My room was TINY! But it had three good things going for it: a deep closet, built-in shelving on one wall, and lots of natural light from two large windows. My favorite addition was the Blik sticker of a red chandelier, which helped the room feel bigger by drawing more attention to the high ceilings., Dorm Rooms Design

    Senior year dorm room

    9 photos, 650 Views, Flag

  • My college room, I was not allowed to paint, and I found my comforter for a gret deal, so I found some similar fabric in great colors and hung it on the wall with my lanterns., Dorm Rooms Design

    My college room

    2 photos, 725 Views, Flag

  • plain & simple, Basically I like more of the modern look...Not working out so well

As you can see in the pictures my room is really plan and pretty simple. I have a metal desk with black glass top, metal/glass tv stand and a futon. Just about everything is black/gray(metal)

I am wondering what color can i paint the walls and what can I add to make it more un-plain , Dorm Rooms Design

    plain & simple

    6 photos, 274 Views, Flag

  • White walls & ugly furniture HELP!!!, So my college dorm room is pretty boring and it's smaller than other rooms because part of the next-door bathroom juts out into the space.  I'm not sure how to rearrange the room... any ideas?  I want this room to be a fun and functional work/play space!, Dorm Rooms Design

    White walls & ugly fu...

    4 photos, 1,422 Views, Flag

  • HELP ME!!!, This is the current state of my dorm room and it is pitiful. I'm about to move out for the summer and want get stuff over the summer for my room next semester. I'm keeping my bedding; the comforter is navy, light blue, & white abstract flowers. My room is about 10ft by 14ft and will have 2 beds, 2 desks & chairs, and 2 small dressers. I want to make it cozy and neat; basically a home away from home. I can't paint and can only use thumbtacks in the walls. Ideas?, Dorm Rooms Design

    HELP ME!!!

    10 photos, 446 Views, Flag

  • Living room/kitchen/dining room in the dorm suite, Apartment living. Kitchen, dining room, and living room all run together. Have no idea what to do. 2 chairs, and couch came with the place. Added the table because there are 4 of us living here and only 2 fit at the bar. HELP :), Dorm Rooms Design

    Living room/kitchen/d...

    2 photos, 554 Views, Flag

  • my room, im a college student and i just moved back in to moms. i down graded from a 4 bedroom house to this one tiny room. i think i did alright. tell me what you think. I also like my bed on the floor. so please don't comment on that. what is the deal with beds off the floor? i need some wall color ideas....i also uploaded this in a different section but i think this one is better...., Dorm Rooms Design

    my room

    4 photos, 931 Views, Flag

  • Video of college student's room (photos to come), This is my space.  It's very simple yet still functional and comfortable.  My goal is to jazz it up a bit with some material which I purchased at a fabric shop and create modern/contemporary wall decor from things around the house.I can't paint the walls. greatly appreciate all comments/suggestions/critiques.Thank you., Dorm Rooms Design

    Video of college stude...

    3 photos, 1,603 Views, Flag

  • My Itty Bitty 1 room Apartment at college, My entire apartment is 256sqft but i've found I can fit all the comforts of home in this space. , Dorm Rooms Design

    My Itty Bitty 1 room ...

    11 photos, 877 Views, Flag

  • My room for college, Commuting to college, I still need a room to match my busy and hardworking lifestyle., Dorm Rooms Design

    My room for college

    5 photos, 437 Views, Flag

  • Freshman Year at PSU, I was lucky to get a decent-sized room my freshman year, and tried to decorate it so that it reflected my style., Dorm Rooms Design

    Freshman Year at PSU

    4 photos, 1,691 Views, Flag

  • Bob' s office, My boss office that needs to be Organize. He is willing but don't know where to start., Dorm Rooms Design

    Bob' s office

    5 photos, 269 Views, Flag

  • Our 3 person dorm, This is our dorm home at the Ohio State University. look at our other page also done by stradleygirl, Dorm Rooms Design

    Our 3 person dorm

    8 photos, 1,153 Views, Flag

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