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Results found for "DIY"

  •   Contemporary Asian Renovation - Dining - Lounge, Living Room and Fireplace renovation for under $1200.00 . 75% of all materials, furnishings and accesories found via Craigslist (Bargain Shopper)
Demo, Design and all Labor by me.
Acoustic ceiling (Popcorn)
Drywall water damage
80's Paneling
4" Recessed Lights
Skip Trowel (texture) Ceiling and Walls
Trim - Baseboards

Custom Japanese Shoji Sliders $0.00
seperates the entertainment room
By: Room mate Henry Nakata
San Jose CA.

Furnishings from Craigslist sellers:
West Elm Dining Chairs $25.00 each
Dining table FREE
Bass Wood / Cut to size for trim and stained FREE 
Fireplace rocks FREE

Bamboo Flooring

For those who have been asking me about the Natural gas fireplace insert that I used, go to also google them for additional online discount coupons. I found one for 15% OFF AND FREE SHIPPING.


, Living Rooms Design

    Contemporary Asian ...

    17 photos, 1,551 Views, Flag

  • Vinyl Composition Tile Garage Flooring, This is my friends garage that I decided to use leftover vinyl composition tile from our family friends bowling alley.

Vinyl Composition Tile FREE
2 gallons vinyl composition adhesive  HOMEDEPOT
2ea. laminate cabinets $200.00
4'x8' Slat Wall FREE
Slat wall accessories and glass shelving FREE

LABOR BY ME = Dinner and Drinks 
, Garages Design

    Vinyl Composition Ti...

    10 photos, 1,174 Views, Flag

  • Complete Family Room Makeover / Traditional into Modern, Modern OPTICO Glass Tile: retail @ $22.00 a sq feet. My trusty Craigslist find at $12.00 a sq. ft.

3 Gallons Behr paint (interior flat pure white) (interior flat granite grey)

1 quart Minwax Wood finishing stain to match Handscrapped flooring.

Happy DIY'r, Other Spaces Design

    Complete Family Room...

    10 photos, 914 Views, Flag

  • My FREE 3-Day Patio!, Brick patio, installed by yours truly during my three days of vacation last summer.  All the brick was FREE!  Woot!, Patios & Decks Design

    My FREE 3-Day Patio...

    14 photos, 1,210 Views, Flag

  • My FREE Slate Circle Patio!, My husband used to work for a roofing company.  When the company decided to move to a new location, they needed to clear all of the materials off their lot in a short period of time.  They discovered a random pile of slate behind one of the buildings, and as it was not on a pallet, some was damaged, and it was an odd amount, they told us we could take away as much as we liked.  So we did!  And here's what we did with it., Patios & Decks Design

    My FREE Slate Circl...

    13 photos, 547 Views, Flag

  • First time remodelers on a tiny budget and high hopes., Our Kitchen is 14ft by 14ft and in an old 1930's style cottage in the country. We gutted it and here are the results. Before and After. Still not done yet. So far it cost us around $2000.00 another $200.00 should have everything. , Kitchens Design

    First time remodelers...

    25 photos, 4,949 Views, Flag

  • Living in 800 Square feet, You can do a lot with a small space and you do not have to give up style, Living Rooms Design

    Living in 800 Square f...

    10 photos, 4,411 Views, Flag

  • Other design projects, These are some of my other work., Living Rooms Design

    Other design projects

    10 photos, 1,157 Views, Flag

  • Amazing Transformation!, This bathroom was so gross we didn't want to go into it, let alone use it... now we all love it!, Bathrooms Design

    Amazing Transformati...

    16 photos, 491 Views, Flag

  • Homemade Holiday, I enjoy decorating for the holidays more than anything!  I decorate my own wreaths, garland, etc.  If you would like to know how anything was made, just ask.  Please rate my space!  Hope you enjoy! Holiday decorations in the dining room, foyer, stairway, fireplace, mantle living room, windows.  , Holidays Design

    Homemade Holiday

    35 photos, 2,525 Views, Flag

  • DIY-Kitchen/small space, this is our big project, have to work with existing small space. , Kitchens Design

    DIY-Kitchen/small sp...

    10 photos, 3,406 Views, Flag



    12 photos, 712 Views, Flag

  • From Drab to Fab ...Our Backyard Oasis, We purchased our first new home back in November and everything was perfect...except for the yard.  The deck was a great size to entertain, however it had not been treated or stained in years.  It looked weathered, gray and was splintering.  We had a limited budget and watched countless episodes of Yard Crashers for tons of great ideas.  We wanted to create an oasis where we could relax and entertain and feel like we were at a tropical resort!, Patios & Decks Design

    From Drab to Fab ......

    11 photos, 2,036 Views, Flag

  • The Pool, These are pic's of 2012's deck and pool area. I like to cerate differant combinations with contaners. , Patios & Decks Design

    The Pool

    10 photos, 876 Views, Flag

  • Our Lady of Relaxation: a Backyard Deck with Gothic-Arched Pergola, Our little eighth-of-an-acre plot in Los Angeles came with a very small, 20'x20' back yard.  It sat unused for years.  This Spring, I decided to re-do the whole thing as one big deck with a pergola cover.  I did all of the work myself -- fastening every board, setting every stone, sewing together the sections of shade fabric, bending and welding every piece of steel.  Everything.  

I think DIY-ers will enjoy the story -- especially when you get to the point where I had to find a way to 'levitate' the entire roof assembly of the pergola seven feet into the air with only my two hands, some spare lumber, a home-made pulley and a cordless drill.

There is more greenery in the deck's future -- and there are some parts that are still not finished.  But after three months of hard work, the thing is now up and running as a place for my family to -- finally -- spend some time together in what was once the back yard., Patios & Decks Design

    Our Lady of Relaxatio...

    30 photos, 2,203 Views, Flag

  • decoupage , This piece was mostly decoupaged with napkins I reinforced with plain paper and saran wrap and a few on hand scrap-booking sheets. I achieved the crackle with Elmer's  glue and acrylic paint.  After muli coats of mod podge  had cured and sealed paper seams down, I poured few coats of resin giving both shelves dimensional look as well as durability.  , Other Spaces Design


    16 photos, 415 Views, Flag

  • Upstairs living space and master bedroom, Trying  to find my style AND pull it all together but it is not easy , Living Rooms Design

    Upstairs living space ...

    30 photos, 4,744 Views, Flag

  • New Building Project, I purchased a 3 apartment lower store front. I bought it cheap but the plumbing was ripped out, so was the electrical and even the sewer pipes. vandals broke in and damaged everything. I am personally remodeling this back into a boutique and a 3 apartment building. I remodeled my first house by myself at 2800sqft now I am up to the 4800sqft challenge, Other Spaces Design

    New Building Project

    11 photos, 166 Views, Flag

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